Wall Mount Debutors For Paper Towels

    Paper towels are an indispensable assistant in the kitchen and in the bathroom for many owners. With the help of them it is easy to remove crumbs, the remains of fat and unnecessary moisture, which is why it is important that they are always at hand for convenient use. To do this, it is worth purchasing a wall-mounted paper towel holder. Modern brands offer various options for this product, which may not be just a useful acquisition, but also by the method of additional interior decor.


    Wall-mounted paper towel holder is popular due to its compactness and ease of use. The product is attached to the wall and is fixed reliably, so that its operation becomes a comfortable process. Thanks to this product, it becomes much easier to use rolled paper napkins, because you do not need to touch the entire roll to get the required amount of material, and instead it is enough just to pull out and tear off the napkin. It is very convenient, given that unforeseen circumstances occur in the kitchen, in which you need to act quickly.

    Modern market is saturated with various models of wall holders. Among them are simple and more complex models. Bathrooms produce mechanical dispensers that help meat the length of the towel. The most popular for holder materials are wood, metal and plastic. A wide range will allow you to choose the most suitable option for home of any style. In addition, there are several types of such a product that will be most comfortable in use in one way or another.

    Types and tips for choosing

    To the selection of the wall holder for towels, you need to approach depending on the preferences and budget of the owner, as well as the interior of the house. Before buying, it is necessary to make sure that the use of the model will be comfortable for apartment tenants, and the product itself will be high-quality.

    For kitchen

    Decorators advise to acquire wall holders for this room, which are characterized by concise. It is worth a preference to models with a one-piece surface, which can be easily cleaned with possible contaminants. Metal products or plastic models are best fit.

    Painted wooden models are also considerably popular, although often even the lacquered surface is poorly humid cleaning, because of which the product may lose its beautiful appearance.

    Standard wall holder is attached to the wall using special fasteners. This species refers to more solid options, so at first need to remove or transfer such a holder to another place will not work. Therefore, designers pay attention to buyers on attachments that are attached to the wall with the help of suckers or loop.

    For the kitchen also perfectly suitable models on Railing. But for this, over the working area of ​​the kitchen, it is necessary to install a pipe of a small diameter in a horizontal position. It will be possible to put it without any problems not only the holder for paper towels, but also other necessary things, significantly saving the place.

    For bathroom

    Guest bathrooms can often find metal holders for paper towels. Usually they are made of steel and have a protective flap from a possible spray on them. As a rule, they are fixed installed on the wall without the possibility of their easy disconnection for safety reasons.

    Often in large homes you can find more overall wall holders – dispensers. They resemble a plastic or metal housing, inside which rolled or folded paper towels are placed, its end is passed through the outlet with the dispenser. The dispenser can be automatic or mechanical, as well as with teeth for ease of dismissal.

    Modern models please the ratio of smooth simple lines with elegance. Such holders are universal and perfectly fit into the kitchen with any interior. When choosing a wall holder for paper towels, it is worth accessing the assortments of proven stores, whose products are high quality and demand.

    • Cameya. Italian brand offers interesting models, in whose design is the motives of the Middle Ages. Interesting gamma in combination with sophisticated elements helps holders to make luxury and comfort in the design. For example, the Richmond series models are made in two colors – chrome and bronze, they neatly fit into the interior due to their unobtrusive design. The holder is quite minimalistic, attached to the wall on one side. He reminds his design a long handle for a roll holder. Use and change rolls sufficiently comfortable and easy.

    • EMSA. Another brand that offers high-quality wall holders. The manufacturer from Germany pleases its customers models with a simple and multifunctional design. As the main material for holders, plastic and steel uses. The model from the Superline series is very universal and has three compartments at once and three knives for comfortable use not only paper towels, but also a food film, as well as foil. This acquisition will especially be useful for those who love to cook and appreciates their time.

    • Umbra. Canadian company makes useful home accessories that are distinguished by stylish and concise design. Towel holders look interesting and easy to operate. The popular Mountie model can be attached to the wall or at the bottom of the hinged locker using the clamp that is included in the package. It is made of nickel and rather minimalistic, and will also be an excellent acquisition for a kitchen made in the style of Hi-tech.

    Turning to the range of modern brands, you can find very interesting models that will be decorated and kitchen, and bathroom.

    Review of Dispensers of another San Jamar brand see below.

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