All you need to know about the loops with the closer

Today, a large range of fittings is presented on the market, which is necessary for the manufacture of furniture, so that each wizard may choose the optimal option for its project. Some of the most popular types of hinges for mounting doors in the manufacture of cabinet furniture are models with closers. Due to its unique properties, such products pretty much simplify the process of operation of furniture. The distinctive feature of the details is that they are equipped with special shock absorbers, which provide smooth closure of doors. Accessories itself can be different types and have different capabilities and applications, therefore, and great for use in the process of making furniture of any type. In this article, consider everything you need to know about loops with a closer.


Furniture loops with closers are used to make the doors to close the most smoothly and quietly. Many models are represented on the market, but they can all boast a special device, thanks to which the fixation occurs in a quiet mode. In addition, it allows you to extend the service life of such furniture. The inside of the loop includes a spring with gas and oil. They are needed to ensure the stable operation of this element.

Depending on the applix method, such an accessory can be overhead, internal and semi-rope.

Loops with the closer today are in great demand in the furniture industry due to a number of advantages, among which the following can be noted:

  • Silent door closure – it will not be necessary to make efforts so that the sash closes; This positively affects the state of the cabinet furniture, because it does not appear chips and cracks due to the effect of slamming;
  • The durability of furniture, which is ensured due to the absence of mechanical impact;
  • Reliability – in the process of manufacturing accessories, only high-class materials are used, so the loops with the closer are able to cope with colossal loads; In addition, it allows them to apply them in the process of working with large facades; close attention is paid to the strong fixation of the closer using a special screw;
  • Universality – it is due to her can be adjusted to obtain the perfect fit to the body; This process is so simple that some tools will not need to be applied;
  • The design of the spring provides its protection against oil leaking, so you can not worry about the fact that the mixture will fall on the furniture housing.

Scope of application

The versatility of the loops with the closers makes it possible to use them both for the production of home furniture and in for use in the office.

A special mechanism that provides a quiet closure does not allow damage to the furniture in the process of its use, which is especially important for the preservation of durability.

Today, such loops are extremely in demand in the production of the following types of furniture:

  • Sleeping kits – it can be cabinets, dressers, sleeping beds and even bedside tables; If the whole room is given to the dressing room, you can use special slippers with closers;
  • Kitchen headsets that are almost impossible today without a similar element as a closer – the use of similar loops makes it possible to quickly close the housings without applying no effort for this;
  • Furniture for children or living room – children constantly clap the doors, so the loop with the closer is simply a necessity; In addition, on the market you can find special written tables, the boxes of which are also closed smoothly and quietly;
  • Furniture for use in the office; In addition, such hinges are actively used in the process of installing the falsefield, regardless of their type.

Review of species

Fitting manufacturers do not stand still and every year you develop more and more advanced models that can boast high quality, reliability and innovative technologies.

Today, manufacturers offer a number of types of loops with closers, among which can be noted several of the most popular models.


The main feature of such loops is that the closer in them is embedded directly in the shoulder and connects to the bowl. It is because of this, a similar loop has complex constructive features, which in its appearance resemble spring.

Models with built-in shock absorber

The advantage of such products is that the pressure rendered by the shock absorber can be adjusted, so such loops are considered universal and can be used when finishing any facades. It will be enough to just take into account the dimensions and weight of the product. Depending on the settings of the shock absorber, the door can close faster or slower.

Models where false closers are installed

A distinctive feature is that here the closers can be purchased separately and install only if necessary. Besides, If the mechanism stops working properly, then repair work will not work. It will be enough just to replace the closer new. It should be taken into account, each company produces its closers to the market, which can only be used in combination with their loops.


A distinctive feature of such fittings is that it is constantly under the colossal load. That is why only high-quality materials should be used in the manufacturing process. Today, premium brands that produce loops with the closer prefer cold-rolled steel. Products from this material are famous for its strength, reliability and durability.

Such accessories is usually equipped with a special lock, which uses a combination of zinc and copper. In addition, in some cases, the alloy may include aluminum.

Companies pay close attention to ensuring reliable protection of their products from the effect of corrosion, so brass products are covered. If the loop is in sight and also plays a decorative role, the closers must be covered with enamel, imitated under chrome or gold.

What exactly the material should be used in the loop manufacturing process also affects the scope of its application. If we are talking about glass models, then the engineers do not provide for a special bowl, and instead of it are installed mobile hinges. And the additional pad is mounted, which includes the synthetic. It is necessary for the loop closed and opened the door as silent as possible. To fasten the most reliable and durable, manufacturers usually use high-quality steel with high strength, so such elements can boast of impressive durability.

Best manufacturers

The modern market contains many companies that offer their high-quality loops with closers. Their products are characterized by quality, functionality, as well as cost. Consider more in demand and well-proven companies.

  • Blum – generally accepted leader, which offers not only furniture, but also door loops. The company boasts a large range of products, so that each master can choose the best option for himself. In addition, the loop with the closer from this brand is characterized by advanced functional capabilities, among which the first place occupies the ability to conduct three-dimensional adjustment. The loops also differ in the simplicity of the installation, so anyone will be able to cope with installation without using some special tools. This is profitable allocates brand accessories on the background of products of other companies.

  • Hettich – German brand, whose catalog is represented by a huge number of loops with closers, including options intended for quick installation. In addition, there are many parameters for adjustment, which allows the use of loops with almost any accessory. In the production process, only high-quality materials are used, including steel of high strength. It is thanks to this loop with a closer from this brand differ in durability and ability to cope with colossal loads.

  • Boyard – Russian company that offers high-class hinges to its customers. Fittings are made from high-quality and durable materials, and a large range allows you to choose a loop with a closer for any door or furniture.

  • GTV – For the production of loops, this company uses high strength steel. In addition, the manufacturer close attention pays protection against corrosion, therefore processes the surface using special substances. The adjustment can be carried out in seconds, and the instruction that comes in the kit will significantly simplify the configuration process. In the manufacturer’s catalog, you can find models for furniture transformer, for kitchen, 45, 90, 135 and 165 degrees.

Choice rules

In order for the loop with the closer to fully fulfill their obligations, it is necessary to pay close attention to the process of their choice. Among the main tips can be allocated as follows:

  • Do not buy accessories, which was issued by unknown manufacturers; The fact is that usually such elements are performed from low-quality materials, so they cannot boast of durability and reliability;
  • From the purchase of materials available at the price, it is also worth refusing, since such loops do not differ in stable operation and often fail;
  • close attention should be paid to the materials that were used in the process of producing loops with the closer; The ideal option is considered loops, which are made of increased strengths;
  • Of great importance is the thickness of the material that was used in the production of the loop – the thickness of the material itself, the greater the loop mass; It is best to give preference to subtle options that are characterized by a more aesthetic appearance, as well as extremely convenient during the installation of large doors.

Installation and adjustment

From the correctness of installation and adjustment depends on how quiet and well the mechanism will work.

Before starting the installation process, it is necessary to pay close attention to the preparation of the workspace.

Considering the fact that this type of fittings is usually crashed into the facade, you need to prepare a drill, screwdrivers and levels in advance. Among the basic recommendations should be noted as follows:

  • The loops must be properly located – experts advise them in such a way that the distance to the edge of the door does not exceed 2 cm;
  • If several loops are installed on the facade, then the average is best placed right in the center;
  • In places where hinges are installed, there should be no obstacles;
  • After mounting the loop, it must be firmly fixed.

    One of the most important stages in the process of work is the adjustment, since it ensures that the stable operation of the mechanism and the smooth closure of the doors. It should be noted that The setting should be made not only before the use of furniture, but also in the process of its operation. The fact is that from time to time the loop can move a little, as a result of which a small gap appears. Competent adjustment makes it possible to get rid of the gap or skew, as well as other problems that can cause the deformation of the doors.

    In the modern market you can find a loop that are configured quite specific. That is why before this you need to carefully read the documentation to understand the features of settings and adjustment. The loop with the closer is considered the best solution for furniture. They are distinguished by high quality, reliability and durability, and a large product range on the market allows you to choose the appropriate option for any furniture. In the process of purchase, it costs to pay attention to the material of manufacture, its thickness, as well as the manufacturer.

    How to install furniture loops with a closer, look in the video.

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