Doors from EcoSpon: Benefits and Disadvantages

Wood is a unique raw material, it is well suited for both construction and furniture production. Today it is used in various fields of industry as the main and auxiliary material. One of the directions is furniture production, where everything is obtained from wood and its derivatives: from cabinets to partitions. And the doors from EcoChppon are one of the most promising products, characterized by environmental friendliness. The modern market is filled with many models that have various technical parameters and performance.

What is and how they do?

Many industrial processes generate a certain amount of wood waste, from which you can get quite high-quality secondary materials. ECOCHPON is a product of such a production. Get it from natural wood fibers and special binding synthetic resins.

The technology of production of the ECOCHPON consists of such consecutive operations:

  • Initially, wood raw materials are pre-clean. This allows you to give the substance the desired characteristics, allowing you to get a high-quality and solid structure. If waste has significant dimensions, then they are subject to grinding in order to obtain a homogeneous mass.
  • The next step is painting wood fibers. It should be noted that such processes are qualitatively controlled. This allows you to get materials of one color and shade in a particular party. Sometimes several color shades can be combined in one sheet, which allows you to get the original and unique drawing.

  • Completes the process by pressing fibers. To do this, resins are added to the resulting raw materials, which are mixed with wood to obtain a homogeneous consistency. A few types of artificial mixtures are used as binding components, allowing gluing wood hair at the proper level. Obtaining an ecosphon occurs in special presses, where raw materials are heated to high temperatures and pressed under huge pressure. The feature of this process is to use the technology of vacuumization. This approach allows you to remove from raw materials almost all gas composite.

Externally, the ecoschpon is very similar to the natural veneer, but at the same time its structure resembles plastic a bit.

Material is very plastic, so manufacturers produce it in special rolls. The thickness of the sheet depends on the pressing technology and the necessary qualities of the resulting products.

Veneered materials of this type are often used to produce interroom doors, where they are applied as the top protective layer. Externally, the products mimics the structure of wood, and the production technology allows it to give it the necessary shades.

Circulated and veneer models: differences

EcoChpon is an artificial film that is applied to the door to protect and impart a unique decorative species. This product is an alternative to natural veneer.

The difference of these materials consists in several characteristics:

  • Veneer is a thin cut of natural wood. After special training, these sheets can be saved door blanks. EcoChpon is obtained by pressing wood fibers.

  • Veneer is completely natural. It has not only a texture of a concrete tree of wood, but also is absolutely safe for human health. In turn, the EcoChpon is a synthetic product, which contains natural wood fibers. Externally, this is an ordinary plastic, repeating wood texture. At the same time, production technology allows you to imitate almost any variety of wood.
  • EcoChpon perfectly withstands moisture and physical impacts. This natural veneer loses slightly, although natural products do not resolve and serves a long time with proper care.
  • The main difference of CDCspon is its low price. The high cost of natural veneer is due to its natural origin, as well as wood wood, from which it receives it.

In turn, these differences possess the doors that are separated by these varieties of sheets.

It is important to take into account that EcoChpon, although it is safe material, still obtained from synthetic components. Therefore, its safety for the human body has not yet been fully proven.

Pros and cons

The door structures from the ECOCHPON are quite popular today, since they have many advantages:

  • Ecology. This factor applies primarily by the ECOCHP. But it is applied to the workpiece that can be made of low-quality materials. Therefore, this feature is relative.
  • Hippoallergenicity. The substance is not a causative agent of allergies, and also does not emit unpleasant and harmful smells into the air. Perfect for all residential premises.

  • Moisture resistance. The ecoschpon is like its structure to be plastic, so water is practically no affected by it. Material retains its form for a long time, and also does not swell and does not crack, like doors from MDF or laminated products.
  • Small weight. This allows you to install door leafs in almost any box, as well as on the wall surfaces of various materials.
  • Strength. EcoChpon perfectly tolerates temperature differences, as well as minimum physical impacts. This allows you to maintain the structure of the door canvase for a long time.

  • Wearness and durability. The structure of the material involves the presence of a special protective film, which not only prevents cracking, but also preserves the structure and color for a long time, which is not always relevant for array products.
  • Low price. This is especially noticeable if you compare with door leafs from an array or metal.

According to some parameters, the product from the ecoshpon is much better than PVC structures that are enjoying great popularity.

But still, such products are not universal, as it has such disadvantages:

  • EcoChpon skips very well. Therefore, the doors from it will not provide the desired sound insulation parameters. Use such designs is not always practical.
  • Minimal level of moisture. Therefore, rooms with such doors need to be constantly tired to reduce the water concentration in the air. Especially this applies to the kitchen and bathroom, where its saturation is significant.

  • Minimum strength in comparison with the doors of wood array. If desired, it is not difficult to damage this product. Therefore, they are used only as interroom, not input.
  • Complex restoration. If you damage the structure of such doors, it is almost impossible to repair them. To exclude these phenomena, you need to use these structures very carefully.


EcoChppon door leafs are manufactured using wood that acts as frame elements. It should be understood that the artificial veneer here is only decorative protection, which is applied to the top layer of construction. Depending on the external features, the door canvases from the ECOCHP can be divided into several types:

  • Deaf. The door leaf is a solid shield that is covered with an ecosphon. The simplest and most common doors models that differ in low cost.

  • Glazed. For decorating structures, specialists add several glass inserts into the framework. This allows them to give them a unique and beautiful appearance. EcoChpon itself is applied directly to the wooden structural elements. Doors with glass can fit into a more refined interior, adding a kind of highlight to it.

  • Pilencated. Door canvases of this type are complemented by special inserts that decorate its surface. There are many design solutions of this type, which allows you to select products for the necessary interior.

Almost all kinds of such doors are moisture-resistant, since the EcoChpon is very poorly passed water.

Many of their species can also be used in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Technically door leaf of such a door consists of several structural elements:

  • Frame. In most cases, it is made of cheap woody bars (pine and other similar).
  • Facing. This is the middle layer, which is covered directly by the frame. For this use special MDF plates.
  • Decorative coating. As it and acts EcoChpon, which gives the doorway beauty and practicality. The material is very well bent, which allows them to turn them almost all the details of the design, getting better coating.

Dimensions and forms

Doors from EcoShpon are a kind of classic designs from MDF or wood. The form of these products is practically no different from other models. Often it is rectangular with various decorative inserts. But if the buyer is desired, the manufacturer may supplement the product with several types of arches.

As for the dimensions, there is also a wide variety.

Classic modifications have several standard sizes:

  • Height. Standard structures are available with such a parameter no more than 2 m. But if the buyer is desired, the height of the door canvase can be increased by 20-30 cm.
  • Doors width often at least 60 cm. This size can maximize 90 cm. If there are non-standard dimensions of the doorway, then the products are customized only by special order.
  • Thickness. Technically, this value may also change in a wide range. But standard models have a thickness of 44 mm.

Colors and materials

Circulated doors have an excellent design that is practically no distinction from natural products. At the same time, manufacturers can permanently change the color and textured properties of the upper protective layer.

Today, there are products of several colors in the market:

  • brown;
  • Pearl;
  • white;
  • cappuccino;
  • black and many other.

It should be understood that manufacturers are not limited to these colors. With the help of special approaches, you can simulate almost any color and tint. The main thing is to choose to choose it under the main design room.

The technology of production of the ECOCHP allows you to change not only the color, but also the structure of the upper layer. This is achieved due to the fact that the material has a distinctive feature to reflect the light, giving it a three-dimensional structure. Manufacturers produce ecosphon under many types of wood species.

The most popular are several types of structures:

  • wenge;
  • white ash;
  • smoky oak;
  • larch;
  • Italian walnut and many other.

A special popularity today has products with light coating, which is perfectly suitable for both modern and classic room style.

What to choose in the apartment?

Doors from EcoChppon – an excellent alternative to array designs that are much more expensive. Therefore, many prefer to establish similar products in their apartments.

When choosing such products, some simple recommendations should be taken into account:

  • Pay attention to the quality of the door canvase. To do this, you need to evaluate it for damage. If you have found at least minimal flaws, you should refuse such a purchase. It is also important to evaluate the quality of fittings. It should be not only beautiful, but also reliable.
  • Specify the fire hazard class of the door leaf. Safety depends on the occurrence of a fire in which the doors can cause the spread of fire. If the product in its composition has glass, you should find out how durable it is. Please note whether there are no chipping or sharp corners on the ends of this element, which can be damaged.
  • Designer decoration is selected depending only on personal preferences. It is important to select doors under the style of the interior and furniture.

  • Rate the status of the top layer. There should be no scratches on the surface of the EcoChpon, even the most minimal. Many sellers can hide similar flaws under price tags or other elements (stickers, packaging and other). In these places should be checked especially carefully. Such attention should be paid to the structure of the lacquer coating, if it is present.
  • Geometry. This type of doors are framework, which does not always make it possible to get high-quality products. Please note that the door canvas should be even rectangle with minimal deviations (only 1 mM error is allowed).
  • Pay attention to the package. This is important if you need doors completely with locks, handles and platbands.

  • To acquire reliable and durable products, you should also pay attention to customer feedback. This will allow you to pick up goods with the best value for money. Specialists recommend buying door cloths only by well-known manufacturers who use mainly natural materials, safe for humans.

Do not purchase goods with delivery via the Internet, without the possibility of preliminary inspection. Many companies are trying to sell damaged models that will quickly fail.

Than you can wash?

Despite the approval of the manufacturers that the EcoShpon is resistant to scratches and damage, it is not always so. It all depends mainly on the quality of the material and its application on the door frame. Therefore, to extend the life of these structures, they should be careful for them. First of all, it is necessary to comply with all the manufacturer’s recommendations, which should advise everything: from the method to the means of washing these surfaces.

The optimal option for CEOs is a special detergent that can be purchased in specialized stores. Perfectly launders the dirt alcohol and water solution in proportion 1 to 9, respectively. After you rubbed the door tightly, you should simply remove the excess moisture with a dry cloth.

It is not recommended to use several products and materials for washing such surfaces:

  • Washing powders and detergents for dishes. They are not intended to care for wood and can destroy its structure. As for the powder, its particles can simply physically damage the top layer of the ecosphon. This will lead to the formation of scratches, through which moisture will penetrate under the sticker. If this happens, then the top layer will simply suck.
  • Scrapers and sponges. Their surface is characterized by high hardness, which can also lead to the appearance of scratches.
  • Aggressive solutions. Often, this group includes all the mixtures, which contains acids, alkalis and abrasive components. All of them easily corrode the top layer of the ecoshpon and reduce the decorative characteristics of the door canvase.

Therefore, to extend the service life of the doors, you should periodically wipe their dry or slightly damp cloth. It is also not desirable to install them in the bathroom or on the street. Moisture and temperature drops will result in rapid peeling of the upper decorative coating.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

Veneered classic style doors perfectly complement strict, but very chic room design. Due to the combination of blue wallpaper, white floor, doors and veneer design of the same color interior really looks great. Stylized under an old banquette also successfully fit into it.

Magnificent doors with decoration emphasize the luxury of the room in which everything is withstanding in the shade of ivory. Elegant chair and table successfully complement the interior.

The dark door in the bathroom is perfectly combined with a graphite cafe on the walls and semi. White decor is first echoes with color of coatings, furniture and Sanatayans.

Beige bivalve swollen door with glass matte inserts and made in the same style product with one canvas beautifully look at the background of a dark floorboard, light and dark walls, respectively.

What is the advantage of doors from EcoShpon, see the following video.

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