Castles for interroom doors: features of choice and operation

The process of selecting a web for interior door is decent time. His shape, shade and design should be colorfully combined with the available interior. In turn, the door lock must supplement the overall picture and emphasize the dignity of the door canvase. In addition to aesthetic appearance, a number of requirements are made to fittings, among which the strength, reliability and security play the most important role.


To understand the features of the mechanisms of door locks, you should know that this accessory is presented in several variations. Each individual type of lock differs in its characteristics, has a number of certain qualities that can become both plus and minus.

  • Spivenets. This type of interior castle is the most banal and primitive. His design is quite simple. The rod with a protrusion for capture turns and put forward forward to closing the door, and at the end point is fixed in a special intended hole of the main plank. Speaking with simple words, the rod moves along the installed space, where the move forward contributes to the closure of the lock, and the move opens the door. On the trajectory of the movement of the rod in the initial and endpoint there are special protrusions for fixing.

It is worth noting that the springs are involved in the updated mechanism of the scorelies. The practical use of this type of lock can be seen in the bathrooms.

  • Faley. Despite the simplicity of the mechanism used, the design of the falevo lock is characterized by increased strength and reliability. It has only a few items: a handle for opening, tongue with a conical tip and cylinder. The main task of the falevo castle is to hold the door in the closed form. Pressing the handle, the mechanism of operation starts: the tongue begins to hide under the influence of the springs.

  • Latch with button type lock. Quite often, such locks are installed in bedrooms, personal offices and very rarely in the bathrooms. Its essence of the work is to limit the entire mechanism by pressing the knob’s lock on one side. It is easier to say that you can block access to the bedroom when you click on the only central button in the door handle. From the outside, the handle will stand in one place. Open lock is quite simple: From the side of the retainer, you must turn the handle counterclockwise.

  • Cutting castles. Due to the wide range of applications, such castle options are very highly popular. The device of the mortise mechanism includes a pressure handle, an internal structure of the design and a cylinder of various types.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that each single mechanism cylinder is characterized by individual features. In one design, the lock has two holes for keys, in another variation there is one side with the key, and the other with a turntable.

  • Magnetic locks. In the design of such locking devices there is no rotating mechanism, due to which silent operation is ensured. The basis of the operation of the magnetic lock is to attract the door part and the corresponding plank equipped with a magnetic plate. The castle itself can be presented in different variations.

  • Overhead castles. To date, this type of locking device is considered a rarity, but, despite this, enjoys a huge consumer demand due to simple design and light mounting.

Installing the lock block occurs on one side of the door cloth. The tongue mechanism comes in motion due to the rotation of the shut-off part.

Varieties and subtleties of choice

After reviewing the variety of interroom locks, you can start making a choice in favor of a device. For the bathroom and bathroom, first of all, seen segment. It is quite simple to appeal, does not require additional care. As for the appearance, it does not have any features, but can be performed in different colors. If necessary, it can be painted in a tone room so that it does not get into the eyes. In addition, spivenets, in addition to interior closing, can be used as plumbing locks with a retainer to get quick access to pipes and meters inside bathrooms.

For doors to a public room, for example, a faleva castle will be the most acceptable option. It does not differ in the complexity of the opening, requires minimal care. But to get lost in a variety of appearance of the Fale castles is easier than simple: on sale you can find a variety of forms, colors, drawings. Each buyer will be able to choose the necessary accessories, taking into account the design of the home interior solution.

For personal use rooms, it is best to pay attention to locks with a closing mechanism, for example, a latch with a retainer or a mortise locking device. When choosing accessories with a snap-down fixture, it is recommended to purchase high-quality goods from the well-known manufacturer, otherwise it is possible to be in a ridiculous situation: close in our own space, but not to be able to get out of it.

The appearance of locks with the retainer is made in a variety of forms and color, but the classic round version always attracts more attention. With a mortise locking device, things are slightly simpler: closing is made using the key, access to the keyhole is available on both sides of the door. Such types of locks will become an ideal solution for personal account.

Modern kitchens on the design decision of professionals do not have their own space. To a greater extent, they are combined with a living room. To solve this issue, it is enough to install a septum, and mount the magnetic lock on the door.

It is worth noting that in partitions are offered various door opening, but for convenience it is best to stay on sliding versions, while the magnetic lock will become an indispensable door closing system.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any device has a specific list of advantages and disadvantages. The same applies to interroom locks. But it is worth noting that only the spivelet has exceptionally positive characteristics.

The advantages of the Fale castles include simplicity of installation: install this locking device for any person. Despite the simplicity of the design of the lock, its mechanism prevents spontaneous door opening. Undoubtedly, the Fale castle is most convenient for regular operation. In addition, such locking devices have low breakdowns. The disadvantages include only the simplicity of the lock mechanism – its design does not allow the use of a wave valve device in a wide range.

Fixing locks for interroom doors on a par with their fellow have many advantages. Their installation does not take much time, and any person can cope with installation. The presence on the door of the castle with the lock allows you to retire and go to your loved one. It is worth noting that this type of locking structures is presented in the market in a wide range, among which you can pick up perfectly suitable options for interior design. The disadvantages include the vulnerability of the fixation mechanism.

Cutting locks can boast of high levels of strength. This factor fully affects the long-term work of the mechanism. The only negative is the complexity of the installation – before installation it is necessary to make accurate measurements and set markings, and during the purchase it is necessary to know the thickness of the door canvase.

Magnetic lock on a par with other variants of shut-off structures has increased strength and reliability. In an assortment series, you can choose the most appropriate type of lock block. The mechanism of the magnetic castle is silent, which is undoubtedly a positive feature of the product. The shortcomings should include the price indicator – magnetic devices can hit the family budget. The dimensions of the castle are far from ideals, as they do not have a compact form.

Rainted overhead locks are quite easy to install. They are distinguished by stability to various types of damage, to the factor of wear. In their characteristics are durable. But unfortunately, do not always suit the doorway, in terms of design.


To install the lock on the room door, it is enough to look at the instruction that is included in the package to each locking device. But unfortunately, it is not always possible to understand the meaning of these actions, so you have to be guided by your assumptions. Especially hard to do it with models of mortise locks. To prevent errors when installing, it is proposed to consider the fastening method in detail.

First you need to prepare the tools:

  • screwdriver;
  • Drill and drill set, including feathers;
  • ruler;
  • simple pencil;
  • marker;
  • chisel.

In order to install such devices, you need to follow the recommendations described below.

  • It is necessary to put markup on the door canvase. To create favorable conditions, it is best to remove the door with the loops. The tops of the upper and lower limit of the shut-off mechanism are performed. These actions are required to comply with niche.

A hole for the handle and fasteners must be present in the lavender. It is very important in the process of applying markup not to be distracted by foreign affairs.

  • The next step requires to get rid of excess woods of the canvas. The electric milling mill is best for this work. Analogue will serve the chisel with a hammer.
  • In place marks it is required to drill holes for handles and fixtures. Niche is ready – you can install the housing of the locking device.
  • Then it is necessary to mark the response plate on the door frame. The tip of the lock tongue is scratched with a marker, clamping with a handle and the door closes. In this state, you need to release the handle so that the tongue contact with the jamb, the marker is performed. After that the door opens. A retaliation plank is supplied to the selected mark, its outline and fasteners are noted.

  • With the help of the hammer and the chisels, the hole is knocked out for the tongue, and the response plank is screwed over it.
  • Once the main works are completed, it is necessary to test the installed mechanism. If there are shortcomings, then you need to immediately correct errors.
  • Then the installation of the handles is made.

Operating tips

In order for the installed locks to serve as faithfully several decades, It is necessary to monitor their condition and behavior.

  • If extraneous noises occur in the mechanism of shut-off design, contact the master.
  • If the tongue of the locking device has become tightly to work, it is necessary to slightly weaken the base of the shutter screwed to the canvas.
  • For mortise locks, it is best to use original keys. Duplicate made of poor-quality material will be used inside the device, leaving behind dusty pollution. In the future, it threatens a small breakdown.
  • If small children live in the house, parents must hold a preventive conversation, told about how to properly use the handles of locks on the doors and the key.

Famous manufacturers

Selection of shut-off for interior doors is considered a difficult task. In addition to the aesthetic side of the question, the product you like should be a high level of strength and safety. Traders in stores are ready to offer any product as the highest quality, but only our own knowledge of customers will not allow being deceived. Abloy. In the global market, this manufacturer is known for no ten years.

The quality of the goods produced by them meets the highest requirements of the European Standard. Locks for interroom doors are designed with increased wear-resistance, manufacturing material does not respond to temperature dries.

Famous Ukrainian Brand Viatek for a long time specializes in safety systems. Among the extensive list of products, interroom locks play an important role. Italian manufacturers enjoy very lastalial reviews. Among them you can highlight such as AGB and MORELLI. Their products are highly appreciated in the global construction market. Door locks of these manufacturers are characterized by high strength and security.

About how to install a lock for interior doors with your own hands, see the following video.

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