White Pelargoniums: varieties and their cultivation

Pelargonium – Beautifully flowering and unpretentious plant. What only the colors and shades it does not happen, but the snow-white flower is still quite recently rare. About the wonderful varieties of white pelargonium read in this article.


White Pelargonium is often called “room geranium”, although it is not quite right. Pelargonium refers to the Geranium family, but is a separate genital. In addition, geranium is a garden plant, and Pelargonium is an exclusively indoor. White Pelargonium symbolizes cleanliness and innocence, well-being and peace in the house. Due to the persistence and skill of breeders, you can now admire the snow-white flowers of Pelargonium of a variety of species and varieties.

Best varieties

White Butterfly

Representative of dwarf pelargonium. Bucket compact and neat, with bright gentle greens. Flowers terry, large, with bright yellow stamens, are collected in lush inflorescences, do not pose on the bright sun. Flower Buds Gentle Green. The variety has a long and rich bloom.

Americana White Splash

“American white bursts” – so translated into Russian sounds the name of this flower. This dwarf pelargonium with a bright greens and a splash of snow-white petals with a scarlet drop in the middle produces a magical impression. It seems that flowers – like huge, stunning beauty.

Plant perfectly decorate your home.

Cook`s Scarlet and White

This is a rose-colored zonal pelargonium. Blooming her extraordinary. Pinkish flowers petals have a white offset. Published it seems that the flower seen the snow. Inflorescences in the shape of half scattered terry roses do not appear long, bloom all season. Height Kusty 40 cm.

Plant loves sunlight, prefers a south window.

White Pearl

Plusky pelargonium with amazingly gentle, huge terry colors collected in umbrella inflorescences. All summer gives gorgeous flowering.

Great for vertical landscaping on the street, perfectly gets around in balconies and in the rooms of urban apartments.

Pinto Premium White

Pelargonium Premium Class. A small bush – up to 35 cm in height, but very fluffy, lush. Foliage with pronounced zones by itself is a magnificent decoration of flower beds. Snow-white flowers are very large, collected in spherical inflorescences on long bloomrs.

Plant looks amazing in high large vases on the street. Autumn Pelargonium is transferred to the house.

Och-Madpearl White

Dwarf Pelargonium with terry gentle white and pink flowers, with light greenish tump. Petals Plant Elegant and Thin, Translucent, Like Porcelain. Dark greens emphasizes the beauty of gentle and lush inflorescences collected into large clusters. Bucket is small, but perfectly holds the form.

Content Preference – Home Conditions.

Danser White F2

Chic zone hybrid. Low compact bush. Amazing bloom, very abundant. The plant is covered with snow-white terry balls from large inflorescences, not less than 12 cm in diameter. This Pelargonium will decorate not only your home and balcony, but also the garden.

You can land it right into open soil, and with the onset of cold weather to pick up in the house.

Flower Fairy White Splash

This variety has a very elegant and lush flowering. Flowers are simple, large, punchy in the middle, and on the edges of white. Against the background of the snow-white middle of the flower, raspberry stamens. Plant flowers lush caps. The bush itself is small, branched. Creates a beautiful compact form.

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Mosaic Pink White

Sort of amazing pink-white color, with fancy raspberry specks on petals. Blooms very early and plenty. Beautiful grows indoors and on the street. Breeding vegetatively stalling.

Horizon Piura White

Zonal Pelargonium, very generously and long blooming. Flowers are simple, medium size, assembled into huge fluffy “clouds” and snow-white hats, towering over greens.

The bush is compact, unpretentious, suitable for cultivation in pots.


Care for Pelargonia is easy if you provide the necessary conditions.

Good lighting

It loves all kinds of geraniums: dwarf, royal, plushistic. It is advisable to grow flowers on the southern window. If it is impossible, you need to make a backlight for the plant.

Nourishing and breathable soil

To create it, it will be necessary:

  • Cherry land – 1 part;
  • peat – 1 part;
  • Sand – 1 part;
  • Sheet land – 1 part;
  • humid – 1 part;
  • vermiculite according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Temperature should be like this:

  • in summer to + 25 degrees;
  • in winter to + 18 degrees;
  • For plush-free varieties up to +15 degrees.


Rules are:

  • in summer, feed fertilizers 1 time per week;
  • In winter, if the plant is ampel, 1 time per month;
  • blooming all year round – 2 times a month;
  • It’s good to feed the flower with phosphorus-potash fertilizers, nitrogen during flowering plant is not needed.


Water flower needed by need when the top layer of the soil is good. If the ground is wet – it is not necessary to water the plant not to pour the roots. In winter, if the flower is in too hot room, watering does not stop, otherwise the plant will die. It is advisable to transfer the pelargonium into a cool place or to cover the heating radiators, moisturize the air and air the room.

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Pelargonium love fresh air. Plushemical plants in the summer will decorate your balcony or terrace at the cottage. Ordinary zonal pelargoniums will perfectly spend the season in a flower bed or in street vases. And royal and dwarf pelargoniums will decorate your home.

In good sunny weather, open the windows, then your indoor flower will feel great.


Pelargonium is perfectly multiplied by seeds and cuttings.


Produce white geranium harassment better in spring. Shoots will quickly give roots and fit well. Side and upper stems of more than 5 cm long cut, dried, sprinkled with a feet “Kornvin”. Cuttings planted in peat wet ground. With the advent of new sheets, the cuttings are transplanted in another pot.


Sevings produce in wet land to the depth of no more than 5 cm. Capacity with crops are covered with film or glass, but regularly ventilated. Shoots may appear on the third day. Grown bushes planted in small pots or boxes at a distance of no less than 25 cm from each other.

Correct conditions and caring care guarantee you beautiful bloom of these amazing plants. White Pelargonium will probably become your favorite and a kind of faithful.

On how to perform the formation of Pelargonium, look in the video below.

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