Violet “Av-Heart of Mother”: Features, Landing and Care

Probably there is no man who would not admire the brightness of these colors in many balconies and window sills. They are familiar to breeders for several centuries, at the same time new varieties appear daily. SENPOLIA, despite some high cost and unusual name, remains a favorite of all connoisseurs of nature of nature. In a friendly, many of them continue to call this culture by violet.

Description of varieties

In 2014, the violent of Mother’s Mother’s heart was introduced by Philocode Tarasov Alexey Pavlovich. Purple flowers decorated with white border, in diameter reaches 8 centimeters. They are formed in large quantities, grow “hat”. Kostik is disappeared, neat, but it is precisely this gives the plants a highlight and is its distinctive feature. Yellow stamens are completing the image and make charm in a holistic image of a flower.

Flowering lasts little, but for a short time you can enjoy the splendor of culture. As the transfers are recruited, it becomes big, acquires a deep wintful color. The texture appears, the form is transformed, each petal bend waves.

Plant covered with openwork flowers, looks elevated in opinion and professionals, and ordinary observers.

Leaves in size inferior to flowers. They are light green, sharpen a little up. Formation of socket flat. The sink collision of light and dark shades in one plant is amazing.


For breeding culture use leaves. It is important to choose a healthy medium sheet and separate it from a mother plant with minimal damage. To do this, make an incision of the stem at an angle of about 45 degrees. The sheet is then placed in a glass with boiled cool water, which before it needs to be disinfected, dissolving one tablet of activated carbon.

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Roots will be noticeable after a couple of weeks. After that, you can continue the process. Leaf should be put in a vessel with holes done in it for circulation of oxygen. The drainage layer is put on the bottom, then the soil is located. It must be enriched with vermiculitis or perlit. The sheet needs to be planted up to 3 cm deep, and then be sure to pour.

Sports can have spontaneous spending. Bright kime petals may not be too pronounced. If you want to get the exact color of this species, you can roam the violet with the help of steps.

With them should be done the same thing with a sheet. You can also risk and immediately plant a plant.


After the flower is planted, you need to create conditions as close as possible to the greenhouse. You can put it under a plastic bag, opening for a while to “introduce” culture with surrounding conditions. In a month, children will appear. They should be seeded.

Earth should not be severe in no way, otherwise the water will be simply stifled, leading to shockting. Senpolia grows perfectly in the ground with fertilizers.

Do not rub the soil with your fingers, on the contrary, you need to sprinkle it slightly so that everything is exactly.

The variety is growing at a huge speed if adding perlite, as it evenly spreads moisture inside the earth coma and makes a very quickly breathtaking between watering. In addition, this fertilizer has a positive charge, and therefore all its substances are in full compound, inaccessible to the plant. Therefore, the risk to apply any harm to zero.

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We must not forget about the drainage layer, for example, clay. It is a real rescue for the plant. He wet well and keeps moisture enough, giving it gradually. Can be used and sphagnum. Many flower products use foam and moss for babies and large seedlings.

Caring for the plant


For culture, soft scattered light is suitable, which easily create conventional curtains on the windows. It is worth remembering that the straight sun rays only harm the colors. Proper lighting is the key to the success of the flower.

Keep the plant in warm.


The market is replete with all sorts of capacities, but for SENPOLIA it is recommended to purchase a compact, not too cumbersome van. In a large pot, culture grows up, and flowering makes himself wait long.


Water need not too often. Two times a week more than enough. It is possible to moisturize the plant through the pallet to avoid the appearance of rotes on the cuttings. After half an hour you need to drain the excess fluid. Try to always recruit the same volume, the water temperature should be no lower room.

Some for more easy control uses enemas – it allows you to accurately know how much fluid goes to watering every time.


Diseases are possible only if the latch is organized incorrect care. From the scorching sun on the leaves will be “burns”, the yellowing will begin. If SENPOLIA is in the cold, the risk of fusariosis appears. Transfusion will lead to reinforcement of roots and foliage, as well as the appearance of mold. Puffy dew also does not bypass the culture side.

Various pests (TLL and Pliers) love these plants. The affected areas will have to cut, and the violet is treated with appropriate drugs.

About the reproduction of violet sheet at home, see further.

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