Doors in a wooden house

Doors – the required component of a wooden house. The entrance door protects the dwelling from the cold and the unborn guests, and interroom – serve the creation of privacy and comfort. Decorative function plays a decorative function in different directions of the interior.


The entrance door serves as protection from cold, noise, atmospheric manifestations of nature. But the main function is to ensure the safety of property and tenants. Interior doors delimit the space of the house, interfere with the spread of sounds and smells.

In this regard, the entrance doors in the wooden house there are increased requirements for strength, resistance to moisture and ultraviolet, durability.

Main feature when installing in a wooden house – installation of the door block into a casing or metal countergrade. This will avoid strain when shrinking a wooden bar.


All sorts of door structures are classified by functional, protective, external and other parameters. Type of door design predetermines outdoor.

She may be:

  • Pilencated – frame with transverse and longitudinal guides. Between the guides, fililers from different material are installed.
  • Shield – Frame made of wood, listed MDF.
  • Tsargovaya – between two beams are mounted kings (transverse bars).
  • Jumping – the canvas consists of solid material.

In a wooden house, depending on the location of the location, the following types of doors are installed:

  • entrance;
  • interroom;
  • kitchen;

  • corridor;
  • balcony;
  • stair;
  • Incotional.

The following qualities are important for entrance doors:

  • protection against hacking;
  • heat insulating;
  • shockproof;
  • hermetic;

  • bulletproof;
  • fire fighting;
  • waterproof;
  • noiseproof;
  • operating.

Interior doors are installed in different types of rooms:

  • Bedroom. In the bedroom preferred deaf door designs without glass inserts, when they want privacy and security from outsiders
  • Living room. In the living room you can choose any door suitable for style and room design.
  • Bathroom. The door leaf in the bathroom should be moisture-resistant and sound insulation. The optimal choice in the bathroom will be plastic, glass and laminated.
  • Kitchen. The kitchen opening should not skip the smell and noise, to be resistant to humidity and external influences, easy to clean.
  • Children’s. Children’s door should be made of natural material, safe, with a comfortable handle, without glax, valves and locks.

On the form of the doorway, you can make arched and rectangular doors.

By way of opening, door structures are divided into:

  • Swing are the opening canvas in one direction. In this case, provide a distance for opening. By type of opening, swing doors are divided into right-sided and left-sided.
  • Sliding moving along guide rail. It is convenient to install them when there is no room for smashing, in adjacent, passing rooms. SCALL OPTION OF THE ORDER STRUCTURE Used for single-widths. Sliding option – two sash closer in different directions. The cassette option provides the ability to hide the canvas in the wall.
  • Folding closes in the form of harmonic. Consist of several sections and save space.
  • Pendulotum Swipe on both sides. They are installed in crowded places, in their home use they are not functional – no isolation from sounds and smells.
  • Rotating structures conquer their fans with their unusualness.
  • Stables consist of two halves – upper and lower. They put in houses in the style of country.
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By the number of flaps, the following types of door leaf designs are allocated, which is selected depending on the width of the opening.

  • Singman. The prevailing option in the installation of doors. If the width of the opening is 70-90 cm, then they put a single canvas.
  • Bivalve. Two identical parts of the canvase, suitable for wide openings.
  • Overhead. This is an intermediate version between single-door and double-dealing products. Consists of two canvases – one full canvas, another small size.


Selection of door structures depends on the functions that it must perform. Functional characteristics depend on the basis – what material goes for the manufacture of the door. Material is the main component when choosing doors in a wooden house.

For the production of doors, the following materials are used:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • MDF;
  • plastic;
  • glass.

Door canvas can be manufactured only from one type of material or in combination of various raw materials. Below will look at the details of the main characteristics of doors manufactured from different material.


Doors are made from different breeds of wood. Oak wood – expensive, solid, durable and reliable solution. More advantageous in the cost of larch wood, pine, spruce. Olha and ash hardwood have sufficient strength. With good processing, the structure of the tree will become original and original.

Tree – the most common material for the manufacture of door structures. Even if the external finish can be different, then the frame – wooden. Since the tree is a natural material, it is processed by protective compositions from fire, insects, water. Before production, it is dried, since the elevated humidity will lead to the deformation of the finished product.

Wood – Natural, Natural Material, Environmentally friendly for the environment Houses and households. The tree is reliably, firmly protects against noise, protects heat. Wooden doors for a wooden house – the best solution that will fit into any interior.


Material for the manufacture of metal structures is steel and aluminum. Sheet steel is taken for steel doors.

The indisputable advantages of such doors are:

  • strength;
  • fire resistance;
  • high level of stability of the frame;
  • water resistance;
  • Elevated protective functions.
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Iron entrance door involves a variety of options for selecting locks and additional protective devices, while the strength of the design will not suffer. At the same time, steel freezes that it is necessary to consider when installing the inlet metal door to the house.

Aluminum products are not so massive and impressive, in contrast to iron. Frequently added glass inserts.

Aluminum has the following characteristics:

  • anti-corrosion properties;
  • moisture resistance;
  • strength;
  • fire resistance;
  • resistance to physical influences;
  • Soundproofing properties;
  • resistance to temperature drops;
  • burglar resistance.

Disadvantages of aluminum doors – high cost and severe thermal conductivity. Entrance aluminum canvases must have a protective coating from the outside so that there is no direct contact with atmospheric precipitation.


MDF sheets are made from fine wood fractions. Door structures made from MDF call mazonite. On top of the sheets of MDF laminate, stick, paint, covered with artificial or natural veneer. This improves the quality characteristics of finished door products. Exterior finish differs in color and wear resistance.

Pros of products made from MDF:

  • Large selection of colors;
  • not heavy;
  • acceptable value.

The main minus is inability to resist the long-term exposure to moisture, which leads to the deformation of the canvas. Therefore, MDF doors make interroom.


Plastic has many positive qualities, so plastic door products have been widely used in public places.

  • easy by weight;
  • not afraid of water;
  • easy to care and washed;
  • inexpensive;
  • Good sound insulation.

Plastic doors in the house are installed more often like balcony. You can rarely meet the plastic door in the house of the log, as plastic – an unhetatic material. In addition, plastic with severe physical impacts can crack.


Glass can be independent or additional material in the manufacture of doors. Make glass inserts in wooden, metal, plastic, mazonitic door design.

Advantages of glass:

  • moisture resistance;
  • Strength apply tempered glass, triplex;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • You can apply any image to the surface;
  • Apply various forms for glazing doors;
  • Speakingly increases space.

Glass is not suitable for children’s room. Weak side of such doors – does not delay noise and sounds.


Thanks to modern materials and coatings, you can make any door in any color solution. It remains only to pick up in one style with a house. But there are certain nuances when choosing a color so that the interior looks harmonious.

Doors color can be combined with:

  • Furniture color. When furniture in the room is one color, then the door choose the shade close to it. In the case when in adjacent rooms, the furniture varies on the color, you should order a door trimmed with suitable shades on each side.
  • Floor Color. This method is used when the floor covering in the rooms of the house has a common or identical shade.
  • Color walls. The door can be installed in a suitable color range of walls.
  • Neutral color. In this case, the door is selected of any calm color. Combination with interior support will serve window and door trimming, general shade plinths.
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When choosing the color of interior canvases, repel from the general style and the background of the house. In modern style, bright contrasts will fit – black, white, red. Classic fit wooded tones. Minimalism style welcomes cold colors with minimum finishes. The door canvas will become the center of the room, if it is saled by photo wallpapers with the image like.

If each room is individual, white doors can become a common element. This is a universal color, suitable in any interior, helps visually expand the space.


Wooden house provides flight of designer thought in interior design. Natural wooden doors will be perfect in the village of Brous in the rustic style. Wood with decorative effects of etching and brushing will highlight the natural texture and color of the tree.

Modern style in a wooden house will emphasize the glazing of door canvases. Glass can be matte, transparent, stained glass, any shape and size. Popular sliding opening mechanism.

In classic design, preferably natural wood without an unnecessary decor. Classic white doors will be a supplement in the interior created for the convenience, luxury and nobility.

Baroque style involves solemnity and luxury with an abundance of decorations in fittings, platbands and decorating the door leaf, often two swollen sash and arched opening.

What better to choose in a log house?

In the log house, the entrance door is installed wooden or metal. Wooden entrance door is environmentally friendly, aesthetics, durability, strength, sound and thermal insulation. Minus wood construction array in price. An alternative will serve as a metal door with a tree trim.

Entrance iron construction is more reliable, resistant to fire and moisture. No matter how reliable the metal door, but do not forget about her decorative meaning. Harmoniously look at the wooden facade will be metal with decorative panels, imitating wood array.

In a wooden house, it is preferable to choose wooden and glass interroom structures, they are more reliable, eco-friendly, are used in different design.

Beautiful solutions in the interior

Classic Swing Door Design in Light Performance.

Bivalve model with glass insert.

Universal and practical wooden door.

Glass folding structures create an air effect and do not clutter space.

Reliable metal design protects from bad weather and thieves.

Various options for entrance doors for wooden houses and the features of their choice – in video.

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