Features of hidden door closers

    Currently, accessories produce many firms, and therefore you can find a large range of various devices that allow you to close the sash and hold them in this position. A known example as a bridge is a spring of steel or rubber, which were used before the appearance of modern devices. The main purpose of the closers is to close the doors and hold them closed.


    Today, the constructions of the closers are more complex systems and allow you to close the flaps without noise and shocks, which is important for designs that have glass inserts. And some models can open the doors at a certain angle and hold them in this position.

    When choosing these devices, it is necessary to take into account the product device.


    Are the most common and used for interroom partitions. Are installed by mounting to the door of the doors and are often used in public facilities or offices, where many people pass through the doors. The main purpose is to close the doors and hold them in this position. According to its constructive features, these closers are:

    • guides with a rod;
    • with gear drive.

    The differences between them are the mechanisms that are located inside the accessories, which determines their principle. Models with gear mechanism transmit movement with the help of gears moving through the pin. Usually such devices are used for heavy structures.

    Products with a sliding rod can transmit efforts from the door of the door to the spring with the help of thrust. All these elements are located in one case, which is filled with oil. It makes it possible to adjust the door. Setting data tools is made taking into account the direction of movement of doors.


    These devices differ in the hidden way of installation, and with their help you can open the doors in different directions. Often they are installed on glass flaps in shopping halls. Such devices can withstand high weight.

    Feature is the design of such devices – it is a rod located vertically, on which there are springs. When opening the doors, it screws off the spring, and then returns to the opposite position. The mechanism is attached to the doors with screws.


    Such devices are used for interroom sash, and they are called framework. A feature of the design of such a device is a mechanism that slides inside the case. The advantages of this model are small dimensions, which makes it possible to embed them directly into the cloth and keep a holistic view of the door.


    These devices appeared pretty recently, but are already popular among users and are distinguished by great functionality. They are difficult to distinguish, at first glance, from ordinary loops, and it is not required when installing installing additional structures on the canvas doors. From standard loops, these mechanisms differ slightly large sizes.

    But also they have some drawbacks. Among them can be noted:

    • weak effort;
    • Mounting complexity;
    • the inability to withstand high weight;
    • Little validity period.

    Most often apply such fixtures for installation on interior structures with low weight.

    Closers for sliding structures

    Usually, they are used in the manufacture of furniture, the main purpose is to reduce the strength of the strike when the sash closes. The design of such products is pretty simple, and they themselves differ in small sizes. Inside the housing is a spring mechanism.

    The disadvantage of such devices is that they have pins sticking out of the housing, which can be damaged, and therefore they are often placed in inaccessible places.

    Installation and technological features

    Such devices can be installed before mounting the door itself or after it is installed. Everyone must choose the way he will be more convenient to produce.

    For work it will be necessary:

    • milling cutter;
    • drill;
    • screwdriver;
    • a hammer.

      During work, some difficulties may also arise with the definition of the desired location of the mechanism. When inserting, you need to correctly produce all the work and firmly fix the mechanisms in order to prevent errors, otherwise the closer will work badly. Frequently placed closers in the end of the canvas, which ensures convenience of use. If necessary, you can quickly remove the design with the loops, freeing the doorway. Such a closer will not be noticeable for outsiders, and it can be quickly replaced.

        To install the device, you must adhere to clear recommendations from specialists and follow the following rules:

        • Check for the presence of the necessary elements and parts, among which must be fastened, levers, mechanisms and installation scheme;
        • use the scheme to determine the procedure for conducting work;
        • correctly assemble the mechanism and mounted it in the right place;
        • Adjust traction.

        Process adjustment

        After installation it is necessary to make work on setting up the closer. It is also important to check how the door will be closed or open. The canvas should move slowly and silently. If such moments are not observed, then you must first adjust. The process is performed quite simple, and its basis is to twist or unscrew the bolts that weaken the action of the spring or hydraulics.

        To work, it is necessary to remove the closer cover, where there are bolts for adjustment. Next, it is necessary to decide which bolt is designed to displace the mechanism in one direction or another, and turn it, periodically checking the performance of the door. Bolts need to pump in turn.

        But it is also important to take into account that the built-in closer can work differently depending on the room temperature. If the room is highly cooled or overheated, then the settings are made under each of the temperature modes.

        In this case, adjustment is carried out when turning bolts for 1-2 turns. To avoid the need for often such events, it is recommended to use those devices that are undemanding to temperature indicators, for example, with spring mechanisms, as well as maintain an optimal temperature for operation of the mechanisms.

        How to choose?

        When buying such a device, you need to take into account the mass and width of the door sash. DORMA products usually work according to EN 1154. If the model choose incorrectly, it will soon fail or will not function correctly. This will bring certain difficulties when opening and closing doors.

        Each closer is divided into gradations and is intended for a particular mass and width of the door. All of these moments must match the parameters of the canvas.

        Choose ball systems costs optimal. And it is also possible to establish closers with higher characteristics, which will extend their service life.

        For external doors, it is recommended to purchase special models that are not afraid of frosts and heat, and also have a special design and filled with frost-resistant oil. Included with such a device usually go all the necessary materials and elements, which allows you to install a device to any door, regardless of the material of its manufacture.

        About the hidden door closer of the new generation you will learn from the video below.

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