Doors in the style of “Provence”

The doors in the style of Provence will be the perfect option for both the apartment and the interior of the private house. The light tones of the door leaf will be brought to a dwelling, peacefulness, ease and allow you to get distracted from the bustle of the modern metropolis.


The main characteristic that is appropriate to apply to the door designs in the style of French country or Provence – modesty. Designers are confident to create in a residential premises the coziness of the door Provence will become the best solution: inhabitant, as if faded shades, the effect of aging, a simple ornament. All this creates the illusion that the dynasty lives here, inherited house from generation to generation.

Another feature of the doors in the style of Provence lies in the fact that in their production it is used natural wood, without adding metal and plastic.

Recently, increasingly natural wood in the door structures replace the ecoshpon or MDF. There are no significant differences in these materials. EcoChpon is environmentally friendly for people and pets.


Provence doors are distinguished by light pastel colors (cream, pale green, lilac, beige, blue, white, yellow, gray, terracotta), so that they always look successfully in the interior. It happens that for the embodiment of the designer thought to the interior of the room it is necessary to make several bright spots, in this case the color design color can be sufficient enough, with a floral painting.

Provence models can be found in several features:

  1. Often canvas decorates decorative carvings.
  2. There can be 2-3 niches in the door.
  3. The door unit is processed by a patina to create an aging effect and fading.
  4. Doors can be with transparent or frosted glass inserts (with windows at the top), decorated folk-art ornament.
  5. Doors handles are made of bronze, gilded or dark metal, decorated with bizarre elements.

Mix interroom and entrance doors:


The prevailing color for interior door canvons is white. He harmonizes well with any interior. The doors of the white shade allow you to enter the premises inherent lightness ease, create cross-color combinations with windows, make an emphasis in the interior of dark tones.

Along with this, simplicity of lines, unusual decorated handles erected interior doors in Olive-style in the rating of the most sought-after.

Bivalve doors can be seen at the entrance to the halls or residential rooms. Simple design, carved patterns on the doors of beige shades look catchy and attract admiring views of others.

Sliding double doors are suitable for storage area where large-sized objects are planned. To accommodate a large cargo, you need to push both sash at the same time.

Such door structures perform the function of the gate, their finishing is deliberately rough – wide boards, insufficiently scratched carefully.


Varieties of outdoor doors in the style of Provence a lot. Their installation in the exterior context is maximally thought out: carefully verified rectangular openings, beautiful stone arches, interesting plants, door canvases with an illusion of aging, with glass windows without them, with wrought elements.

Doors “Under the Starina” have small sizes, they are designed from the boards of different widths. Paint as if it was erased from time to time, some of the wood fell down, the bottom of the canvas. The handle is often made in the form of a ring. If we enjoy the rival greens and falling lianas, this place will acquire the atmosphere of mystery.

The door in the style of Provence can be framed very bright, creating the illusion that it is a false door or just a beautiful drawing. To create a sense of unity with nature, it is better to choose shades close to natural: burgundy, green, blue. They will lend about colors, grass and sea.

Rush doors will become an ideal option for hot locacy. Thanks to horizontally installed slats, free air circulation may occur.

Color solutions and combination of styles

All colors represented by Provence style initially have a symbolic meaning and transmit a specific area feature. So, yellow symbolizes olive oil, blue – water, red – wine, purple – lavender, orange – house, blue – sky, and green – olives.

Provence style has historical intersections with an ampir style. Two these directions will be perfectly complemented and decorate each other. Pumping empire with his arches, solemn columns and big pictures a little “Utichomit” the faded shades of the doors in the style of Provence, and their Golden Patina will serve as a tribute to a luxurious ampir.

Use in the interior

When choosing a door design, you need to take into account the room in which it will be located.

For living room and bedrooms

For a room where it is planned to relax and receive guests, it is better to choose one- or bivalve doors, swing, sliding or folding options. The great advantage will be the presence of glass and wrought elements.

When choosing a door design for a bedroom, first of all, pay attention to its color. The door, like all the other elements of the interior of this room, must embody calm and pacification. Therefore, it is worth choosing a cloth in pastel-purple tones, white, pale yellow. Gray-blue shades are suitable for the children’s bedroom.

Ideas for kitchen

Traditionally, white door canvases are used for the kitchen area. Preferably, the texture of a tree appeared through the paint. Decor doors can be dried bouquets of wildflowers, healthy herbs, greenery, fir christmas wreaths, floral ornaments.

How to “form” the door do it yourself?

Before starting the process, it is necessary to clean the door leaf from the existing coating.

Then choose the most suitable Door processing method for the purpose of giving the desired appearance:

  1. Chemical (applied by ammonia alcohol).
  2. Mechanical (used brush for metal, allowing you to give the surface of a wooden canvas a more coarse and factory look).
  3. Thermal (soldering iron).

Having achieved the desired texture, it is necessary to recreate defects on the doors: Customs, wormworms, scratches. To do this, you can use awl, drill, nails. Frequency and type of defects depend exclusively from taste and fantasy owner.

After applying defects, you need to go through the surface of the canvas with a metal brush, cover with a mourn, give to dry, wash off with a wet sponge. Apply a verse re-(main layer). Give to absorb during 24 hours.

Apply a color or colorless shellary soil and wax coating (using rigid washcloths).

Last Stage: Polishing the surface of the door leaf with a soft cloth.

How to paint?

Make a doorbell easy, most importantly, carefully perform all the necessary steps:

  1. Before painting the door canvas to process to white paint.
  2. Apply the selected tone. Give to dry.
  3. Grasp wax and turn white paint again. Give to dry.
  4. Polish the door with a soft rag. To create the effect of roughness, you can use sandpaper.
  5. Apply a water-based varnish on the door leaf.

Similarly, you can paint not only interior doors, but also cabinets. Upon completion of paintwork, you can perform decoupage with napkins, lace, textiles, wallpaper, which will allow inexperienced artists to enter the interior of the room exclusive decor elements.


Most of the owners of the Provence doors believe that the door canvases decorated in such a way make a city apartment very cozy, especially living rooms and bedrooms. However, there is such a category of citizens who believe that such a stylist area is more suitable for country private houses.

According to the reviews of another group of respondents, the Provence style is suitable for regions with a warm climate, but not for the middle strip of Russia.

On how to remake the door to the style of “Provence”, you can find out in the following video.

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