Features of sliding doors on the balcony

The sliding door design began to be used relatively recently, but rather quickly gained popularity. Cabinets with sliding doors, interroom sliding doors are very convenient to use and look very stylish and aesthetic. Recently, sliding doors on a balcony or loggia have become increasingly. They look very beautiful, and in terms of use such designs are very comfortable.


Such doors have many advantages, among which the most bright and obvious is their unusual appearance. The main functions of any door to the balcony or loggia are heat and noise insulation, the protection of the room from dirt. With these tasks, sliding door structures are coping perfectly.

Of course, you need to pay special attention to the quality of materials. If you are not sure that you can install such a design, it is better to entrust work to professionals.

At the expense of a significant area of ​​the glass canvas, such doors are missing in a room much more natural sunlight. The room looks light, more spacious. Stylish and beautiful appearance of such products gives the room a specific visual highlight, complements the interior.

One of the main differences of sliding or French panoramic windows is the lack of loops. Opening and closing occur due to the sliding of the door leaf along the horizontal guide profile. French sliding doors silent, lungs. Special design door handles and accessories makes it impossible to open such a door from the outside. This guarantees reliable protection against hacking and penetration into your home.

Sliding balcony doors can be completely glass, and may be distinguished by a deaf door web. Glass panoramic doors will make natural light in the apartment brighter.

It should also be noted that the use of the sliding door design is significantly saved by free space. It is very relevant for small rooms, small apartments. Usually the space on the balcony can not be practical used, it prevents the swollen balcony door.

Panoramic doors will help solve this problem.

So, the main features of the sliding doors for the balcony are:

  • Unusual appearance, aesthetics and style;
  • Feedlessness and ease of opening and closing;
  • lack of door loops;
  • The design does not sag;
  • reliability of the design, durability;
  • the ability to make the room lighter – due to the large area of ​​the transparent glass canvas;
  • high level of heat and noise insulation, protection of the room from dust, dirt;
  • protection against opening from the outside, prevention of penetration into the room through a balcony;
  • Saving free space.


Panoramic doors to the balcony differ in the degree of insulation and the type of opening.

  • Insulated Or warm door structures are made of a thicker profile. Inside such a profile is divided into several thermal insulation cameras. Double-glazed windows in warm structures may contain three or more glasses. Such designs should be chosen if the climate suggests the temperature below the thermometer zero mark.
  • “Cold” Designs are made of fine and light profiles. Double-glazed windows contain one or two glasses. Such sliding doors provide noise insulation, protected well from dust, but at negative temperatures they will not be able to provide the necessary level of heat conservation in the room.

These designs are suitable for a warm climate where there are no low temperatures. You can install this design on the summer veranda, which does not require insulation in the cold season.

Types of opening of sliding door structures:

  • Sliding. The most popular version of the opening mechanism. The slide of the door canvase occurs with the help of special rollers, which are moving through the guides. This mechanism provides a lung and silent opening, which is a big advantage.
  • Lifting-sliding. To open the sash of such a door, it is necessary to lift slightly. Sash can move one for another. Doors of this type are suitable for fairly wide opening.

  • Sliding-sliding. To open the door sash, it is necessary to slightly push it forward (on yourself), then – it’s easy to move aside.
  • “Harmonic”. Such door structures can be installed in very large opening. Maximum width of the opening can reach six meters. It is better to choose similar designs for a warmed loggia. Because of the large area, thermal insulation indicators are somewhat reduced.

By the degree of glazing the door canvase, you can highlight French doors. In such a design, the door canvas completely consists of transparent, matte or stained glass. In other types, it is possible to alternate glazed and deaf plots.


The following options are especially popular:

  • Plastic door designs. Material for the manufacture of such profiles is PVC. This is the most popular option in the market. PVC does not burn out and does not change the color in the sun. It is durable, not subject to corrosion. Designs differ in the degree of insulation. Common Shades – White, Beige.
  • Doors to Aluminum Balcony. This material is an eco-friendly, lightweight and durable. There are a lot of colors – you can easily choose the option that best fit into the interior. Aluminum profile, if you wish or need, you can independently repaint. Aluminum structures are considered “cold”. They should be chosen for the opening of the insulated balcony – or will you have to additionally insulate the aluminum profile itself.
  • Wooden door designs. They differ in a special style, fit very well in the interior. This option is suitable for those who prefer natural materials. Natural shades of wood look nice, aesthetic. This material approaches the person to nature.

How to choose?

The choice of type and appearance of the door design depends on several factors:

  • interior design of the room;
  • degree of insulation;
  • climate, temperature regime;
  • the desired degree of illumination of the room;
  • Preferences.

Aluminum door designs come in different colors. They are easier to choose to any room design.

When choosing doors to access the balcony, the temperature features of the climate. If the balcony is glazed and well insulated, you can choose a lighter profile, since the high degree of thermal insulation will not need. Such a profile can be used for a veranda that does not require insulation in the cold season. No need for a warm profile in those areas where the positive temperature is held throughout the year.

If the doors go to an unlocked loggia, and the climate suggests a decrease in temperature to negative values, preference is better to give to warmed structures.

A feature of panoramic doors is a high degree of abbreet of natural light. However, the bright light is not always desirable. If the balcony comes out on the sunny side, and in the room is unwanted bright sunlight, you can pick a door design with a partial glazing or matte glass. With the help of a change in the area of ​​transparent glass canvas, you can easily adjust the degree of sunlight into the room.

The illumination of the room can be adjusted by installing sliding shutters.

For those who prefer natural materials and natural colors, a suitable option will be a door design from a tree. Wooden interior details never come out of fashion.

Options in the interior

Thanks to an unusual, spectacular appearance Sliding door structures fit well into any interior design. Light and soft shades of structures made from PVC, harmoniously fit into the classic interior. White, light gray, beige shades in combination with a large glass door of the door will create the effect of ease, provide space.

For bright and bold interior options, color frames of aluminum doors will become an excellent addition. With the help of a bright color, you can focus on the doorway. Of course, the shades should be properly combined – only in this case, the door design will become the perfect interior addition.

You can experiment with the door of the door themselves. As mentioned above, the canvas can be glazed both completely and partially. Where there is no glass, you can apply a kind of print, give doors any color.

Glass canvas can be not only classic transparent. For sliding doors, you can pick up a matte or colored glass. You can make it using a multicolored mosaic. Glass color will create a special atmosphere: green shades act soothingly, soft red light is suitable for romantics.

It is also worth noting the features of the installation of sliding door structures. In standard rooms of apartment buildings, a balcony opening includes a laying under the window and a heating battery unit.

To install sliding panoramic doors, it is necessary to free all the opening, since instead of a window that occupies about half the height of the opening, the door leaf from the ceiling to the floor will be installed. We’ll have to disassemble brickwork under the window.

Disassemble brickwork enough easily, although it will require the cost of time and strength. Transferring or dismantling the heating battery – a little more difficult task, but quite solved. Such a dismantling is better to exercise not in the heating season, but in the warm season, when there are no hot water in the pipes.

More about the features of sliding balcony doors you will learn from the following video.

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