Features of sliding plastic doors

The popularity of PVC doors is gaining momentum for several decades. Every year leading manufacturers produce new items, differing from not only designer finds, but also constructive features.

Sliding plastic structures are universal, possess weight gain in front of classic wooden doors.


Plastic sliding doors can be used for both cold and warm rooms.

The first are most often installed on open terraces and loggias and Possess the following features:

  • Increased noise protection;
  • There are no thermal stores;

  • Made from inexpensive aluminum raw materials;
  • glass thickness – 4-5 mm;
  • Single-chamber glass.

For glazing balcony doors, cold models are not used, as it is difficult to achieve comfortable temperature in the apartment with them. Warm structures are actively used for these purposes.

They beautifully insulate the room, have an increased noise protection, and also are often complemented by energy-saving double-glazed windows.


The technical characteristics of the door leaf primarily depend on the design, because there are many types of plastic doors. Sliding models save space, due to which they can be used not only in glazing balconies and terraces, but also indoors and even as interior partitions.

Plastic doors of this modification have the following advantages:

  • The room in which this design is installed, becomes lighter, well lit. Often such doors are decorated with stained glass or sandblasting pattern. It is possible to use interior decorative stickers.
  • Visually increases the space due to a large number of glass blocks that create a feeling of weightless design.

  • Ideally fits into any interior due to the wealth of design and wide range of execution.
  • The sliding door is much wider swinging, so it will use it much more convenient. Will not be difficult to carry large furniture through it, such as a sofa. In addition, light flaps are very easy to open and close.
  • Reduced the risk of injury, since such a door is almost impossible to pinch a finger. This is especially true in the house where there are small children.

  • The presence of several sash allows you to install doors to non-standard, too narrow or opposite wide opening.
  • Protection against hacking. Provided for models equipped with a lock. Open such doors without a key will be extremely problematic.
  • High strength glass resistant to shocks and scolams. His damage will be difficult even on purpose.
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The only minus of sliding plastic doors is the mandatory availability of free walls that will be installed. So if there is a battery and pass pipes, then they will have to be transferred to another place.

However, this lack of interest is overlapped by the available pros.

Material of manufacture

Sliding doors are most often performed from PVC, but some models, especially interior can be elements from the following materials in addition to plastic:

  1. Aluminum. From this metal make the framework elements, as well as some decorative elements. The use of aluminum makes the structure of light, and the material itself is not subject to corrosion, so it is well withstanding high humidity in the room.
  2. Wood. In plastic doors, inserts are used from this natural material, which allows to apply these structures even in the classic interior. However, the tree requires increased care and strict observance of humidity parameters in the room.
  3. Tempered glass It has increased strength. Maybe matte or transparent.

Plastic – reliable material that is resistant to fading in the sun and aggressive environmental impact. In the care of the PVC doors do not require special funds, it is enough to wipe the dust with a soft moistened tissue napkin. In severe pollution, universal detergents are used.

Note that it is not recommended to use high abrasive cleaning agents for plastic and with chlorine in the composition. They can damage the external coating and leave stains and scratches.


Plastic doors have several modification options, which allows you to choose the desired model based on the parameters of the room, as well as the wishes of the buyer. They are:

  • Parallel-sliding (portal doors). Widely used in small rooms and in small openings. Easy in handling accessories allows you to easily open and close it even a child. Folds have several types of functioning: sliding, folding and microwing mode.

  • Lifting-sliding. When turning the knobs, the rollers are put forward, at the expense of which the door sash openings. To ventive, there is a comfortable fittings that fixes the design in the open state. Such doors do not open on the whole width, as one sash as it comes to another.

Due to the presence of rubber petals, such models have an increased tightness indicator.

  • “Harmonic”. These doors are shifted to the side. They can be revealed to the entire width of the opening, which significantly saves the place and allows non-dismantling design to carry large-sized things through the door.
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  • Sliding-sliding. When turning the handle, the door opens in the direction of the deaf canvas, having driving for it. Maximum size – 180×230 with width of opening 300 cm. These models have increased tightness and thermal insulation (indicator value – 0.79).

  • Roller. The mechanism is transformed due to the presence of special wheels on the rails. These doors are often installed as interroom, and their installation does not occupy a lot of time and it may even be confused.

Some models of sliding plastic doors represented by modern producers can have a width of about 10 meters (with a width of the sash 300 cm, and height 230cm).

Where to use?

With the development of the production of plastic doors, it has long been an opinion that the PVC doors are suitable only for the premises of shops, shopping centers and office buildings. Beautiful design of the plastic panel and a variety of colors and textures allows them to be used in residential areas: apartments, cottages, country houses and cottages.

You can use PVC doors for the following rooms:

  • living room;
  • children’s;
  • kitchen,
  • balcony;
  • loggia;
  • terrace;
  • storeroom premises;
  • Wardrobe.

For the kitchen, an excellent option will be the PVC-door type “Harmonica”. And you can use as a deaf option (without glass) and with windows that can be decorated with a pattern or thematic pattern.

In the nursery it is possible to install roller doors of bright colors. Parallel-sliding structures that are distinguished by a safe opening mechanism have proven well, which eliminates injuries.

In the living room, plastic sliding door can easily replace the interroom partition. For example, often such structures separate the cooking zone and dining room or recreation area. Thanks to the transparent glass, the closed part of the room is easily viewed and a sense of integrity of the room is created.

On loggias, balconies and terraces, parallel-sliding and lifting and sliding doors are used.

In the dressing rooms and storage rooms, models with a deaf cannol, more often are roller models or “harmonica”.

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How to choose?

Choosing a plastic sliding door, should not save. The price of the product directly depends on the quality of manufacturing materials. Also pay attention to the manufacturer. It is better to trust the company with an international class and many years of history in the PVC-structural market.

In order to select sliding doors, you need to be guided by the following guidelines:

  • Decide for what purpose you need a canvas. If you plan to install the entrance door, then pay attention to the heavier, massive models. The street version must have a high coefficient of moisture resistance and temperature drops. For glazing, terraces and balconies can be sacrificed lighter designs and, finally, interior doors are the lightest and more diverse in color and texts.

  • Choose the finish material. If in the room where the door installation is planned, high humidity, it is better to abandon decorative elements from a tree. Perfectly suitable models, fully made of plastic.

  • Pay attention to the accessories. The harder construction, the more reliably there must be components. A good manufacturer provides on its PVC products and accessories quality certificates and warranty.

  • If independent installation is planned, it should be abandoned by complex structures in favor of simpler models. For example, “harmonic” and roller can be easily installed, without having special experience, while sliding doors of other models do not forgive mistakes.

Many manufacturers offer a service for the manufacture of sliding doors from PVC to order, according to individual sizes. Such an approach is justified in the absence of the design store assortment of the desired size.

Options in the interior

Plastic sliding structures are widely used in modern housing. For example, as a interroom partition.

When designing open terraces, they not only perform the role of walls, but also windows, putting into the room sunlight and clean air.

In the living rooms, they can act as a separating element.

PVC sliding doors – a modern and easy way to make an interior of an apartment or country house with original.

The range of models is annually replenished with new items, so it is not difficult to choose a suitable model.

How to install sliding doors, you can learn from the video below.

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