How to choose an entrance door to the apartment?

Until recently, most people choose the entrance door only in several criteria – design and price. Now the range of doors in online stores is very wide, we advise you to pay attention to the site . More and more people began to think about other parameters of door structures, such as reliability (level of confrontation between hacks), sound insulation and thermal insulation. How to connect all these three qualities in one product and choose the most optimal option for yourself, read in this article.

Suitable options for the apartment

The door that meets the following criteria is considered the most optimal and easy to use.

  1. Steel doors or made from other metals are considered a good option: they are fire and in case of fire will prevent its distribution.
  2. The product should not be scratches, dents, as well as welds. The best thick sheet of sheet is the mark of 2.5 mm.
  3. An excellent addition can become a cornmark in the castle area.
  4. The frame of the door frame must be solid, with one welding seam (not from 2 or 4).
  5. The door must have anti-burglar pins.
  6. It is advisable to have two different types of castle (electron lock is allowed). One should have a bronade.
  7. Choose models at least with 3 rigidity ribs located horizontally.
  8. Insulation must be in the profile of the box.

Criterias of choice

We analyze in more detail each part of the door, as well as the nuances associated with its choice.

Door leaf

Is a movable part of the door we open. Most people are this part of the design of the door. Has several main parts or layers – Two metal sheets (external and internal), Frame, filler and ribs. Metal thickness less than 1.5 mm is considered a bad option – it will be enough for small physical efforts to open the door. Do not purchase the door of too thick metal canvas. In this case, it will not be able to open children and elderly people.

Also canvate can be made From wood. Dear models are made from particularly valuable breeds – beech, oak or ash. More budget models are made of pine, walnut or cherry. It is important to choose a model with an internal sectional structure.

Frame playing a big role in the door design. It is usually made of a solid profile pipe. Welded seam from a good door should be in one place – in the loop zone.

Door box

Represents a “frame” in which the door is installed. High-quality door box should have one welding seam. Is a closed loop.

The door frame has 6 points used during installation: 2 of them are on the side of the castle, the rest – on the loop side. In the door frame also put insulation – it is preferably the one that is in the door.

Sealer and filler

The sealer is in the door canvase. It makes sense to install a heater with a thickness of more than 40 mm.

Be sure to install seals. They constitute gaskets that are installed on the door or door frame in the form of long ribbons. Usually used rubber seals. All together it will provide heat insulation and noise insulation. Simply put, through such a door, drafts will not be felt, as well as various smells.

Clear, polyurethane foam or mineral wool are considered good insulating fillers: they do not allow heat to leave the apartment. The filler is also called insulation.


The lock mounted on the door should be difficult: it is worth choosing from those models that are better opposed to opening attempts. This is often castles connecting two different types of mechanisms. If it does not prevent the haze yourself, then at least takes away from the criminal time.

One of the most difficult for hacking is considered a combination of suvalden and cylinder mechanisms. There are systems that do not allow the use of beams when hacking. They should also give preference. It is also recommended to install additional protection in the form of 2 mm steel sheet to the lock. Protects from drilling and knocking for armored pad on the castle. Rigel (the damas of the lock mechanism) can be installed on the top of the door.

It should be understood that no castle, even the most complicated, will not be able to save the robbers. Any technology is sooner or later becomes a mystery to which the answer will be found.

Better to do as follows: Install the electronic lock and camera, as well as, if possible, the security system. Even such measures are not always the key to the preservation of the apartment, but at least will deliver some trouble to the criminal.


Thanks to the hinges, the door can be closed and open. The loops should be high quality, otherwise the probability that the door will get under its weight. Loops can be two types – hidden and open. No rare cases when open loops cut off with a grinder, so hidden loops are considered more reliable.

However, now complete hinges are installed anti-removal pins. They prevent the removal of the door after the loop cut. For good fixation of the door, as well as so that it does not rush, it is enough to install 3 or 4 sets.


Its presence in the new product is necessarily an additional safety measure. With it, you can decide whether those who stand behind the door, as well as call the relevant authorities if necessary.

Appearance and design

For most is an important aesthetic view of the door. If the door is painted, it is also covered with an anti-corrosion coating. The product may be treated with leather or leather substitutes. Sometimes she is trimmed by MDF.

In general, in the process of selecting the door, you need to focus on the following recommendations:

  • Popular and at the same time universal is a white door. It is perfectly combined with a bright interior. A good addition to her can be a geometric, simple and symmetrical pattern.

  • Another popular option is a dark door. You can give preference to the color of the dark wood. It also combines well with a bright interior – creates a mental contrast.

  • For lovers of modern drawings, you can choose a door with a vertical line, metal or shiny inserts. These doors resemble the style of High-tech. Well combined with an apartment in which there are many lamps, mirrors or candles.

  • Option with mirror. Of course, the mirror must be inside, and not outside. In this case, the door must be chosen without excessive drawings, as well as in uniform color.

  • Door with ethnic design. If there are some ethnic elements in the apartment, you can duplicate them as drawings on the inner surface of the product. It looks very unusual, and also immediately makes it clear that you have made a lot of effort to beautifully furnish your apartment.

Often, the construction team may not be chosen at all the door, which would like the owner or hostess, because first of all evaluates its quality, without considering the design of the product. Buyers and customers appearance is one of the first characteristics to which they pay attention.


In general, good reviews got the doors of the production of the factory “became”. Models have a budget, affordable price and well combine small cost and quality. The doors “Neman” belonging to the same category were also marked. Both manufacturers offer a wide selection of models with different designs.

Turning to more expensive models, you can mark the door called “Monolith” manufacturer “Gardian”. The door is distinguished by an exceptional design, as well as high reliability characteristics. The price of the product can reach several thousand dollars.

Among other domestic producers supporting production at a relatively high level can be noted “Elbor”. Its products are protected from hacking, the quality of the seals is good, and the design of models is interesting. Producers’ products “FORPOST”, “TOREX”, the aforementioned “Guardian”, “Condor”. Among foreign cars – these are the doors of Polish companies “Galant” and “Novak”. Good doors from Belarusian firms “Steel Line” and “Metalux”.

Frequent errors when choosing

  1. Doors, weighing more than 90 kg, do not purchase. Their weight is caused by a reinforced design, which is more needed by commercial premises (for example, banks or warehouses).
  2. Very important factor – availability of a competent door installer. With low-quality installation, for example, it is possible to join the locks, the seed of the canvas. The door will look not only ineteatical, but also cease to perform its functions.
  3. Low cost, compared to other models, must cause suspicions. As a rule, such doors do not even withstand even elementary effects and bent from hitting. These are usually products that are produced by rolling multiple layers.
  4. Bad filler. Relatively bad is a cardboard filler. Such a door will be very light.
  5. Small thickness of metal sheets for the canvas. Sheet thick up to 1.5 mm can be revealed by the usual opening for canned. Leaf up to 2 mm thick revealed with metal scissors. Leaf more than 3 mm in thickness makes the door enough enough, so much attention should be paid to the quality of the loop. Need to remember that sheets are installed on both sides.
  6. Choose a manufacturer with quality guarantee for products.


  1. The optimal weight of the door is considered 70 kg. Too heavy door quickly wear loops, and soon there may be the need to replace the loop to new.
  2. Tolstoy door leaf does not protect against robbers. It is necessary in order to the apartment do not penetrate the cold and different noises. For modern high-rise buildings, a cloth with a thickness of 70 mm is perfect. If you choose a product for a private house, you need to stop your choice on thickness from 90 mm to 100 mm. For non-residential premises, products are suitable thick and 50 mm.
  3. Optimal metal sheet thickness for doors – from 2 to 2.5 mm (for an apartment), for a private house – about 3 mm.
  4. Very important is the right installation of the product. Need to find a good master.
  5. The more rigid rigidity, the better. It is best to make a choice in favor of their non-standard form. In the presence of ribs stiffener, the door cannot be engaged, the strength is rising without increasing its weight. You can choose models with a metal sheet of less thickness and still be confident in the strength of the canvas.
  6. First of all, wears the doors through the locks, then through the canvas, in the last place there are loops. Thus, if you want to protect yourself from thieves, you must first of all pay attention to the quality of these three parts.
  7. If you do not know where to buy a high-quality entrance door, contact the company “Doors Prestige”: Competent consultants will help you with a choice.

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