Burglar-resistant doors: Features of choice

The main task of the entrance door is to protect the dwelling from hacking, so it should be made of high-quality materials on special technology. In order to choose the best option, you need to get acquainted with all the features of anti-burglar structures. Knowing all the nuances of the right choice, you can maximize the house.

Constructive features

The entrance door is a shield of the house, so it must have a number of properties. In order to have a stable and durable basis, it must consist of a steel multi-layer facial plate, a reinforced frame, armored lock design and a monolithic triplex in a glass unit with a reinforced grid-reinforced. Inside the web must be non-flammable and thermal insulation filler.

Entrance anti-burglar panels should interfere with the oxide of the loops or the opening of the scramble. They must have resistant to mechanical damage, up to shots from firearms or undermining. Even on the tug of a small truck, the door should not succumb to pressure and stay in place.

Antzyzlovna design it is impossible to jok the jack, cut the electronics or reinforce. Even gas flame welding should be powerless on the way of getting hackers inside the house. Of course, according to research, any door can be opened, but the high-quality canvas must resist the hacking as longer as possible. During the time the attackers will mess around with castles, someone can notice them and cause the police.

Very large demands affect the class of burglary. Not all models are able to cope with large loads, so when buying it is worth paying attention to the classification of products.

Not always burglar-resistant entrance panels set rich people who are most worried about their property. Very often they are acquired for financial organizations, museums and office institutions. Yes, and the average citizen is interested in its own protection, so it often draws attention to such designs.

Burglar-resistant canvases are equipped with sound insulation and have a low thermal conductivity. They are equipped with high-quality door fittings, which is designed for multiple opening and closing. A wide range of products allows you to choose an interesting design that will decorate the facade of the house.

Classes of burglar resistance

Anti-burglar structures should be selected taking into account their classification. For the protection of housing, experts recommend purchasing products 2 or 3 class. It is believed that the lack of stability are 1 class doors, and they are usually placed at the entrance to the interior.

On the 2nd class there are blocking devices and reliable locks, which allows to protect the structure from hacking. Even experienced masters can not always cope with such a task. The most reluctal are 3 class panels. They are equipped with crab and multi-dealel locks, and blocking pins reinforce the stability of the door frame. But such serious structures are not easy to find in the door store, since they are mainly produced by order in a single copy.

There are 4 more and 6 classes of burglary. They are distinguished by the fact that the door of grades 4 is capable of resistant to firing out of the machine, and the product grade 6 will withstand a shot of a rifle. Burglariness of the design implies full compliance with international standards and certification. In order to open it should pass at least 10 minutes, and if it has 4 class, it is not less than half an hour.

Since modern demand gives birth to an offer, unclean on hand, manufacturers often exhibit steel reinforced doors for hacking products. They are usually covered with a layer of powder hammer paint, which creates the illusion of reliable and high-quality model. And to distinguish a fake from the original. An ordinary buyer is not able to distinguish.

The peculiarity of the choice of such a specific door design lies in the selection of not only sustainable, but also the multifunctional option. The armored cloth must have a corporate lock, which is stable not only to opening, but also to creating a cast. Inside the web must be optical eye and protective chain. Door handles and loops should be so strong that they should not succumb to sleep or other mechanical effects.


Most people buying an input anti-burglar construction are focused on the thickness of the metal from which the door cloth consists. Following a logical opinion, it is initially it seems that the thickness of the metal, the stronger and stronger. The massive door inspires confidence, but not always such a product has a high resistance to hacking.

There are several factors on burglary. For example, the thickness of the steel sheet and the technology of the production of the canvas. It is also very important as processed and which metal was used.

The peculiarity of the door cloth with the opposite system is that there is no clear dependence of the thickness of the metal from the quality of the product. If the metal sheet has a thickness of more than 3 mm, it is possible to suggest that low-quality material was used for its manufacture. This is due to the fact that to increase the rigidity of the canvas, it is necessary to provide a large thickness of the metal.

Burglar-resistant door products are distinguished by a complex design, which with a certain calculation should increase strength with the help of a special system of internal ribs of rigidity. Many technical ideas are aimed at the reliable opposition of the door to any kind of hacking, even in the absence of outer metal sheets. Such a product is expensive, as a special complex technology is used for its manufacture.

To date, the construction materials market can be purchased door structures, the thickness of the metal of which is 0.8-1.2 mm. At the same time most accounted for paintwork. Such a sheet is very soft and unstable, and therefore does not have resistance to opening. Purchasing such a door, you should not count that it will be able to withstand the load more than the usual wooden design.

In the production of burglary panels can be used hot-rolled or cold rolled metal. For the manufacture of cold-rolled sheet, high quality steel is used, while for hot rolled tin, low-quality raw materials are used. Therefore, hot-rolled steel doors have a lot of weight and thickness, but do not differ in good performance characteristics.

Cold rolled production method is good because it provides for a complete removal of scale. It is almost impossible to make it manually, so in production they resort to special technology. Additional cold steel rolling provides sheet extra hardness and strength. He has the ability to bend without forming cracks, and he has practically no irregularities.

The only minus of the cold-rolled product is at a high price.

How to choose?

Before you go to the door store and purchase your favorite model, it makes sense to explore customer feedback on thematic forums. The quality of burglar-resistant doors is discussed not only by users, but also the manufacturers themselves.

Carefully reading the opinions of Internet users, you can consciously come to your own decision:

  • People who prefer products from hot rolled raw materials, especially note their availability. Manufacturers of such products try to save and acquire a low-quality metal that is manufactured by welding technology. Therefore, the installation of such a model will not differ from the purchase of a conventional wooden door.
  • It is best to give preference to cold-rolled steel models, as they have a number of advantages. They have a smooth surface and the same thickness, and they also have no residual voltage. Such doors cannot be broken or spoiled. And due to the absence of scale, they are not subject to corrosion.

  • The thickness of the metal sheet at the chosen door should be 1.2-1.5 mm. Such a cloth will have a low weight and affordable cost.
  • Especially important when buying an anti-burglar design to pay attention to the manufacturer. If it is little known, then it may use low-quality materials in production. Therefore, it is also important to check all its related documents.
  • In addition to its operational properties, the entrance or interroom door must have aesthetic species. The modern market presents a wide range of models having a variety of design. Deciding on the purchase of a specific web, you need to focus on the overall style of the facade of the house.
  • If, when choosing an entrance door, the buyer has questions, then it is necessary to contact a consultant who will be available to add about all the advantages of the presented models.

How to install a hacking door, look at this video.

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