Door handle-bracket: model characteristics and selection features

The handle is an important part of the door fittings, so it should be carefully considered to choose. It is quite difficult to choose a suitable model because of their large variety, so before the choice is worth stocking of some knowledge that will help determine the choice. High-quality execution of its direct purpose is only one of the requirements for the door handle, because it should decorate the door, as well as harmoniously look in the design of the room.

Model characteristics

Models of the handle-brackets are the simplest devices consisting of the fastener and, in fact, the knob itself. No constipation, latches and other devices for fixing or locking doors they do not have. Functions from the handle-brackets are limited only to the opening of the door leaf or its cover. At the same time, to perform such operations, you should pull the handle on yourself or, on the contrary, to push it.

Such devices have numerous forms: Round, square, crescent, cone, with rings and without them, in the form of sounds of various animals. Using such a handle usually in cases where the locking device on the door canvase is not provided. Pen-bracket is capable of listening for quite a long time. If over time the surface is abruptly, it is easily updated or replaced.

A large selection of handles models allows you to purchase what is suitable for specific design. You can choose fashionable modern options, as well as those that were performed under the old. Without any problems, you can choose what will fully meet the requirements. Another plus of the handle-brackets is easy installation. To install such an element of fittings, it must be easily screwed to the door with the help of screws. Maybe drill the door through, if the double-sided handle.


To choose a decent option that will like the owner, should be declaring exactly what a stick-bracket is necessary for a particular door.

  • PVC elements need to be installed on metal-plastic canvas. Usually painted them in white. Length – 250 mm.

  • Metal accessories are mounted on an aluminum or metal door. You can use the handle both outside and inside the room. An excellent option is a stainless steel element that will serve for many years.

  • Stylish model stylized for old days. Quite often they are made manually, so they have a high cost.

  • For the baths produced handles with wooden insert. The handle is performed from the tree, and the mount is made of metal. This element of fittings is not intended for cauldron from the parley, but is an ideal solution for other bathrooms, including input.

  • For interior doors, a wide variety of options that have different shapes, a large range of colors and a decent choice of sizes are created. You can meet a massive black model or more elegant.

  • Low cost have models made for economic premises. They are pretty reliable and durable.

How to pick up

It is necessary to purchase a model that would be the most reliable and could withstand a heavy door, which is distinguished by the density of fitting to the door leaf. If you need to choose a wooden element, you should pay attention to hard rocks. This guarantees the long service life of the product and reduces the speed of its wear.

Charming material needs periodic processing using an antiseptic that protects the handle from moisture and rotting. Later the acquisition should be subjected to powder painting. This will give the product to additional protection against moisture and small mechanical damage. And you can use oxidation. If the device is glass, it is better to use Murmansk or Bohemian glass.

It is important to take into account the size of the element, since it is necessary for a massive door leaf, a product that would correspond to its parameters. When a person opens the door, then a large load turns on the accessulus. If the parameters do not correspond to the characteristics of the handle, it can just break. In addition, you need to ensure that the stick-bracket can be organically fit into the design, otherwise it can spoil the view of the interior.

Installation recommendations

In the design of the knob, the brackets there are no complex elements, so a person who has no experience can be installed and replaced. Independent installation of the product – simple and easy. For this you need to prepare some tools.

  • Electrode with a drill of the desired diameter;
  • screwdriver;
  • tie bolts that are included with the handle;
  • self-tapping screw;
  • Rule, Roulette and Pencil.

If the product has a fastener plank, it is necessary to install it to the doorway through the screws. It should be placed a handle at a height from 100 to 150 centimeters from the floor. In some cases, you can arrange the product on any other height, which will be convenient to owners. It must be attached to the canvas and mark the position of the holes with a pencil in the bar. Next, the marked places are drilled and the handle is screwed to the door by self-drawing.

About what are the models of door handles-brackets, you will learn from the video.

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