Varieties of Pelargonia Bold and their cultivation

Pelargonium – An attractive plant of the Geranium family. It stands out in a special kind. Inside the race, the Bold group deserves.

Description of varieties

Pelargonium Bold includes many varieties that are very popular.


CARMINE refers to the zonal group. The plant gives large flowers of terry and semi-grade type. For them is characterized by red and raspberry colors. This Pelargonium differs compactness. Judging by the reviews, the plant is perfectly blooming even in November. Some flower products note that the variety sometimes has carmine-red tonality. It is also worth considering that, despite the pleasant coloring, the size of the flower cap may seem insufficient to most breeders. But at the same time the plant looks attractive.


It is appropriate to pay attention to Pixie. Culture slowly grows and forms only dwarf plants. But they are decorated with juicy lilac flowers of terry. And flowers can be painted in raspberry pink tone. Foliage of impeccable green.

Diamond Wedding

Diamond Wedding – Pelargonium, Giving Round Machrow Flowers. Blooming buds are grouped into dense hats. The air-pink color is prevailing, characterized by tenderness. Bright foliage green and not too large. Bushes stand out by their density.


Minstrel variety is distinguished by a large number of positive feedback. They say that “Bold Minister” blooms abundantly. Bright pink flowers. The bush is very compact. This Pelargonium shapes powerful small-length blossoms. Bloom begins very early. Rare other variety of pelargoniums can boast such a property. Judging by the comments of flower water, it is possible to non-stop formation of buds within 2.5 months in a row. And the buds form lush caps from terry colors. Every time during flowering 3 or 4 hats appear. Flowers bloom almost simultaneously. Foliage is also more than enough. Detect flaws cannot even be the most picky observers. But in return, the plant will require intensive watering and good feeding.


Sunrise grade is a pelargonium with large terry flowers of salmon colors. White bodies are clearly visible on them. At the edges of the petals of a little bitle. Inflorescences reach a huge amount. A bush at Pelargonium Sunrise is very carnal and a centerist. Flower unpretentious.


Beacon variety is very beautiful. Flowers formed quite a lot. They painted in thick cherry blossom. On the upper petals there are scratch engines. Inflorescences bright and large. Plant develops well, does not require any particularly difficult conditions.

“Bold Gold”

Pelargonium “Bold Gold” has bright salad leaves. When the contents of the Sun appears an attractive dark zone. Growth occurs relatively slowly. Pruning and pinching to spend quite reasonable. Judging by the reviews, Zoka Bold Gold tolerates calm.


Pelargonium Limelight refers to the number of standard varieties. If the time is not missed for forming, the plant will go to busy. Flowers reach a tremendous value, belong to the semi-world type. For them is characterized by pink color. IMPORTANT: Flowers that do not like pompous copies, it is better to look at other varieties.

Bold Princess

Bold Princess – Dwarf Rose Pink Plant. It is characterized by good formation of a bush. Blossom continues long and is distinguished by abundance. In the first half of September, when the sun is not so much already, the flower becomes brighter, and the edge of the petals get a kind of kaym. Petals almost do not appear.

“Bold Ann”

“Bold Ann” – Pelargonium, which is characterized by beauty and compactness of the bush. It is relatively small. Large caps hold on durable flowers. Neciprisian plant.

“Bold Carmine”

“Bold Carmine” – a much more capricious plant. It belongs to the average growth group. He has bright small leaves. This pelargonium may suffer from infection with a black leg, and if there is a heat, then even die. But even when transplanting in a hot day, the plant develops well. True, waiting in the same year of beautiful flowering does not have. Wintering will be pretty good. Already in the spring will begin full growth.


Pelargonium gem miniaturns. They form red grain type flowers on compact bushes.


Sunset has other advantages. Variety throws huge pink apricot flowers. They are going to major inflorescences. Sunset refers to the standard group. Bush plant will be self. Desire to stretch up it doesn’t detect. IMPORTANT: This type is preferably suitable for street cultivation. In greenhouses and small greenhouses it is desirable to grow more modest plants.


Magic variety belongs to the terry subtype. For its flowers is characterized by a saturated salmon. Flowers lush and distinguished by air. Bushes are low and extremely fluffy. Blossom starts early, wintering is perfect. The plant is suitable for inexperienced and strongly occupied gardeners.


“Bunny” also gives salmon flowers, but already a simple type. The name “Brave Rabbit” is due to the narrowed crown of the animals from the top petals. Flowering happens willing.


Pelargonium Cloud enjoys great popularity. It refers to yellow-beette type. This is a dwarf plant. In the early moment of development, it behaves like a miniature. Bloom occurs without any problems. At the same time, marshmallow pink semi-world inflorescences are formed. Blossom of homemade culture can occur both in the winter and summer months. Transfer the grace of flowers using the photo almost unreal. According to some reviews, they have a white middle.


Part of the flower water values ​​a variety of shades for spectacular. She has bright pink flowers with a red middle.

How to plant?

Experts consider the necessary immediate transplant of the purchased pelargonium (maximum for 14 days): Transporting soil is too saturated with fertilizers and stimulants.

  • After removing the pre-polished plant, it is necessary to shake with the root system former soil.
  • Roots need to carefully examine. All defects are removed and sprinkled with charcoal.
  • Drainage laid out in a small pot.
  • Out of the drain layer, clamzit falls asleep.
  • Next lay fresh soil. Important: Its remnants need to fall asleep without the coupling.
  • Just planted plant watered, seeking to fill the earth of the gaps between the roots.

It is necessary to lay down the feedback until the growth starts. But if initially Pelargonium was in high-quality land, then you can refuse to transplant or transshipment of the Earth. In this case, transfer the pelargonium along with the substrate.

To eliminate errors, you should consult in advance on landing with a specialist.


All Pelargoniums of the Bold series love full lighting. With a lack of light, bloom becomes impossible. However, the direct sunlight will be destroyed. Attention: to put the pelargonium close to other plants, even the same species, can not. This culture needs free space.

Preparing independently soil, it is necessary to give preference to fertile land with good drainage. It is made up using the same quantities:

  • humus;
  • turf;
  • sand;
  • peat.

Water Pelargonium should be intensively. Irrigation is produced as the land drying.

At the same time, we must try not to moisten it over measures. With the arrival of cold weather, watering comes down to a minimum. Spraying is categorically unacceptable. When Pelargonium is actively growing, it is fed by mineral or liquid mixtures. As soon as bloom comes, drugs containing phosphorus, potassium apply. There should be no large amount of nitrogen in fertilizers. Feeding is made up to the end of autumn.

Temperature should be moderate. In the summer months recommended heating air from 20 to 22 °. In a cold, this figure should be 16 °. Air humidity should be kept at 60%. Reinforced moisturizing is not required. Attempts to conduct it can provoke the rotting of the stem and the root or infection with infections. Air must circulate freely and continuously. Stast it leads to diseases of Pelargonium.

Crop the plant is required annually as soon as bloom. At the same time remove 100% of the upper shoots. Thanks to such a trimming, Pelargonia will grow.

About how to grow room geranium (pelargonium), see the following video.

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