White toiletries with a mirror: design features

For a woman, as well as for a man, it is important to have your own cozy place where you can retire, extinguishing himself from the surrounding fuss and worries and make a favorite thing. And if it is important for male leisure to have a corner where he could do sports, joinery or just folded fishing tackle, then girls most often want to transform their appearance – to apply makeup, make stacking and other.


In the noble estates of the XVIII century, there was a special room, called the Boudo. This is something like a small compartment, equipped, as a rule, near the bedroom, where a woman was engaged in personal affairs for a long time, the sign of letters and taking some guests.

Modern apartment architecture, as a rule, does not have additional rooms that could be adapted for such purposes. However, create a kind of “Women’s Corner” is quite possible, allocation for this part of the bedroom. It is advisable to choose a place for this closer to the window to lay a dressing table with a mirror. If the size of the room allows, such a place can be cut down by a light shirma that gives comfort to privacy.

Use in the interior

Beautiful dressing table, in addition to interior decoration, gives a number of convenient opportunities for female leisure. All cosmetics, including lipstick, creams, mascara, as well as decorations, hair care objects: Combs, hairdryer, curly – all this can be accurately folded into spacious boxes inside the table.

To supply the room to a toilet table will be very practical, and if it has white color – also stylishly, since it is suitable for almost any interior. He always feathered aesthetic space. The main thing – to try so that the table does not seem to be stained, rushing in the eye at the entrance to the room. Narrow structures will fit into any interior.

The most suitable for white glossy furniture is Modern style, where exquisite smooth lines are often used, the restraint of the contours and the light tones of the color gamut. In addition, this item will perfectly fit into English Country – Classic Style for Western Europe and New World. French Provence, characterized by banging entourage, also excellently takes such a headset to its interior.

Regarding more modern destinations in the interior, you can mention the youth pop art containing light tones in the color palette, relying on which you can easily choose a suitable design.

In addition to the bedroom, the dressing table, in particular the ship, can often be observed in the hallway, where it appropriately serves as hangers, equipped with special hooks. After all, it is very convenient to take a look in the mirror before going out, immediately after it was dressed, to put the hat or collar coat. And plus everything is essentially saves space.


In the form and location of mirrors, the tables differ among themselves, divided into:

  • Triam – Dressing table with high, in human growth, mirror. So you can look in it standing opposite.
  • Trellier – It has a mirror consisting of three skeins, the average of which is fixedly attached to the table, and the two side can be placed at the desired angle, which allows you to estimate your appearance from three sides.
  • Classic table with one oval or rectangular mirror located opposite the seated.

Periodically encounters a design with a folding or retractable mirror. It is fastened on the inner surface of the countertop, opening up a light hand movement. It provides an additional surface to which you can put a book, a telephone or laptop.

Another variety of dressing tables is the furniture with illuminated. An excellent option, if you set it near the window or so that the light chandeliers be abundantly illuminated with makeup, it still failed. Convenient headsets can be included separately from the main lighting of the room, if there is no need for the latter.

How to choose?

The first and most important thing is what the buyer’s attention is drawn – the smell of goods. Unpleasant annoying fragrance is evidence of formaldehyde. The seller may argue that this phenomenon is temporary and on arrival home the smell will instantly disappear, but it is better to refrain from such a purchase, searching for a table without odor.

Second Nuance – product quality. Shal fastenings, loose joints and chippers over time will fall out in vainly discarded money on a smashed piece of furniture. And well, if nothing happens with the mirror, and it will not split, traumating someone from family members.

One of the important elements is the material from which the table is collected. As a rule, the basis for the table is the tree, pressed sawdust, less often – plastic. Metal parts are used as fasteners. It is important here that the toilet object is from environmentally friendly materials, having a non-toxic coating that does not cause allergies. Paints and varnishes covering tables, apply exclusively in carpentry for wood coating, and nowhere else.

Products must necessarily be certified and comply with the standards of manufacturing technology, which can be found at the seller. Special attention is paid to buying a table for children.

A cozy little dressing table with gilding is able to be not only the subject of the life of a woman where she can hide personal things, but also a cherished corner for a young girl, teaching it to order due to the presence of special boxes, where it is possible to neatly fold all the personal. Such an element of decor will help free the desired shelves, empty lockers. And for him just convenient to sit.

It is desirable to install it where they really well will fit into the interior, so that he does not constraint and not limited space, and did not have to go around it. And, of course, the dressing table is obliged to comply with the design of the room, so as not seemed to be complete.

Options for white toilet tables with a mirror See next video.

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