Entrance doors with a mirror

In modern apartments, corridors often have a very modest square. And in this room it is necessary to place many items and furniture. In this case, the entrance doors with a mirror are an excellent option that allows you to save space without damage to functionality (there is no need to purchase and install a stationary mirror).


Doors with an inner mirror – current innovation of recent years.

Among their advantages, the following characteristics can be distinguished:

  • saving place;
  • original design that allows you to visually increase the small area of ​​the hallway;
  • No additional furniture is required, as you can look before leaving the house in the mirror on the door;
  • A variety of manufacturing materials and modern design will easily choose the model suitable for the interior.

Designers have long been told about the need to equip the entrance doors with a mirror, and now everyone can purchase similar models.

It is convenient, stylish and practical.

But despite all the advantages, the input groups with a mirror have certain disadvantages:

  • difficulties in installing accessories (handle, eye), especially if most of the inner surface of the door is represented by a mirror;
  • Mirror – expensive material, and therefore such a design will cost non-sash;
  • When breakdown, you will have to access specialists, as it is very difficult to replace the damaged glass surface;
  • difficulties may arise with the selection of mirrors necessary thickness – thinner models can distort images, and more massive too much weighs;
  • If the castle fails – it will not be possible to change it independently, since the risk of damage to the glass parts of the canvas is high;
  • Such doors are installed with incomplete adjacent, which significantly reduces their resistance to hacking.

To level most of the minuses, the manufacturer’s factory selects the necessary parameters of the mirror in advance, and also provide for all necessary holes, for example, under eye and accessories. Thus, all the shortcomings still at the production stage turn into ordinary features.

Production technology

In the manufacture of doors with a mirror are guided by the same rules as in the production of classic metal or wood models. The only difference is the need for durable fixing glass elements.

For these purposes, apply:

  • Special fasteners;
  • Mounting glue.

When choosing a method for fastening the mirror to the doorway, its weight, thickness and possible load during operation takes into account. So, small light elements are attached to special glue that does not damage the amalgam. For large cavities, use fasteners (screws, selflessness, frames), which reliably hold the mirror, ensuring safe operation.

Some doors model are complemented by decorative glass inserts on the outside. Such products are beautiful, but require caution in circulation, as the replacement of the mirror canvase – the cheapest pleasure.

Break the mirror surface on the entrance door is usually not as easy as it is to damage the usual mirror. Case here – in special technology.

Mirror for entrance groups is made from multilayer (sometimes tempered) glass and complemented by protective films.


All variety of models of doors with a mirror can be defined in two categories:

  1. Products with solid glass web. Typically, such models mirror attached to the mounting glue and a special double-sided adhesion that protects the fragile surface during the opening and closing of the door. These products are not recommended to apply in apartments with small children, as the risk of damage to the surface and trauma of the child is. In addition, the doors can be repaired in a round sum. Some models are complemented by small overlays outside.
  2. Doors with embedded mirror. These models are safer, since the mirror is fixed in the most reliable way. In some products, the insert can be end-to-end, but they are rarely used as input, since they have low protection against hacking. Often a mirror surface on such doors from above is covered with a special film, which protects the glass from scratches, dust, dirt and in case of damage, delays fragments.

Entrance doors with a through mirror are not suitable for the cold climate, since strong temperature differences and frosts have a negative effect on the material, reducing its service life. Some of them are supplemented with forged elements that are designed to strengthen the stability of the product to hacking.

The method of installing the mirror in the door web directly depends on the material from which it is manufactured. So, for metal structures, a built-in mirror is characterized, while on wooden and MDF products glass decor can be glued with special composition or “planted” on fasteners.

Some manufacturers offer backlit doors. LED lamps are located at the edges of the mirror, as if framing it, and cover with plexiglass. This solution is used only inside the product.


The canvas of the door with the mirror is made not only from the metal.

Here are the most popular materials:

  • MDF;
  • wood;
  • metal.

MDF – Modern Material. May have a varnish or matte surface. Material is resistant to fading and external influences. Thanks to the external coating, water and high humidity is not afraid. Undoubted plus is the ability to select bright colors.

Wooden linen entrance doors – recognized classic. Products look expensive and representative. The material is environmentally safe, however, it requires special care measures. To protect against moisture and external influences, the tree covers protective compositions (paints and varnishes). Also weighty minus is the price. Products from the massif of valuable wood tree are not cheap.

Metal door – the most popular option of the entrance design. Differs reliability, durability. High protection against hacking. However, not all iron doors have an attractive appearance. Decorative delights and technical characteristics of the door significantly increase the final cost of the product for the consumer.

Mirrored door inserts are made of enhanced glass and can be covered with sandblasting pattern, rhinestones, photo printing.

In some models you can find inserts from matte glass.

Colors and interior

The entrance door is the first thing that the person sees, getting into the apartment, so it is worth carefully treating her choice.

The color of the web must be responsible for the following conditions:

  • The inner part should be combined with the interior of the hallway and the corridor. If everything is performed in bright colors, then you can look at unusual models. If the interior is close to the classical, it makes sense to choose a more neutral color. For example, Wenge.
  • For small hallways, you should choose the door with a mirror of light shades (bleached oak), as they can visually increase the space.
  • Light shades are preferably installed in dark, low-disgraced input zones. Dark doors will only aggravate.

Some manufacturers offer doors having several colors at the same time.

Such models will fit well into modern interiors in the style of minimalism, high-tech and pop art.

Signs and prejudices

Despite the convenience and practicality of the entrance doors with a mirror finish from the inside, there are a number of real limitations, in which it is better not to install this design, among which:

  • psychosis;
  • depression;
  • schizophrenia.

The fact is that when psyche disorders are trying to limit the placement of mirror items not only on the doors, but also in the whole housing. The abundance of reflective surfaces can cause panic and exacerbation in patients with this category.

As for accepting, the mirror located on the door does not fall under the sphere of their influence. Most superstition warns that it is impossible to put a mirror opposite the entrance to the apartment. So you can put on the failures and illness, as well as financial losses, as all reflected in the mirror breaks out of the dwelling. In relation to the entrance door with a mirror, signs act up to the opposite – they attract wealth, good luck and help households keep health. The only condition is the lack of glass surfaces opposite the entrance, so that the door with mirror inserts does not reflect them.

In Eastern Teaching Feng Shui, the entrance door with reflective elements is considered a good option capable of attracting good luck and prosperity. It is important that the mirror surface always shone with cleanliness and did not have chips, otherwise the action will be directly opposite.

How to choose?

To the selection of the entrance door should be taken very seriously because the good door is expensive and changes not so often.

For the purchase has become successful, follow these recommendations:

  • Explore reviews like the model. So you can understand how the product behaves when installing and operating.
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer. It is better to buy a door from the seller who has a good reputation. Such companies usually value customers, offer them quality goods, advantageous additional services and a mandatory guarantee.
  • Measure the dimensions of the future door. If the purchased canvas is perfect for the doorway in the wall, it will simplify the installation of the product and will save money on the installation.
  • Material of manufacture. You should decide in advance what entrance door I want – wooden or metal. Each of them has its pros and cons, weighing which you can make the right choice.

  • Colour. After installing the door it will be difficult to change it, which means it is better to think about it in advance which tint will fit to the hallway and the interior more than the rest.
  • Furnitura. Carefully inspect all components, locks and loops. All items must be securely fixed on the canvas, not have unintended design of the backlash. Better if fittings will not be Chinese origin.
  • Dobor and other items necessary to finish the installed door can be purchased later. The fact is that first the installation is carried out on a special foam and already after a few days begin to finish.

Buying an entrance door with a mirror in the apartment Be prepared for the fact that the price of these models is higher than on ordinary metal canvases.

However, ease of use and attractive look at the high cost.

Types of design

In modern dwellings, doors with mirror elements can be found everywhere. For example, the door from the classic shade tree array will create comfort in the hallway, and two chairs will effectively emphasize the wealth of the situation.

Doors of light shades visually expand the space, and the mirror enhances this effect at times.

Input structures are an important part of each house, which allows not only to preserve property safely, but also performing an important decorative role. The door with the mirror is a great opportunity to make your home unique and modern.

Read more about how to choose an entrance door with a mirror, you will learn from the following video.

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