Watch-sticker: Features, varieties, choice, installation

There is a wide variety of accessories used in the interior of residential and office space. One of these items are clock-stickers on the wall. This is a stylish, expressive and practical addition that is suitable for any room in the house. To date, self-adhesive wall clocks can be found in any store in which decorations for interior decorations are sold. The accessory will perfectly cope with the role of the accent in the decor, attracting attention and stand out on a general background.

Considering the ever-growing demand for products, trademarks offer a wide variety of models. Products differ in size, shape, color and appearance. There are hours in universal stylistics, which wonderfully fit into different interiors. Also clients will find original ideas for non-standard decor.


The main feature of such hours is in simple, rapid installation and large variability of installations. Unlike standard products, accessory can be placed on any plane: walls, doors, furniture, ceiling. With this addition, even the most ordinary decor will look especially. To set hours, you do not have to use electric tools and adhesive compositions. The numbers have an adhesive foundation by which they are easy to place on the surface. The clockwork is hanging on a special fastening that comes in the kit.

If the user wants to remove the clock or update the interior with a new model, The dismantling process will not take much time. Such accessories have a minimum weight and have no load on the wall or design to which they are attached. Modern products fascinate with original appearance. The numbers on velcro can be placed at any distance from the center of the composition (hourly mechanism).

Instead of a standard round dial, you can issue any form. Such properties at high level will appreciate the lovers of creative ideas.


Due to simple installation Place the decoration in a new place can each, without third-party help.

  • Remove all the contents of packaging.
  • Decide with the place where the clock will turn.
  • Spread all the elements on the horizontal plane in this form, in which decoration will be fixed. Decide with the distance between the mechanism and numbers.
  • Make marking on the wall to correctly arrange and secure the clockwork of the product.
  • Special strip of cardboard on which there are divisions, fix the center of the clock. Use Scotch. Measure the distance from the center to numbers. Mark the future location of numbers with a pencil.
  • Connect a special mount for the mechanism to the wall or any other surface. Secure the Composition Center in a new place.
  • Now start gluing the numbers by removing the protection from the adhesive coating. Blind elements instantly.
  • When the installation process is completed, carefully remove the protective film from the elements.

Remember that the glued elements are better held on a flat and smooth surface.

Choose design

There are hours of various models. The appearance of the products is different depending on the style in which they were completed, and accommodation rooms. There are models for the bedroom, kitchen, living room and even children’s. Also on sale will be sure to house hours in offices, cafeterias and other similar premises. Choosing products for a specific stylistic interior, make sure the clock match the selected style. For example, chrome elements and futuristic forms are characterized for high-tech. In classic styles, a wonderful watch with gilding will be wonderful, for Provence stylistics perfectly suitable options for the image of flowers.

Models for children’s rooms are made in bright colors. Such watches are often decorated with colorful patterns and images of characters from fairy tales and cartoons. Some products make in the form of animals.

The range of the model range is constantly updated and replenished with new products to satisfy the requests of modern buyers.

Watch manufacturing materials

In the process of manufacturing products, manufacturers use various materials. For high-grade production, choose high-quality raw materials, which has excellent wear resistance, reliability and attractive appearance. In the manufacture of most models, a special acrylic plastic is used. This material has an ideally smooth glossy surface reflecting the light. Acrylic has a slight weight, which is very important for the clock on the sticker.

Separately, it is worth noting a mirror material with a glossy surface. Depending on the ordinary mirror, when reflected, the light does not hit the eyes. Also used durable plastic. This material is widespread in the production of various products. This is a practical, wear-resistant and affordable raw materials.

Examples in the interior

Let us summarize the use of photographs examples of watching hours in various interiors.

  • Stylish and laconic clock with chrome plated wonderfully fit into the style of High-tech.

  • Clock of classic black color is noticeably stand out on the background of light furniture and a beige wall. Such a color does not lose relevance.

  • Bright clock for children’s room will make the interior expressive and more interesting.

  • Clock-sticker, where the dial is made in the form of butterflies. Such a model remarkably will fit into the design of the bedroom or living room.

  • Thematic option is ideal for decorating a coffee shop.

  • Stylish clocks with Roman numbers will give any interior of refinement.

  • Original clock with bright red dial contrast against the background of a snow-white wall. Excellent option for the living room.

In the next video you will find an overview of the clock-stickers on the wall.

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