Valika Rob’s Vanilla Trail: Description of the variety, facilities of planting and care

How many in the world have amazing colors! Among them there are plants with an unusual name, which conquered the hearts of many flower water – trailer ampels. These beautiful flowers in the form of miniature trees with a small crown of leaves and lush inflorescences will charm their owner. Today we will tell you about one of the representatives of this species – Fialka Rob »S Vanilla Trail.

Description of varieties

These flowers come from the mountains of East Africa, sometimes also called Uzambar violets, but this is a common name. Released by the Saint-Field scientist, in honor of him they are named – SENPOLIA. Distinguish ampel and bush varieties. Rob`s Vanilla Trail – Senspairia ampel-like, with beautiful descending steps-blurred, falling down around the cookistic, multi-layer flowers, oval. They are cream or pink, the center is brighter in the center, and to the tips of the petals tinge pale to almost white. This variety is considered semi-mediative.

Steel leaves, dark green, with carved edges, ranging from 2.5 to 3.8 cm. Dark red flowers, long, after flowering new stems thrown out. You can propagate stepsters (group of leaflets on one stem), cuttings (violet sheets). After landing, the first bloom comes six months old, and almost constantly a plant blooms abundantly than different from others.

Ampelnaya they are called because they have long stems with several separate outlets of leaves that can hang out of pot.

Features landing

The key to healthy development and bright beautiful flowering is properly compiled soil for SENPOLY. Soils should be loose, light, water and breathable. Better, if the ground is from the leaf land, peat and sand in the 4: 1: 1 ratio, but you can also purchase a ready-made mixture, for example, “Academy of Growth” or “Fasco”. You can plant violets as a cutlets and steps. Just just stick in the soil the process and pour water. To do this, it will be convenient to use a plastic glass: after they grow up, it will easily remove the plant, cutting it. After taking a porridge with a diameter of 6-7 cm, the drainage or “wick” are laid onto the bottom, sucking with an earthen mixture by a third, a sprout with an earthen room rolls into a pot and shove another mixture. Next, SENPOLIA NEED HOLIDAY AND PLEASE IN LARK.

Optimal temperature for cultivation – 18-24 degrees above zero Celsius.


For a well-groomed and tidy type, the corresponding concern is needed.

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Some flowers are more, some less, but everyone loves light. The violet Rob’s Vanilla Trail needs more than the rest, with artificial lighting it is bad and dials little buds; At the same time it is necessary to consider that the sun’s rays must be indirect. During flowering, it is necessary to turn the flower with different sides to the sunlight, so that all the leaflets and the flowers grow exactly and get it enough. Once in two weeks it is necessary to feed it: such minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium have a positive effect. So fertilizer is better to choose a comprehensive. Watering is needed moderate, it can be carried out in several ways.

  • “Fitical”: For this purpose, a thin rope of synthetic material is passed onto the bottom of the drainage holes (if you take from natural, it quickly rotates). Install the cache in the plastic container so that the moisture is not evaporated, and above it is liquid at an altitude of 0.5 cm.

In this way, you can provide a moisture flower to two weeks.

  • Upper. This is a classic way in which the water is pouring a small jet under root or near the soil until water appears in the pallet. After 20 minutes, the water is poured out of it.

  • In the cold season, SENPOLIAM favors watering into the pallet. Water in it is left for 10-15 minutes, depending on the absorption of its soil, and after the surplus merge.

SENPOLIY trailers a couple of times in a year required to steer. For this, the lower and stupid leaves, as well as excessively long neatly cut off or rolled, then the flower mixture is being added. This will ensure the growth of new color lines and the beautiful view of the plant.

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Ampel Valilla Rob »S Vanilla Trail will be perfectly looking in a hanging porridge or in a narrow pot on the leg. If you think that give a novice flower, then give her.

It will be cope with it even inexperienced people in this matter, and in gratitude will get a wonderful mood for many months from gentle flowering.

How to transplant adult violet, look in the video below.

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