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Safety issues are vividly interested today every person. An important addition to steel doors, intercoms and other precautionary measures is the use of various video calls. But that they give a normal result, it is necessary to carefully choose equipment before installing and knowing enough useful information about it.


Video calls are becoming more and more popular, actively crowding out standard door eyes. Nothing surprising – there is no longer any need to approach the doors to look at the knocking and calling people.

The advantages of such equipment are:

  • imperiency for unauthorized persons;
  • low price (in comparison with high-grade intercomping video);
  • High strength and excellent shooting resolution;
  • video recording and low lighting, and in full darkness;
  • the ability to connect video of video surveillance with video surveillance;
  • ease of installation for which there is no need to call specialists;
  • Ability to record a real-time image on flash cards.

Views and opportunities

Video surveillance It is desirable to complement the motion sensors and the means of writing a picture – only such a format specialists consider ensuring safety sufficiently.

Good video calls are capable of autonomously:

  • write a video;
  • make a photograph of the coming;
  • Fix the message that he wants to transfer apartment owners;
  • Send a photo on the radiotelephone specified in the settings.

Wireless video calls based on Wi-Fi technology received great distribution. The indisputable advantage is the ability to observe guests and communicate with them almost anywhere, wherever you are.

Almost any modern model is equipped with a default monitor, in most cases fix it at the input doors.

The GSM module can send messages to certain phone numbers and use mobile communication channels for telephone conversations. Part of the videos applies communication on IP (via the Internet).

Camcorders are divided into:

  • black and white inappropsy;
  • black and white with a full-fledged case;
  • Colored corps.

Inspection Cameras record an image of a built-in CCD, the highest permission available to them is 380 pixels, and photosensitivity – 0.4 lux. The fee for the device is quite small, it has audio channels in it. Problems – Low picture quality and complicated installation. Since the eye is outwardly different from the camcorder, it violates the law on the ban of hidden and disguised shooting by individuals. Therefore, you have to install auxiliary glass cap.

Black and white housing eyes have increased resolution compared to inappropriate – from 420 to 600 TVL, photosensitivity 0.1 luxury, you can supplement them with infrared illumination, the installation is quite simple. If there is already a hole from the ordinary eye, you can simply fix the device there.

Colored corpus videos are divided into square, having a separate tripod, and on ordinary, put on the place of old peaks.

The record of what is happening behind the entrance door requires a number of components, first of all, outdoor panels and internal blocks. The panels are put on the door canvas, but monitors and other parts can be set where it is:

  • Convenient owners of apartments and houses;
  • justified by technical considerations;
  • does not bring any inconvenience.

In most cases, video monitors are installed on the walls of the hallway, the installation height is 1.6 – 1.7 meters. The principle is simple: looked at the screen and accepted immediately the decision, open the door or not.

To record wishes smoothly and reliably, the outer panels are made of durable alloys, engineers will definitely take care of anti-vandal properties.

When the eyes with video cameras are put in country houses, are removed on the street, it is necessary to provide health and at fitness, and with heat.

Outdoor details of the video video:

  • video camera equipped with a wide-angle lens;
  • button for calling;
  • microphone and speaker;
  • Infrared illumination unit;
  • Motion Sensor.

Sititek Eye Camera is a very simple and elegant model, on an external device not different from the traditional door eye. It’s just a monitor with a single control button and can use it anyone. It does not affect the quality of shooting and broadcasting. Shooting starts automatically as soon as someone presses the call button.

The modification of the RADIO DVR has its own communication radio channel 5800 megahertz and monitor, the recorder can be placed within the resistant signal reception radius. The HOME LUX apparatus was equipped with a camera with a motion sensor, his work is fueled from the battery.


Emptying the door of the device are installed exceptionally simply. You only need to do the hole of the required diameter at the required height, insert the device there, then connecting it to the monitor and the recording unit, connect to the network or another power source. All, nothing more do not need!

Gradually growing the popularity of video intercommunicipnels combined with video discs, such an option helps prevent hacking and theft or just unauthorized penetration into the dwelling. Criminals may not suspect that they are removed.

The disadvantage is obvious: connect to the intercom without special skills will not work, you will have to apply for promotion of professionals.

How to choose?

It is advisable to choose small camcorders, removing color picture by resolution from 0.3 to 2 megapixels (almost always enough). Wide-angle lens is important because it allows you to not limit the overview by the face and the figure who came, but makes it possible to see everything on the landing, on the staircase march or at the local area.

Infrared LED and autonomous (backup) nutrition are very helpful: even if the attackers try to turn off the power supply or take advantage of it, violated the video of the video, they will not be so simple. You can communicate with visitors both by means of a handset and thanks to the built-in microphone and dynamics, it is desirable that you can use both of these modes.

But extremely high resolution and clarity of the picture are not needed, because they will not add anything to the result. By mounting video calls with your own hands, you need to act as careful and carefully so that the device does not break the device. Wireless video calls to install is very difficult and therefore entrusting this work is desirable to professionals.

Even more about the benefits of the door eye with the camera, see the following video.

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