Doors “New Style”: Features of choice

The company “New Style” began to work in the field of door manufacturing since 2002. Products are available at the factory of the same name located in Kherson. Initially, the company offered to buyers only a canvas of the same type, today for 15 years of work professionals have released more than two thousand diverse models.

Further in the article We will consider in more detail the interior doors “New Style” and tell about the peculiarities of the choice of cloths.

Features and advantages

Based on the reviews of modern buyers and the opinions of experts in the field of door canvases, a list of advantages of the doors of the Ukrainian brand was compiled.


In the product catalog, there are both luxury models made of valuable and natural wood and more budget options, in the process of manufacturing artificial raw materials. This allows you to choose each client an ideal position for the price.

Rich assortment

The range is striking by versatility. There are always models for sale for a variety of interior stylistics, classic and modern. Doors differ in shape, color and decorative elements adorning canvas. Also, the choice of customers is provided with deaf doors and products with inserts. The company also offers unpainted models, providing consumers the opportunity to issue a product in any color to their choice.

Additional accessories

If any element of accessories fails during operation, the buyer can get a replacement of a broken part, significantly saving funds on the purchase of a new canvase. It is worth noting that all additional elements are available in the required volume.

Safety products

Factory uses exclusively environmental clean materials. This indicator is controlled by a group of specialists of the company “New Style”. The canvas can be safely installed on the basis of rooms with small children and animals. Also they are safe for allergies.


Each model has a corresponding certificate that confirms high quality products and its compliance with European and international standards.

It is worth mentioning that the goods of the above brand are exported to countries in Africa, America, the Middle East and Europe.


At the expense of innovative equipment, the plant reached the production level in 6 thousand units of products per day. Such a level allows you to provide all customers with a quality product at a bargain price. The company is constantly expanding the sales market, attracting new buyers.


Before making a choice in favor of a particular model, you need to know than the canvas differ from each other. Each option has individual performance characteristics and certain properties. Depending on desires and goals, the buyer chooses the corresponding model. Next, we consider various types of designs and their differences.


This type of cloth is collected from different elements. They are securely connected to each other at the expense of special machines or by the type of designer. The main advantage is local repairs. If one of the parts is badly damaged, it can be simply replaced. Specialists tried to fame to each detail possessed high operational properties.

Lifetime of prefabricated canvases can reach up to 50 years. High-quality care and optimal conditions will increase this period.


Data frames Created from a two-layer timber (these elements are made of natural wood fir or pine). To increase the reliability of the product and the rigidity of the base around the perimeter of the canvas are carried out micrification. This technique retains the shape of the doors in the process of long and intensive operation.

Cavities inside the canvas are filled. MDF sheets or pressed cardboard are used, whose weight is insignificant. Materials provide protection from unnecessary noise and help keep warm in the room. With the facial and invalible side of the canvas make up MDF. Sheet material demonstrates high resistance to temperatures, direct solar rays and mechanical exposure.

On the frame-shield doors are advised to pay attention if you choose a bathroom product or kitchen.


From the designer point of view, two types of canvas are distinguished:

  • Deaf. One-piece canvas from natural array or budget substitutes.
  • Glazed. Products with glass inserts. Expose material can be diverse. From standard transparent canvases to color, matte and corrugated glass. Doors with glass inserts are recommended for compact rooms. Through the transparent texture in the room will be the light, visually expanding the space.

Types and materials

Doors from the company “New Style” differ not only by type of construction, but also by manufacturing material. The appearance and wear resistance of the product are directly related to the raw material that was used during the manufacturing process.

Natural array

Products made of array are always in demand. These are classic models that retain relevance, regardless of fashion trends. The tree has several advantages that cannot be recreated by artificial substitutes: naturalness and environmental friendliness, pleasant fragrance and a charging pattern created by nature. Ukrainian factory uses in the production of pine, lime, beech, oak, alder and maple.

The canvases demonstrate a long service life. Products retain a commodity view even for many years after installation. The array is harmonized with metal and glass, has high noise insulation and saves heat.

Despite a number of advantages, the material has its own minuses (cracks, bitch, flammability), but thanks to modern equipment and innovative techniques they can avoid them.


The canvases of this type are divided into subspecies:

  • Strogian. Models from rare and valuable wood varieties.
  • Sawn. Coniferous breeds are used in the manufacture.
  • Lutch. Birch and oak canvas, with an expressive natural pattern.

It is worth noting that the flap is the framework of the product. Externally, this type of model is difficult to distinguish from solid wood options. Budget doors are decorated with extruded or foil veneer. Thin layers of wood reliably join each other and pressed the frame.


Separately, it is worth noting laminated products. These are canvases that are covered with a thin and smooth PVC film. The outer layer may have a different color and texture. In addition to decorative, the film performs an important operational function.

The web processing significantly prolongs the period of the door service and protects it from various damage.

How to choose?

On the one hand, a huge selection makes it possible to choose the perfect model, on the other, not every buyer will be able to figure out wide range.

Next, consider what is worth paying attention to the purchase, and how to make the right choice.

  • Material. Products made of natural wood are chosen for the design of classic stylistics, as well as directions of country, Provence and others, based on natural materials. In modern styles, it is more likely to choose products from glass, plastic or a glossy coating.
  • Type of construction. If you are looking for a product with maximum insulation from noise, stop the selection on the deaf canvases. Products with glass inserts are ideal for rooms where lack of lighting is observed.

  • Moisture Resistance and Temperature Mode. Doors for the bathroom or kitchen should have high resistance to elevated moisture and high temperatures.
  • Thickness. It is recommended to abandon large-sized products when choosing interior doors, given that their main function is to distinguish between space.
  • Color. The door of the door must be combined with the style of the interior and the total range in the room. Color can be chosen in tone flooring, furniture, plinths or wall decoration. Also do not forget about the contrast effect.


On thematic forums, social networks and messengers buyers share opinions about the products from the brand “New Style”. Given the company’s popularity, many customers know about their products from personal experience. We can safely declare that most of the reviews are positive. Consumers celebrate high quality, stylish look and affordable price.

About the production of doors from the company “New Style” Look in the video.

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