Closers for Fire Doors: Types, Choice and Requirements

Fire doors have a number of features that provide her fire-resistant properties and protection against fire. One of the most important elements of these designs is the closer. According to the legislation, such a device is a mandatory element of evacuation outputs and doors on the staircase. The closers on fire doors do not need a separate certificate, it is issued completely to the entire set.

What it is?

The closer is a device that provides self-closing doors. Such a device is a rather important part of an indoor entrances with a large passability of people. In case of fire, being in a state of panic, the crowd moves forward, leaving the door to the harm. The closer in this case will help her close independently. Thus, preventing the further spread of fire into the neighboring rooms and on other floors.

In everyday use, the design simplifies the operation of the doors. Especially comfortable closers on access entrances. Thanks to them, the passage in the entrance will always be closed, and therefore nor frost, no hot air, nor drafts penetrate inside.

Devices for self-sharpening are several species.

  • Top, which is installed at the top of the door leaf. This is the most common type of device. Its popularity is obliged to light the installation.
  • Outdoor, installed in the floor. Not suitable for metal canvases.
  • Built-in, mounted in the sash itself.

How the device works?

The essence of the work of the closer is satisfied simple. Inside it is a spring, which when opened the door is compressed. When it gradually straightens, the door leaf closes smoothly and silently. Distinguish closers that work with lever and sliding canal.

Limiting traction inherent on top closers. Its mechanism is a box where spring and oil is located. When opening the door to it, the piston presses, so it shrinks. When the door closes, the spring is spinning and presses on the piston. That is, the work occurs in the reverse order.

In addition to the spring, the mechanism includes:

  • hydraulic channels regulating oil supply;
  • Their cross section control the adjusting screws than it is less, the slower the oil is supplied and the cloth is closed;
  • gear connected to the piston and burden.

Externally, such a system is converging and divergent rails. In the lower and built-in closers there is a thrust with a sliding channel. A special mechanism is attached to the door list, which when opening it affects the piston. He squeezes the spring, and when it is squeezed, the door closes.

Criterias of choice

Fire door closers must comply with certain requirements.

Otherwise, their installation will be contraindicated.

  • According to European standards, self-closing devices are divided into 7 levels: EN1-EN7. The first level corresponds to the easiest sheet, 750 mm wide. 7 Level withstands the web weighing up to 200 kg and width to 1600 mm. The norm is considered to be the device corresponding to grade 3.
  • The closer must be made of anti-corrosion material and withstand temperatures in the range from -40 to + 50 ° C.
  • Limit of operation. The concept includes the maximum possible number of cycles (open – close). Normally, it ranges from 500,000.
  • Direction of door leaf opening. In this regard, there are distinguished devices for the doors disclosed outside or inward. If the door has 2 sash, the device is installed on both of them. For the right and left sash exist their varieties of the device.
  • Maximum opening angle. This value can reach 180 °.

Additional options

In addition to the main indicators, the closer is equipped with a system, allowing you to regulate.

  • The ability to establish an angle of disclosure of the sash, beyond which the door is not disclosed. It will save her from a collision with a wall.
  • The ability to set the speed with which the door will be covered to 15 °, and its further final closure.
  • The ability to adjust the strength of the springs compression and, accordingly, the power of the door closure.
  • The choice of time during which the door remains open. This function allows you to quickly evacuate during a fire without holding it.

Also with this feature, it is convenient to carry out large-sized things.

Additional functions include the presence of a smoke sensor, synchronization of the operation of the beams for bivalve doors and fixing the web under the selected angle. The price of closers for fire doors fluctuates widely, ranging from 1000 rubles. The appropriate model you can choose both domestic producers and foreign.

Among the latter, preference gives such brands:

  • Dorma – Germany;
  • Abloy – Finland;
  • Cisa – Italy;
  • Cobra – Italy;
  • Boda – Germany.

The closer is a small but important element in the design of fire-stop door barriers.

Purchasing device, come seriously to his choice. After all, the safety of people and preservation of buildings depends on his work.

How to install the closer on the door with your own hands, you can learn from the video below.

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