Doors “Buldors”

Doors “Buldors” are known to the world with their high quality. The company is engaged in the production of steel entrance doors. Over 400 branded shops “Buldors” open across Russia. Companies of companies are distinguished by their factory quality, wide range, availability in price.


Currently, there are a large number of companies engaged in the production and sale of doors. The company “Buldors” occupies a leading position among them, since its products have its own characteristics and advantages. One of the advantages of the company is their innovative technologies in the production of products. Production manufacturing process is fully automated, which allows you to produce about 800 doors in a factory in one day.

It uses the latest equipment from Italy and Japan. In addition, the main advantages of Buldors products are high quality products, they have a minimum risk of marriage and differ in their durability and wear resistance. The company also offers a large selection of products at various prices, which allows everyone to purchase the doors from “Buldors”.

What is better: “Buldors” or “Argus”?

One of the competitors of Buldors is the company “Argus”, located in the Republic of Mari El. It manufactures both entrance doors and interroom. Often buyers wonder what doors are better: “Buldors” or “Argus”? Each of the companies has its own characteristics.

The main differences between products companies is their appearance. Both organizations have a wide range of different product models, however, Argus products look more decorative and aesthetically. Doors “Buldors” are coarse and massive in their appearance. Another distinction between products of companies is that the lock system of the “Buldors” models is more durable and high quality than the company “Argus”. Castles will provide reliable protection against thieves and intruders.

Both companies have their advantages, so the buyer must choose the door for its own criteria.


Two types of products are distinguished, which produces Buldors: Entrance and street doors:

  • Street doors serve as a face of the house. They meet guests with their aesthetically impeccable appearance. In private houses such a door can close the passage between the street and the veranda. Street door should be very massive not to miss the cold air into the house.
  • The entrance door can be installed in the house between the veranda and the inside of the house. It may not be as strong as street. Also the entrance door can serve to enter the apartment. The entrance door “Buldors” does not look cumbersome, usually it is thinner and more elegant than street doors, because it should not resist the cold.


The size range of “Buldors” products is very diverse. Here you can find doors having a height from 1900 to 2100 mm and a width of 860 to 1000 mm. Their thickness is also different, depending on the height of the product. Thanks to this, you can find the door to buy the buyer on the doorway. In addition, it is possible to make doors to order by individual sizes.


Depending on the material used for the manufacture of products, the price can be both very high and within reason. For the manufacture of own models of products, the company “Buldors” chooses various materials that possess good quality. For the production of products, the organization uses materials such as metal and MDF panel. They both possess excellent characteristics and high quality indicators.

However, products made of metal are more expensive at compared to models from the MDF panel. This is due to the fact that the metal is considered better and resistant material. Despite this, each of these types of material has its advantages and disadvantages:


Metal products are distinguished by the fact that they have good quality, have durability and wear resistance. Products from such a material will not pass cold and wind, and will serve good protection from uninvited guests. They do not spoil with severe frosts and keep their appearance for a long time. Metal doors may vary depending on the external finish.

There are products that have a powder-polymer coating as a finish. And for those who are primarily important appearance than the quality of the door, there are models of the outer decoration of which is metal with decorative elements. In addition to these advantages, Metal doors from “Buldors” have one drawback compared with MDF products: they have a higher cost, however, their price corresponds to the quality of products.

MDF panel

Panels are wooded overlays for finishing metal doors. They are lower in price, but also have good qualities. Fully metal doors have greater wear resistance, however, the doors having a MDF finish have a greater number of different colors and designs.

The company “Buldors” has a wide range of models with different appearance and high-quality characteristics. The company constantly updates its range, withdrawing more and more interesting models to the global market. Products of Buldors have great popularity. The most famous models are: “Buldors 23”, “Buldors 45”, Steel, “Buldors 24 Tsarga”, products with thermal survey and doors with a mirror coating:

Doors with thermal survey

Products with a thermal survey against “Buldors” are a street version of the doors. They are well suited for private and country houses. Their main feature is that due to the thermal separation, the contact of the external and inner surface of the product is excluded. This allows the product to transfer the strong cold and frost, while not losing its high quality and external characteristics.

Exterior trim products decorated in copper color. The inner part of the model can be represented in three different colors: walnut, white mother of pearl, Congo Wenge. In the kit, there is a double lock and night valve. Such a model can be installed both in the apartment and in a private house, however, for apartments there is no such need for protective functions of the product from bad weather.

“Buldors 23”

These products are very popular due to their price. They are one of the cheapest models of Buldors. However, despite the price, they have a presentable appearance and a solid construction. In addition, these products provide good safety: they have a two-chain system and night valve.

“Buldors 45”

This model has an internal finish presented in three colors: Oak Graphite, Oak Cognac, Oak Cream. It is made from the MDF panel and has a bulk drawing. Such a product is perfect as an entrance door for an apartment. The outer side has a powder-polymer coating that protects the door from thermal and chemical influences.

This model is included in the Design Collection from Buldors.

It is not quite suitable for a private house, but will be a good apartment option.

“Buldors 24 Tsarga”

This model of the product has a number of benefits, such as: two locks, night valve, as well as interesting and unusual design both internal and the outside. The inner coating is made of MDF panel and withstand in two tones: Wenge and White Oak. Exterior decoration made of metal in flowers such as copper and black silk.

This model has a small geometric drawing outside and the volume design of the product inside. The most interesting option is the product having a dark outer side and a bright inner. Due to the contrast, the model looks bright and unusual.


The STEEL collection is specially made for people who need a robust street door to the cottage or in a private house. Steel models have a reliable design, from two sides fortified metal sheets. Such a product will not pass drafts and save from bad weather.

“Buldors Steel 12”

This model of the product from the STEEL collection is completely made of metal. It is represented in one color – copper. The model has a two-screw system without additional night valve. The composition has polyurethane foam, which provides good thermal insulation.

This is a street model that is best for home.

The main functions of this product are the preservation of heat in the house, protection against robbers and thieves.


“Buldors Steel 13D” is different from other models of the STEEL collection with its appearance and sizes. She looks like a door of the entrance and much wider than ordinary models. As part of the product there is a metal and polyurethane foam. This model is suitable for those who love unusual doorways.

Mirror coating doors

Currently, products with a mirror coating are becoming increasingly popular. Buldors offer such models that have high wear resistance. Mirror coating is very durable, it is not deformed and protected from random damage. In addition, you can not be afraid that the mirror will fall and breaks, as it is securely fixed.

This model is very popular with people living in apartments.

It is convenient because when entering the street, it is not necessary to run somewhere into the room or in the bathroom in order to correct the scarf or put on the cap.

“Buldors 14 t”

This product is included in the collection of doors with a mirror coating. It has a mirror in full growth from the inside of the door. The coating from the inside of the model is represented in four colors: Shaumborie Light, Wenge, Oak Golden and Bright Wenge.

The metal outer side has only copper color, however, it has a vertical pattern in the form of small squares. Such a model is perfect for the input opening in an apartment that has an interior in a classic or modern style.

“Buldors 24 t”

“Buldors 24 t” is a more advanced model of “Buldors 14 T”. It has the same exterior design, but a wider choice of colors: copper and black silk. Interior decoration has a more complex drawing with various curls and patterns. They give the product of elegance and refinement.

The mirror is located in the upper part of the design and has an oval shape. The inner part of the product has such colors as Dorse Light, Oak Graphite, Oak Cognac, Oak Cream. This model, weathered in bright colors, is perfect for an apartment weathered in a classic or antique style. Products having dark colors are well suited for the room having a contrast black and white design.

How to choose?

Very often in front of the buyer arises the question of which door is better to purchase. The company “Buldors” helps in solving this problem. In any corporate store, organizations can consult a specialist about what is best to buy for a specific doorway. In order to correctly pick up the door, you must first resolve the question of where it will be installed.

“Buldors” offers a large range of products. It is divided into various models, depending on the street is a door or entrance. Also, another criterion of choice is where this design will be installed: in a private house or apartment. Products “Buldors” has a large number of features and advantages for various types of models.

For private homes, products with a thermal survey, saving from winter and various adverse weather conditions.

For an apartment there will be a model with a mirror coating.

Customer Reviews

Buldors’ company is known worldwide and has a large number of business partners and buyers. She strives for all customers of the firm to be satisfied with their acquisitions. Find products from “Buldors” in many specialized stores. It is also possible to order the company’s products through the online store.

Some customers doubt when choosing a particular model. In order to more learn about the product from the buyers themselves, see the company’s products via the Internet. People share the impressions of the acquired model, and also post photos with detailed comments. Most reviews about Buldors are a positive character. The company is committed to even greater expansion and replenishment of its product range and attracting new customers and buyers.

More about the doors “Buldors” you will learn from the following video.

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