Dimensions of interroom doors

Interior doors, in contrast to entrance, designed to protect the apartment from hacking and penetration, are needed to separate the internal dwelling space on insulated zones. They must be comfortable, moderately durable and fit into the overall interior of the room. From here it stems the variability of the appearance, materials from which they can be made, and most importantly – their size.

Varieties of doors

The function of interroom doors is clearly visible in the title: they share rooms inside the apartment. Depending on which rooms are separated by doors, and the owner’s personal preferences, they are disintegrating (the most popular and normal option), sliding and folding. Rotary and sliding mechanisms are less likely.

The first two options, in addition to the standard single-handed one-time and double. The third and fourth are able to deliver the tenant, having decided to diversify the interior of its apartment with similar products, a lot of trouble when installing.


Similar design is the most standard and distributed in most domestic apartments. It requires a lot of space, but at the same time it is the easiest and most reliable and, if necessary, can provide an absolute tightness to the room.


They will become an excellent solution for the premises, the free space of which is limited. Installed on special wheels (rollers), they move parallel to the wall of the room. Sliding samples are made from a variety of materials – from wood to glass, and, due to its design, are the most secure option.


Pretty exotic design made in the form of harmonic. Best of all it is suitable for wide passages and takes quite a lot of space – although significantly less compared with swinging.

Roto doors

Universal option suitable for rooms with a small amount of free space. When opening, they protrude from the groove less than half of their width. In the closed state, their dimensions are similar to the usual swollen model.

The most popular material for production today is wood-fiber fabric. It is not surprising, because this material weighs relatively a bit, does not shock the likely buyer high cost and quite environmental.

However, the Fiberboard is not suitable for the entrance doors: a small weight, which in the inner space of the apartment becomes the main advantage, in fact, vividly indicates the fragility of this material.

Another DVP problem – reduced wear resistance. It is important that the product last long and does not lose their appearance in a few months.

Therefore, it is better to initially acquire a canvas covered with polypropylene:

  • Polypropylene itself is an environmentally friendly product. This is especially important to modern apartments, whose hosts prefer natural materials in the finishing of their housing.
  • Polypropylene coating is largely similar to PVC and laminated coatings. The surface will delight the eye with a brilliant smooth surface, and the polypropylene itself will become excellent protection against scratches, chips, other mechanical damage and high humidity.

In addition to the fiberboard, interior doors are made of solid trees, from glass or polymers, but it will be much more expensive to cost such options.

What are the size of the room door leaf?

To date, the market shows the doors of Russian and European manufacturers. They differ in dimensions – from 55 to 90 cm in domestic manufacturers and from 60 to 90 cm in foreign. Slightly, at first glance, each millimeter is important for proper installation. Fortunately, most manufacturers try to stick to the standard framework.

There are three basic parameters that need to be considered when choosing interior door: height, width and thickness.


Typical parts of the web fit into some frames, although the exact definition is still better to carry out the individual measurement to prevent errors and inaccuracies. In stores are sold as a cloth separately, and with the box. Similar blocks made in domestic factories are determined according to GOST.

Despite this, it is much more convenient to buy everything at once along with a navigate, which later engage in the assembly “Puzzle”.

Standard dimensions of interroom doors are as follows:

  • The standard of internal doors is considered to be 190 cm, Europe producers sometimes reaches 230 cm.
  • Thickness is the parameter, when selecting which it is allowed to allow some liberty. Mainly it depends on the material from which the canvas is made. She is able to give a passage of its character and massiveness, but at the same time its weight and cost will inevitably increase.
  • A permissible width varies from 60 to 90 cm, depending on the room and whether it is installed in it a double or single-handed model. For example, the bathroom is better to choose a narrower sample (minimum – 55 cm) to reduce moisture permeability. However, too narrow passes often interfere with the installation of a washing machine and another plumbing.

For large bivalve, one-hour and sliding doors on wheels, the standard ranges in the area from 100 to 180 cm.

When buying it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer: As practice shows, Chinese doors are not inferior to the domestic and European manufacturers, but often the price of them below.


Do not always door passages and consumer desires comply with generally accepted standards. Unfortunately, even a large and diverse choice in factories does not always guarantee the easiest finding of the desired product. Sometimes the client is able to abandon the desire to acquire something unusual, but it happens that the search for the door of an unusual size is not a whim, but the need. In some cases, the invisions of the product and the opening (for example, small differences in height or width) can be painless and pretty simple adjustment.

For example, it is easily done if the package bought is more than the installed box.

Otherwise, the only way out of the situation will be the design of an individual order. The price of this sample will be higher than the factory by 30-40%, but on the other hand, it will provide an opportunity to purchase the door for your home absolutely unique and taking into account all the wishes of tenants.

Typical dimensions of one and a half and double models

For large passes, it is not always possible to find a suitable single product, and sometimes the owner of the housing wants to diversify the interior of the rooms and something non-standard.

The one-and-half samples consist of two browns of different widths: wide and narrow. An additional narrow part most often remains fixed, and is used only if there is a need to apply or make a large object, for example, a sofa or wardrobe from the room.

Such designs have a number of advantages, the main one is the ability to increase the doorway, the visual expansion of space and their unusual and from the Fresh appearance.

However, precisely because of their unusualness, before buying, it is worth a thorough measurement and, if necessary, make a suitable product to order.

Before buying the one-hour doors, the passage in which they will be installed, you need to thoroughly measure. There are samples of standard dimensions, but if the passage is too big or too narrow, then the flaps are made to order.

Typical sizes of the web: width 80-90 cm (wide) and 30 cm (narrow) and height – 200 cm.

No less effectively watch bivalve models.

These structures help to increase the openings, give rooms a certain aristocracy, and the interior is impressive:

  1. The width of their sash to a certain extent is individual and average ranges from 1.2 to 1.5 m (600-750 cm each sash).
  2. The height of such structures does not differ from the typical height of ordinary doors and ranges from 2 to 2.3 m.

For apartments with high ceilings, the height of the passages can be increased by means of installation over the locks of the stationary insert, which will be a stylish interior decoration.

Box sizes

When installing in the doorway, the box must be guided by the same parameters as in the case of a web: width and height primarily and, sometimes, thick. These sizes are usually determined by the corresponding gtales (for example, GOST 6629-88), but they are not extended to all models, especially for products produced abroad. The ratio of the main values ​​of the box and the canvas in cm is shown in the table below.



























As can be seen from the table, the total measurements of the box compared to the web are increased by 70 cm, because there should be small technical gaps between the wall and the mounting log, which will later allow the canvas to enter and leave the frame.

In this case, the thickness of the box and the wall in which it is mounted, must coincide, but the width of the opening can not be higher than this indicator. Otherwise, the box with dimensions exceeding the thickness of the wall will not be firmly fixed.

In connection with the variability of dimensions, the best solution will be the acquisition of immediately complete set: canvases, boxes and accessories.

Properly installed doors – this is not only a way to isolate the premises, but also a wonderful subject of the interior, organically inscribed in the overall style of an apartment or cottage.

How to determine?

Before buying or ordering the manufacture of interior door, it is necessary to carry out measurements of the passages. If you use Goste and other standards, you will not find out the necessary cloth thickness.

But without a thorough measurement of all parameters, it is still not to do with GOST, since GOST is often dealing with outdated parameters, and modern manufacturers, following market trends, are increasingly producing models of non-standard sizes.

An important detail that cannot be forgotten: the door that the dimensions exceeds the opening, can be reduced, while too small to insert the place to the relying place will not work.

To measure the right results, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

  • Dismantling in advance of the old canvas and box;
  • Clear walls;
  • Conduct measurements of three dimensions.

Armed with a tape measure and a simple formula, anyone will be able to determine all three measurements on their own.

Determination of height

So, the height will be calculated in a simple formula:

The height of the canvas + one box thickness + indentation from the finishing floor for free operation (10 mm) + indentation from above (3 mm) + indentation on the installation seam (10 mm).

Special hassle these calculus will not even deliver the owner who is not sophisticated in repair deeds. The main thing is to be attentive and neat, and all the obtained measurements carefully record.

If you need to know the values ​​for the model with the lower boxer bar (threshold), then the formula should be transformed a little. The final version will look like this:

The height of the web + two thicknesses of the box + mounted gap (10 mm) + indent for free work on top (3 mm) + indent for work below (5 mm).

Important Council: Do not try to artificially reduce the height of the opening, but its increase is permissible, especially for apartments and private houses with high ceilings.

Determination of width

To measure the width of the passage, you need to perform measurements in three places: downstairs above and in the middle, and choose the smallest of three results. It should be remembered that the initial dimensions are always increased by increasing or decreasing. In the first case, if the increase dimensions exceed 200 cm, it will be necessary to supply the opening of additional backups; In the second, it will be permissible to narrow it up to 60-55 cm.

During self-mixing, you should also not forget that the door should not only firmly sit in the opening. It should not overlap access to neighboring rooms and blows up.

In addition, it is worth considering the material from which the product will be made. Some materials can swell over time or vice versa – to be picked up, so special attention should be paid to the entrance to the bathroom and in the kitchen, where humidity and temperature are always increased. In some cases, it would be wiser to decide on the expansion of the passage and installing a non-standard model to avoid problems in the future.

Definition of thickness

As for the thickness, how already said above, the main thing is to match the measurements of the box and the wall, and the values ​​of this parameter did not exceed the thickness of the opening. Approximate thickness for wooden walls – 10 cm, and bricks – 7.5.

More normally on how to choose the right size of the interior door, see the following video.

How to choose in the room?

Not every model is suitable for each room. It is necessary to take into account many diverse factors, starting with the fact that sometimes the size of the passes in different premises on the idea of ​​the architect slightly differ, and ending with the banal destination of the room.

For example, such a parameter like width. For the bathroom and toilet, it varies from 55 to 60 cm – a narrow opening should limit moisture penetration into residential rooms. In fact, since the dimensions of modern equipment, ranging from washing machines and ending with baths and shower cabins, impressive, in some cases a passage is allowed to increase to 80 cm.

For the kitchen, the standard will pass approximately 70 cm, and for residential rooms – about 80 cm.

An important role in the selection of a certain model in a particular room plays the material from which it is made:

  • Due to its ease, the designs of PVC are best suited for premises, in which traumatic situations associated directly happen to the doors.This is a kitchen where many people can accumulate, and carelessly open sash can hit someone; Bathroom and toilet, which come directly into the corridor, increasing the likelihood of touching the man passing by; Children’s.
  • Glass products weigh much more – up to 25 kg. They look spectacularly, for example, in the living room, separating it from the space of the rest of the house, and also well pour into the kitchen interior, accumulating it from the dining room.
  • The most severe are patterns of wood, which are the best models in the atmosphere of the Cabinet or Library.

As for typical multi-storey buildings, then in them, to accelerate the pace of construction, starting with Khrushchev’s apartments, the openings are highly standardized and remain the same in all rooms. If there is no desire to arrange overhaul, then the output can be samples from the fiberboard and its analogues.

They are universal and the most fiscal option that will allow the owner to preserve the integrity of the apartment interior whole.

The greatest freedom of action in terms of the choice of interroom doors is obtained by residents of the private sector. For a private house, it is easy to choose absolutely unique design of products that does not depend on any standards and guests, the whole design will be entirely dependent on personal preferences and fantasies of residents.

The only negative: structures in this case will have to be made by individual order and, accordingly, at a higher price.

Examples and options

Extended models performed on special market. The option will be interesting sliding doors-coupe, bivalve and one-hour samples.

For the bedroom – and adult, and children’s – usually choose opaque deaf products that do not pass into the room light from the corridor and drowning external sounds. The ideal appears the position in which the open sash will be parallel to the wall – it will help to significantly save free space.

Usually in bedrooms do not use very large doors, but in some cases they become a bright decorative element. For example, a model for the attic on the attic, made by individual order and having the form of an incorrect trapezium or an ellipse. Not only will it make the appearance of the room unique, it will also help save space, because, due to its wrong form, such samples will be less than their more common fellow.

Another option is a design of one or more flaps rotating around its axis. They can take more space, but fit into those rooms in which you need to leave space near the walls free.

Another type of interior design: Installation for different doors, made in one design. They may differ in size, but at the same time be made of similar materials and in the same color scheme. It will help keep the style integrity of the house.

In addition, doors made in bright colors, in addition to their main function, can become a bright decorative element.

Massive products made of wood perfectly fit into the design of the cabinet, give him a distinctive sophistication and a feeling of antiquity. On the contrary, metal and glass are suitable for modern, performed in the styles of modern or high-tech rooms.

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