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Handles for glass doors are an important element of door fittings and are produced in a wide variety of forms and design. Products are a narrow specialization and, as a rule, cannot be installed on another type of doors.


The use of glass doors is practiced for quite a long time. All-glass models visually expand space, do not clutter the room, providing extensive opportunities for the implementation of designer ideas. Glass doors fit perfectly into all modern styles, harmoniously combined with furniture and other elements of the interior.

Door handles are finishing and main stroke in the design of transparent canvases, They give the glass doors the finished image and a stylish appearance.

Door handles for glass doors are constructively different from traditional models and are equipped with special fasteners, unable to harm the glass fabric.

The scope of application of the handles is quite extensive. Products can be installed both for interior doors and input groups of public buildings, offices, shopping centers, residential spaces, pools, shower, sports complexes and baths. The choice of the desired model depends on the size and weight of the door canvase, the intensity of the human flow and the frequency of opening-closing, as well as from external temperature conditions and humidity.

For example, a metal handle for interior doors does not fit for installation in a bath, where due to the likelihood of severe heating requires the use of a wooden model. Special attention should be paid to the form of the product.

So, for a massive door, through which a huge number of people passes, setting the knob (round knob) will be inappropriate. And vice versa, on the home interior door, a massive handle will be visually weighting the canvas and look like something foreign.

Variety of materials and forms

Door handles for glass canvases are made from different materials. In addition to steel, copper and plastic, wood, aluminum, bronze and all sorts of metal alloys are often used.

  • Wooden handles look at the glass door very stylish and natural. More specifically, such models are installed in rooms with a high temperature regime, such as saunas and kitchens. In addition, matte wooden handles will look good in country houses and cottages, decorated in ecosyl, and lacquered models are quite suitable for installation in public spaces. Despite the fact that wooden blanks are pre-treatment with special compositions that increase the stability of wood to the effects of high humidity, use them in Russian baths and bathrooms is not recommended.
  • Aluminum models Designed for mounting on swing and sliding systems, they can be installed on glass canvas of any thickness. The material is characterized by good anti-corrosion properties and high resistance to extreme temperatures. In addition, aluminum handles are distinguished by a long service life, low cost and good wear resistance, which allows you to install models in public places with average traffic intensity.

  • Steel knobs are often equipped with a pressure mechanism and are intended for premises with high permeability. Models can be installed on both swing and sliding structures, they differ beautiful, often chrome-plated, surface, resistant to the appearance of rust and stylish appearance. Stainless steel handles are well transferred strong mechanical loads and combined with any type of glass doors, the thickness of the blade of which is 8 and more. The only minus such products is quite large weight and high cost.
  • Bronze models Different and noble appearance are distinguished, but over time, the decorative layer is prone to abrasion and the full loss of the initial shine.

Forms and functionality of the handles are also varied. Models can have a round, square and classical form, and can also be made by complex individual design. The most convenient option is products combined with a key device, the most common of which are a magnet and a latch.

Such products are most in demand for installation on interior doors – There, where the arrangement of the cloth with a key locking device is not required. With the help of a latch and magnet, a reliable fixation of the canvas is carried out to its box or the second part, the likelihood of spontaneous opening of the doors from drafts is prevented. The second type of handles-locks is presented by models capable of locking the door.

This species is often used on sliding doors and is very convenient in operation.


No less important criterion for which handles for glass canvases are classified, is the method of fastening. This feature distinguishes five types of design.

Overhead models

Ease of use of such products lies in the absence of the need to drill holes in a glass canvase. The handles differ in small sizes, have, as a rule, metallic execution and fixed on the doors by tightening using a special mounting mechanism. The advantage of the overhead instances is the ability to independently installed, which can be carried out without the use of special tools and the presence of the necessary skills, as well as equipping some models with a magnet that allows you to tightly fix the door in the closed position.

In addition, products are available in a wide range with a large variety of forms, colors and design. This greatly facilitates the choice of the desired model, allowing you to purchase a handle for any interior.

By minuses include risk of cracks with a very strong fastening of fasteners and the impossibility of using on too thin glass canvases.

Handles brackets

Handles – brackets are widely used on pendulum and swing systems, are characterized by the absence of a lock device and a large variety of forms. This species is the most inexpensive and common, it is often used for installation in various social spaces.

The design of the models allows you to use several materials for their manufacture, a successful combination of which will allow you to choose a model for any type of doors. Staples can be used on input and interior systems, differ in low cost, wide color gamut, simplicity of installation and long service life.

The disadvantages include the rusticity and need to drill holes for their installation.

Purpose models

Purpose models require for its installation of the formation of an end-to-end hole that meets the dimensions of the locking mechanism. Handles allow reliably to fix the door cloth in a closed position, are distinguished by high-strength mechanism and a large assortment.

By cons of pressure products include the need for professional installation. This requirement is due to the fact that with incorrect inserting the device, the glass canvas may be damaged, and the shut-off device checkbox will not be closed to the end.

Pens – Know

Knob’s handles are widely used when installing doors in apartments and private houses. Knob is made in the form of a rotary mechanism equipped with a locking tongue, and a rounded two-sided handle. Models are available in a wide range and are represented by wooden, metal and plastic varieties of handles.

In addition, the handles differ convenient to use the shape and provide a dense fitting of the door cloth to the box.

The minuses of the knobov include complex installation and inability to install on large and heavy door canvases.

Models for sliding doors

The door coupe requires the installation of special handles adapted to move the canvas to the side and its free entry into a niche. Handles for the coupe have a flattened shape and are installed on the canvas by gluing. The advantages of such products include a wide range and easy sliding door control.

The minuses consider insufficient reliability of fixation of the self-adhesive tape and the need to carefully select the height of the product. Otherwise, the door will not be able to enter the niche, and have to buy a new handle.

Installation Tips

The technology of installation of door handles is completely dependent on the type of product design. So, when installing overhead models, the mainstream is the choice of the optimal squeezing force. If the “golden mid” detect fails, that is, the probability of knob displacement during use or, on the contrary, cracking the glass from too strong twist.

Installing models requiring drilling holes for fastening, must be performed by a professional. However, if there is no such possibility, then you can make holes alone. Handle installation work should be done before hanging the door on the loop. To work, you should use a diamond drill or an engraving machine with a diamond round boron.

Drilling should be performed by observing individual precautions, protecting the respiratory and eye organs from glass dust.

The drilling of the holes should be carried out strictly perpendicular to the surface of the glass and perform the point touch tool to the glass. Despite the fact that for the manufacture of doors, a durable tempered glass is used, the canvas is better located on a rubber rug or a dense blanket. Such a substrate will extinguish vibration and will not allow glass to split. After the holes are formed, you can strictly follow the instructions, proceed to install the handle.

Handles for glass doors are able to transform even the simplest cloth and often play the role of a link between different stylized solutions, bringing harmony and style to the room.

For more information about the installation of the handles, see the following video.

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