Violet “Jan-Menuet”: characteristics and care

Of all the variety of houseplants, attention is drawn to attention and causes admiration for the most popular flower in our country – violet Yang-Menuet, who amazes his delicious beauty. Having a wonderful appearance, she enchants the finest aroma and distributes the fragrance to the entire room.

History of kind and variety

For the first time, the flower with the name “Senpolya Philkova” appeared in Gente at the international exhibition in 1983. The name gave the name and allocated this plant in the genus German nerd vendland, which by selection of wild flower seeds created the world’s masterpiece popular worldwide.

Since then, this kind of grassy plants with color sockets belonging to the Gesnery family has received the common name “SENPOLIA” or also “Violet Uzambarskaya”, at the place of its initial detection in Tanzania, and in the surprise – “violet”.

In fact, SENPOLIA flowers and violet although externally and resemble, but belong to different families: heesnery and violet, respectively, these are two distant parts by classification. However, in sources, literature and everyday life, it is customary to combine these names and use the “violet” instead of “SENPOLIA”.

Features and differences from others

SENPOLIA violet – these are perennial, low-spirited plants. Have a relatively short stem, surrounded by beautiful leaves with different shades of green.

In the form of flowers, SENPOLIA is divided into groups: classic, star, lavety, fantasy. According to the type of sheet there are boys (purely green) and maiden (with a light spot at the base). In the diameter of the outlet there are giants with a size of up to 40 cm, miniature – up to 15 cm – or completely microminiature (about 6 cm).

For violet Yang Menuet will not be difficult to make a description of the variety, as it is easy to distinguish from other form of sheet and the coloring of its corrugated, terry inflorescence.

A unique variety symbolizes the spring revival of nature, his bloom begins in the first days of March and lasts 10 months, before the arrival of winter. Unusual, with a wonderful palette, they produce tender buds of five petals and two stamens. Groomed outlets, forming air bouquets that are decoration of window sills of any interior style.

Pale pink petals with raspberry edging – distinctive traction feature. Amazes with almost watercolor tone, smooth transition. Large volumetric starflies with a contrasting border can reach in diameter up to 9 cm. On each branch of three openwork bud.

Skiing leaves of bright emerald tone with a velvety surface covered with small pillows in the shape of a heart. SENPOLIA FRUARTINGS – these are lean boxes with seeds.

Growing and Care Terms

In order for the plant to have beautiful and rich bloom, it is necessary to take care of the lighting in the room, about temperature mode, about humidity level.

The cultivation of violets requires attention and compliance with the algorithm for carrying out pericing and organizing climatic conditions.

  • The violet is a light-insulated creation, so young, only germinated from the leaves of seedlings, immediately put on the windowsill, so that the socket is correctly formed when sunshine hit, but the straight rays of the sun can be disadvantaged for gentle leaves and petals of this violet and leave burns on them.
  • It is useful to scroll through pots with plants for uniform light and balanced growth.
  • At a ridiculous outlet, cutting the bottom row of the crown, remove the filled and sick leaves.
  • Grow on racks where there is no direct uniform hit light, undesirable, flowers may incorrectly develop.
  • In winter, small decorative stands are installed to protect the roots of violets from cold.
  • Properly prepared soil will provide a plant by microelements and nutrients.
  • Better to purchase a suitable soil in a specialized gardener store. It will take into account all the proportions of the essential substances and the composition of the mixture is balanced: forest row, sand, peat. It will make the ground with a light, capable of passing food to roots and moisture.
  • Before boarding the bottom necessarily one-third, the drainage litter is poured, which can also be bought in the store.
  • Cashpos choose plastic, large diameter, but shallow and necessarily with a pallet.
  • The pot must be new on the walls of the old, already previously used, the deposition of salts accumulates, which poorly affects the growth of the plant.
  • Covered violets can be washed with spraying, but it is advisable to put it on the windowsill, only when the leaves are completely descripted, otherwise they will cover spots.

Compliance with temperature and humidity

In hot, with high air temperature, room, with insufficient watering and illumination, violets are poorly developing, inflorescences are pulled out.

Regular correct irrigation has a beneficial effect on the leaves of the plant, they become saturated, green.

  • Room temperature, support from +20 to +24, do not allow differentials. This will slow down the growth of the plant, and when decreasing degrees will lead to his death.
  • When ventilating, it is impossible to allow strong drafts, it is better to remove the violet from the window.
  • Straight sun rays in summer can lead to burns on the leaves.
  • Air humidity control is of great importance. Violet Yang Menuet – a moisture-loving plant, speaks well to maintain humidity within 60-70%. With heavy dryness in the atmosphere, the leaves fade and dry out.
  • The presence of a hydrometer helps to monitor air humidity and with the deterioration of indicators to make additional irrigation with special devices or spray water using a sprayer.
  • With irrigation and spraying, they track so that the moisture does not fall on the crown of the plant. Liquid is brought through the pallet, water should be room temperature and estimated at least two days. Do not allow soil drying.
  • In summer, watering is carried out by small portions 3 times a week, provide constant humidity. In winter, it is much less likely when the soil is dry in the porridge.
  • When drying the plant, what evidenced by the flooded leaves are carried out by resuscitation activities. To do this, immerse the pot with violet in a pelvis with warm water. Cover the entire design with polyethylene to create a microclimate. Rhizomes are moisturized, and the plant gradually comes to life.

Landing and reproduction rules

SENPOLIA is divorced in three ways: cuttings, blooms and leaves. The transplant is carried out early in spring. Reproduction with foliage more efficiently and many prefer this method. In a jar with warm water, it is placed cut from a socket under a sharp corner healthy, without visible damage to the ball, and put in a warm place. To mitigate water in it, activated carbon. When the roots appear up to 1 cm, the sprout is transplanted into porridge with prepared soil.

If you need to transplant an adult plant, it is removed from the old tank carefully, without damaging the root system. Transfer to a new prepared pot together with a lore of the earth and smash the fertile mixture to the level of the outlet.

How to get down and focus?

Violet yang-menuet responsive to feeding. Use complex mineral fertilizers specially selected for SENPOLIA. Contribute to them once every two months, which prevents a number of diseases. The composition should include nitrogen – for the active development of a sheet outlet – and phosphorus (for abundant regular flowering).

With an insufficient number of potassium, the crown appears.

Fighting diseases and pests

Violets, like many other plants, are susceptible to diseases, such as phytoofluorosis, malievable dew, gray rot, white rot. Whole often appears white raids, from which by spraying with a solution killing bacteria and microbes. Worse, when the roots are damaged and brown spots appear on the leaves – from such plants you need to get rid of. When the redheads are detected on the crown and rot, one-thorny solution of manganese.

Great harm causes parasites, such as ticks, whiteflies, worm, nematodes. When you find web, traces of eating, sticky droplets and other anomalies, urgently handle the plant with complex pest control substances.

When attacking nematodes, when the bush begins to rotate, it is destroyed.

Signs of improper care

The most frequent problems in the cultivation of sensipolia are caused by insufficient control over the light regime, Air temperature, irrigation and improper feeding:

  • No blossom means that there is not enough light, a lot of nitrogen, excess, or lack of moisture;
  • the soil compacted and does not let the air to the root;
  • about aging bush speak yellowed leaves;
  • Crown loses painting, form dry stains under the right sunlight;
  • Soil acidity above normal.


In most positive feedback, lovers grow indoor plants share enthusiastic impressions from beauty and extraordinary coloring with a varnish violet Yang Menuet. Mark the combination of its emerald leaves in the form of hearts with a lush cloud of pale pink inflorescences with raspberry cats.

The disadvantage in some reviews include the ability of the plant to stretch the leaves up due to the lack of normal lighting and cool wet air. It is believed that clutch care is a cotton, and the plant is a capricious.

Breeders argue that Philika Satpolia Yang-Menuet has energy capable of calming, relieve tension and irritation.

With its beauty and fragrance, they affect the atmosphere of hospitality and coziness in the house.

Yang Menuet Violets Violets Overview You can see in the video below.

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