Types of Crosses for Christmas Tree

One of the main stages of preparation for the New Year – buying and installing the Christmas tree. So that no surprises spoil the celebration, the main festive tree must be installed on the cross and fasten well.

What it is?

The cross is called the stand under the Christmas tree, which allows the tree to stand smoothly without the usual support in the form of roots. It needs both artificial chips, and alive. True, the first, as a rule, sold already with a cross-attached cross. But the stand for a living tree often need to search for yourself.

The crosstin of the desired size can be bought in online stores, and offline. And if at hand there are at least a few bars and nails, it can be done with your own hands.

What happens?

Crosses for the New Year tree are most often metallic or wooden. Both options are equally reliable and durable. The dimensions of the structures can also be different and selected for a specific tree. So, for a big ate need a large stand. But for a little enough small and light wooden crosses. Some models are made with additional “legs” so that the tree seemed higher.

For a live tree, it is best to choose a reliable water or sand tank. In it, the tree just gives longer, and the needles will not fall. Especially if they are periodically additionally sprayed with water.

Very often crosses are decorated with different ways. So, iron design can be decorated with small forged details. Stand, painted in silver color and consisting of twisted legs, looks so beautiful that it does not even need to hide, which you can not say about simpler models.

Interesting universal spinning design. It will be suitable if the tree is installed in the room center. And those who do not like to litter space with extra things, will like a lightweight folding model, which, after the holidays, it will be easy to hide in a box with New Year’s decorations.

In general, the choice of models of the cross, indeed, very large, and everyone can find something suitable and in appearance, and at the price.

How to make it yourself?

For the living Christmas tree, the crossbar is best to do with her own hands. Such a homemade design can be collected from undergraduate.

The simplest crossed

If the tree is small and not very hard, it is possible to collect the simplest stand for him. To do this, you will need 2 wooden boards. They need to be connected, forming a cross and fix with self-drawing or nails. Larger nail you need to drive down the center. This stand is nailed to exactly the cutting christmate. After that, the tree is installed in the right place. No additional manipulations are needed here.

From wooden bars

Cross for a big christmas tree can also be made from ordinary wooden bars. But this time you will need 4 details. They should be one size. It is worth remembering that the thicker and wider parts, the more reliable the design. The length of each bar must be within 50 centimeters.

At this stage, you need to measure the diameter of the tree below. On the bar it is necessary to celebrate the segment equal to it. Now a simple design should be collected. To the mark of one bar neatly applied the end of the next. It must be repeated with all the details. As a result, there should be a cross with 4 “tails” and a square hole under the trunk of a tree.

Brussia is securely fasten. You can use glue, nails or screws. From the same material you can make additional legs that will be attached to each bar.

Tree design is reliable.

Its only drawback – spruce will not get no moisture. So it will very quickly die.

Complex design

More complex is the manufacture of metal crossbars. To do this, you will need 3-4 metal corners. So that the design is more durable, you can even take 5 pieces. Material for the base can be any round design of metal: trim the dense pipe or a wide mug. The main thing is that it fit in size under the diameter of the trunk.

Approximately one distance must be consolidated all corners. They need to be welcomed to a metal basis. Weld the design itself is easy if there is experience in this business.

The finished stand can be decorated with additional forged details and paint. It can serve as its owners for several years, if everything is done correctly.

Both variants of crosses can be made even without drawing. They are going pretty quickly even immediately after buying a her.

Installation of Christmas tree

It is very important not only to make a cross, but also to correctly install fir. Here are some basic rules.

  1. If the crosses are made without a water tank or sand, install the Christmas tree in it as close as possible by December 31. When the Christmas tree falls into the house, it is not necessary to unleash her immediately. She should at least stand for a couple of minutes and “get used to” to the warm place.
  2. Before the installation itself, it is necessary to make a fresh slice on the trunk, slightly cleaned it from the bark.
  3. After that, the fir must be accurately inserted into the connector. She must stand smoothly and not fumble. If necessary, the fir can additionally strengthen. And you can also move the design to the wall. This also will prevent the possibility of falling.
  4. The tree fixed in this way should not be installed next to the heat source. From this it will faster starts to dying.

If the tree is artificial, install it even easier. There is no need to customize the sizes of the crossbar under the diameter of the barrel. Just get a tree out of the box, fix it in the rack and straighten the branches.

As you can close?

To create a more festive atmosphere, the cross is needed to decorate. There are some interesting ways to do it.

Split basket

This original solution will appeal to needlewomen. Basket is very easy to make a simple paper tube. It is possible to weave it in the size of the finished crossbars and paint in any color.

Beautifully look at the baskets in the shades of beige and brown.

Finished products sometimes decorate lush bows or bright ribbons. After installation in the basket of crossbars with her fir, it can be filled with artificial snow. It turns out a beautiful winter composition.

Hide behind the rug

This method will also help create a cozy home atmosphere in the room. Bright textile mats with New Year’s topics on the eve of holidays can be bought almost everywhere. In addition, it is possible to sew such a product and do it yourself. Beautifully Will look like a patchwork mat that resembles a knitted plaid or any other.

Make a decorative drawer

It looks original and fir, installed in a wooden box. It can be simply taken in the store and decorate. If there is time and desire, the drawer is easy to make wooden plates. He will look beautiful and without unnecessary decorative details.

And you can also simply decorate the Cross of Mishur, artificial snow or rain. Under the Christmas tree you can install gift boxes. Some of them can be decorative, and the rest are real, with gifts prepared for the holiday.

Can I install without cross?

In some cases, it is possible to install a tree without a rack. But neither the firing tree, nor artificially surrender without additional support. Therefore, it is necessary to come up with some alternative to the cross.

The easiest option is to install the Christmas tree in a bucket filled with sand. If it is regularly watering, the tree is missing longer. And the bucket can also be hidden by some decorative details.

Count the tree and with bottles. They are filled with water and installed in a bucket. The Christmas tree is placed between them and sticks from all sides. It turns out a completely reliable design that can stand all holidays.

The correctly selected and reliably installed fir will raise the mood of all the inhabitants of the house and its guests are not one day. Therefore, it is necessary to respond to the process of choosing a cross-line or its own construct.

How to make a crossed for the Christmas tree, look in the video below.

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