Features of floor closers for glass doors

The closer for the door is called the mechanism that contributes to their dense, silent and smooth closure. Its features include the ability to protect the door from shocks, if it closes very sharply, as well as minimizing noise and sharp sounds. Frequent use of this mechanism is observed in the buildings of the office and residential plan, where comfort and safe use of the doors are ensured.

Main characteristics

Closer Outdoor for glass doors should be functional, while responsible to all standards, standards. Each of the devices performs functions assigned to it:

  • protects the design of doors from mechanical impacts, while increasing their period of use;
  • reduces noise level;
  • protects the door from a sharp independent closure and, as a result, from breaking, as well as damage to users;
  • Reduces the amount of heat loss, provided that it is an inlet door closer.

The device for the doors of glass is equipped with a spring, which ensures reliability and convenience when closing. The spring mechanism is fixed on the metal plate, so externally immeasued. At the same time, to open the door, you will need to make some effort, but it closes yourself. This equipment does not need any maintenance, it is long exploited by high quality springs that are not stretched.

The placement of the outdoor closer is carried out on the floor. This element will be a suitable option for a pendulum massive door. In the process of opening the web, the closer becomes an additional support, for this it provides an axis that herself turns. After the spring mechanism is triggered, the procedure of smooth closure of the released door occurs.

Installation of advanced top-location mechanisms is characterized by simplicity. To perform this procedure, no special knowledge and skills need. Work with hidden and outdoor closers can be trusted by professionals if you are not quite confident in our own. In this process, the main thing is to correctly and competently fulfill all the necessary actions, as this is a decisive factor in the life expectancy of the closer.


When choosing an outdoor closer for a glass design, you need to pay attention to this moment.

  1. Width and Weight Doors. The ability of the closer must match the weight of the doors. Specialists often recommend installing several elements. But if the door of your room is heavy and massive, then when buying it is worth choosing the most powerful closer.
  2. Mechanism, which is engaged in adjusting the speed contributing to the opening and closing of the door leaf. Good quality goods are always equipped with a special brake system.
  3. A variety of traction mechanism. In simple conversion models there is a sliding thrust, so if it is provided to leave the doors open, without damaging the mechanism, then the preference is worth sending models that have a retainer.

Not the latter role when buying plays the temperature regime of the device. If this mechanism is intended for the entrance door, the features of its elements and parts should be such that the closer to withstand all the functions assigned to it.

Features of Dorma products

Outdoor mechanisms for the Dorma glass design today are quite in demand and popular. Users prefer to stop the choice on this group of products, due to the small cost and excellent product quality. Contracting mechanisms DORMA are characterized by the following indicators:

  • practicality, convenience, reliability;
  • interesting appearance;
  • long period of use;
  • rapid and non-hazardous installation;
  • a variety of accessories;
  • the ability to configure specific conditions;
  • lack of need for large groove depths, due to which there are no float-coated problems;
  • the possibility of use for different doors, from the most powerful to simple;
  • ease during opening and smoothness when closing the door design.

Installation and adjustment

If the goods are already selected in dimensions and corresponds to the type of doors, you can start the installation process. The most frequent orientation for the outdoor mechanism is considered to be the opening side. If the door will open inside the room, the installation of the item must be top.

This product from the group of floor mechanisms for glass doors is installed by mounting the lever to the door of the door, and the closer body to the box. To consolidate, it will be necessary to buy fasteners in advance, which are not always present in the kit. Convenience is characterized by a scheme that is always attached to the purchased product, it is possible that it is possible to quickly and correctly assemble and install the mechanism.

In the process of adjustment, the floor closer does not need every case. After the installation of the mechanism is performed, it is necessary to adjust the spring, which will ensure comfort in opening and closing the doorway. Adjust the spring device can be one of the following options:

  • displacement of the closer relative to the door loop;
  • turning the knot of lever fastening;
  • Spring compression using an adjusting screw.

This set of action is simple and understandable, instructions included in each user. Pendulum closers with a floor installation for a glass door are the necessary mechanisms that can provide softness and lack of danger when using doors. The cost of this product is low, but at the same time after installation, the device is almost unnoticed that it does not spoil the interior. Buying and installing a closer is an opportunity to increase the service life of the door design, because its acquisition will cost much cheaper than the installation of the new door.

On the floor door closers for glass doors you will learn from the video below.

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