What kind of soil is needed for money?

Fasting, she is a monetary tree and Crasus, is a common indoor plant. It can often be found not only in apartments, but also in offices and social facilities. It is believed that this plant is capable of improving the well-being of its owner. In part, the reason for the origin of such an approval is the form of leaves that resemble coins.

Features landing

The money tree is a bright representative of the kind of succulent, refers to the Tolstanka family. The plant has a tree trunk and a crown of a rounded form. For the normal development of Tolstanka, it is important to choose the right soil. In this case, the leaves of the plant will acquire a rich dark green color with a reddish tint, will be dense and fleshy, and the plant itself quickly adapts to new conditions will have a healthy view.

The process of landing Tolstanka cannot be called complicated, but it requires compliance with some required rules and has characteristic features. An important stage of landing of Crasus is to create a good drainage that is responsible for supporting the humidity of the soil at the required level. When landing Tolstanka, you can use the following materials as a drainage:

  • Ceramic shards, brick crumb, gravel and crushed stone are natural materials that may be at each hand;
  • agroperlite, special ceramzit, vermiculite are special products that are offered in flower stores;
  • Polyfoam is perfect for drainage, moreover, this material protects the Earth from the cold.

It is important not only in which land will be planted Crasusla, but in what pot. To choose the right container for planting the plant, you need to adhere to simple tips.

  • Due to the considerable weight of the plant, the pot is better to choose a ceramic or clay. The weight of the tank will balance the heavy plant, and the whole design will be more stable.
  • Fans Fenshui should pay attention to the pots of red, golden, brown, silver, black colors.
  • Surface location of the roots requires a choice of a low but wide pot. The diameter of the container must correspond to the crown of the plant. If the crown exceeds the diameter of the pot, then it’s time to transplant.
  • The bottom of the tank must necessarily have drainage holes. Otherwise, the plant may perish in a short time.

When everything is prepared, you can come to the resettlement of the plant. Krassulu needed carefully because it is actually very fragile. Let not confuse the thickness of the leaves and branches: the money tree is easy to damage, especially during transplantation.

  • The plant is extracted from the old capacity. To do this, it is necessary to grab the tree for the trunk and gently pull. Thus, it turns out to save the root system and leaves.
  • With money roots, old land shakes a little. It is not necessary to clean it completely.
  • Roots can not be placed. The plant is immersed in a new pot and is located on its center.
  • From all sides of Crassula is attracted by the prepared soil. It should not be sealing it, it is better to pour a new one when after irrigating the land in a pot herself herself.
  • At the end of the landing, the plant is abundantly watering and irrigated by the water.

How to properly transplanting a money tree, look in the video below.

Source requirements

So that the money tree normally develops and does not hurt, quickly gothes and possessed a good immunity, The soil must match a number of requirements:

  • The structure is light and loose, which will prevent the moisture delay;
  • High air permeability will allow the root system to breathe due to free air access;
  • good drainage;
  • moderate content of the organic, because a monetary tree – succulent, therefore, it grows slowly;
  • High nutritional soil must be maintained by making mineral fertilizers;
  • Low soil acidity at the level of 5.5-6.5 pH, to reduce the high indicator, uses chalk or ash.

Multicomponent Crassus Soil. It contains several indispensable elements.

  • Cherry earth is the basis of the substrate for Crasus. The process of obtaining such a component is complex and long. Cutted turf folds with formations that alternate with an organic. In this form, the dend is left for 2 years, after which the resulting mixture is sieved and refused. Surrous land can be cooked independently. The basis for its creation is taken on a flower meadow or pasture.
  • Deciduous land can not be made from all leaves. Best foliage foliage with apple trees, maple, ash and linden. To get the product, you can not use the foliage from oak, chestnut, poplar, willow and chew. It is added to the natural material that hated lime is added, after which it is possible to do compost. The finished substance is obtained loose and easy.
  • Humus is entered into the ground for money, but in a small amount. Good high-quality material will be homogeneous and loose, without a strong smell. It is possible to replace the biohumus.
  • Sand should be a large river. It is distinguished by high air permeability and water permeability.
  • Peat can be added to the ground, but only horseradish or low. To recognize such varieties, you need to wet it. The lower will become heavy and quickly assemble, and the horse will dry very quickly. Peat must be soft, homogeneous and bulk.
  • Coniferous land is taken in a coniferous forest, It is necessary to add sand and peat in small quantities.

How to choose a finished soil?

It is easiest to buy a finished soil, which is intended for succulents. The names of such substrates there are mass, but attention should be paid to the composition and acidity, and not on a loud trademark and a bright label. And you can also buy the soil used for palm trees.

If the special substrate in the store did not turn out, then the universal composition is suitable. But in its composition there should be no peat, which is responsible for increasing acidity: the conditions of money tree does not like.

All ready-made compositions both purchased and cooked at home must be subject to disinfection, especially if the mushroom smell is felt. Experienced gardeners do not recommend buying ready-made substrates, since they do not take into account the individual features of the plant. Soil cooked with your own hands is best suited for money.

How to cook at home?

Many flower products prefer to prepare a substrate for planting their plants. The soil for the Crasus can also be prepared at home. A beginner amateur will cope with the process, but it is important to comply with all the recommendations and do not ignore the advice from experienced flowerflower. The main requirement that is presented to the soil for landing a money tree belongs to the ability to pass water.

As a basis for the future substrate, you can take the ground from the garden or forest. Bustle must be added to this soil. There are several materials that can be used as a baking powder for the preparation of proper soil:

  • Sand of a large fraction that is sold along with goods for aquariums;
  • Ceramizite shallow fraction;
  • foam in crushed form;
  • Glass crumb;
  • chopped in crumb red brick.

Choose any option that will be the most affordable. After that, you can start mixing the ingredients for the substrate in certain proportions, which are not recommended:

  • Sheet and turf soil – 1 part of each;
  • Sand also takes 1 part;
  • the humus is half of the amount of sand;
  • pebbles or brick crumb is also half of the whole part.

The soil prepared at home must necessarily be processed. Thus, it will be possible to protect the plant from damage to pests, fungal microorganisms and bacteria.

The process of disinfection is performed in the following sequence:

  • wet sand is poured into the metal dishes;
  • From above, the prepared soil is falling asleep and is slightly moistened;
  • Capacity is tightly closed by foil;
  • A temperature of 80 to 100 ° is exhibited in the oven;
  • The container with the soil is placed in the oven for 30-60 minutes.

It is not worth installing a higher temperature because some useful soil properties may be lost.

Recommendations for care

                  Crasusul is not a demanding and capricious plant. It is easy to care for her, which is especially suitable for novice gardes and lovers. And yet some conditions for this plant will have to create.

                  • Money tree loves a lot of light, but poorly tolerates straight sunlight.
                  • So that the krona is proportional and formated evenly, it is necessary to periodically turn the Crasus to periodically relative to the main light source.
                  • For the growing season, the temperature is fits in the range of + 20- + 25 °, and for the condition of the air can be heated from +10 to + 14 °.
                  • In the absence of conditions for creating a winter rest, a pot with a plant will sufficiently move away from heat sources and reduce the frequency of irrigation.
                  • Watering the Crassus is moderately: with an excess of moisture, the plant will be raised roots, and it can quickly die. From the lack of water leaves will become sluggish, please and disappear.
                  • For feeding, a special fertilizer is used for plants from the Succulent family, in the summer it is made twice a month, in the winter you can remove the feeder.
                  • Fresh Air Money Tree Loves, and Drafts and Drops of Temperature does not tolerate.
                  • As soon as Krone began to exceed the diameter of the pot, it is necessary to prepare a plant to a transplant in a large capacity.
                  • Drainage and holes in the pot must be present in mandatory.
                  • During the first week after the transplantation of Crasus, the pot with a plant is better not to touch and do not even water, but only abundantly spray.
                  • Crasus, acquired in the store, can be transferred only 7-14 days after purchase. This time is necessary to adapt the plant to new conditions for it.

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