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Most people want to see in their home not only basic interior items, but also representatives of the flora. Indoor plants clean the air, give the housing comfort and please the eye with their greens. With the help of floor metal stands for flowers, you can create an excellent composition and successfully enter it into the space of any room.


Houseplants are saturated with oxygen housing, which makes them an indispensable and useful decoration of the house or apartment. There are special devices – flower stands. The largest of them are outdoor.

Such decorative elements of the interior are divided into two types: stationary and mobile.

Stationary floor stands are heavy high designs that firmly stand on the floor. They are chosen for large and heavy pots with flowers to minimize the risk that the plant will fall. In addition, the top elements of the stand is easy to install a large plant with long hanging down with leaves. The movement of such supports is difficult: they do not have wheels based on. Often they are used on the street or in winter gardens.

Mobile outdoor colors stands are characterized by a lighter design. They can be easily moved from one room to another, due to the presence of wheels in the structure of the structure. Such a modification greatly simplifies cleaning in the room and allows you to change the location of the flower arrangement at any time. Sometimes mobile seats for pots are done and moving along the axis.

Thus, it is possible to vary the height of plants above the floor level and change the general type of composition.


Most often, steel is used for the manufacture of flowers, as it is quite easily beaten, that is, plastic. But at the same time, steel is durable and durable material. Also used bronze and cast iron. Such floweries are characterized by a lot of weight, but they look solid.

Metal floor stands for colors are performed from profiles of various sections:

  • round;

  • square;

  • triangular;

  • Hexagon.

Most often apply the rods of the square section, as they are most common. But they look more rude than their analogues made of rods with a round cut.

Metal floor florals are often equipped with seating places from other materials. For example, the tree will help the design look more comfortable and dilutes a heavy flowerhouse, and the glass will visually facilitate the stand and make it more modern.


In addition to the overall configuration, plant stands may differ in form. Choosing this or that form, you can find the perfect option for the interior of the room.

  • In the form of a terrace or staircase. Several floors (from two to four steps) of such a flower play allow you to make a beautiful composition of plants. Often apply this stand in the corner of the room.

  • Rack with plates. Round landing places are located at different heights, with their number of unlimited. Double, triple flowers – this is the minimum that can be.

  • Multi-level rack. Such a flower girl will be the central decoration of the interior, as it is distinguished by large dimensions and can accommodate up to a dozen plants in pots. It has multi-level seats around the perimeter.

  • Rack high. This popular rack is most often performed from the metal. It is stationary, as it is a design that is fastened and to the floor and to the ceiling.

How to choose?

There are several important points that determine the rationality of the purchase of a certain outdoor flowers. Below are some positions that you should pay attention to when buying you like modifications of flower stands.

  • Before purchasing such a stand, it is important to determine how many pots are planned to be placed in a flowerhouse. This is a fundamental factor for choice, since all floor metal stands have a different number of seats.
  • It should also be understood whether the sizes of the landing place for the desired plants will be suitable. In most cases, manufacturers are focused on the average diameter of the pots, but then the small plant in the landing place will stand unstable. And, on the contrary, a large flower will not fit into a small stand.
  • Plants should not be placed higher than 40 cm above the floor level, otherwise they will receive an insufficient amount of sunlight, which will worsen their growth and development.

  • While buying should check the stability of the design. To do this, turn the flower room and see how easy it deviates from the axis. Unstable floor stands can at any time fall from ill-conceivedly arranged pots of different weights and deliver extra hassle.
  • The seams and places of welding on metal elements should be perfectly smooth, so as not to be born about them during the departure of plants.
  • The dimensions of the colors and the intended premises must approach each other.
  • The right decision will be the choice of flower play stylistics, taking into account the existing interior. Forged Classic coasters with curls will be strange to look in the room with accessories in the style of Hi-Tech.
  • A good metal flowerman cannot cost a penny. Metal stands are difficult to do, and the raw material does not have a low price. This purchase should not be missed in order not to regret later about the quality.

Universal white color is well combined with any other shades. For this reason, a large outdoor flower girl in this color will look especially advantageous.

White High Flower Design Options:

  • Classic – beautiful forged patterns elegantly emphasize the seats, this option is perfect for ampel plants;

  • Modern – straight lines, clear geometric forms will perfectly fit into the interior of the office or apartment in a modern style;

  • Designer – For your own house, you can pick up an unusual version of the flower play, making it to order, taking into account personal preferences;

  • With the use of different materials – in addition to the metal, it is often added to the glass and wood so that the product seems more organically.

When choosing a white floor flower, you should navigate the most on the size of the room, as the color allows you to successfully enter it in any interior. In addition, green plants will look great in such a stand.

When choosing a white color for outdoor floral, it is impossible to guess. Almost all manufacturers offer exactly the color decision of their flowerlike. As relatively inexpensive and different patterns of models can serve as Chinese floor stands for plants that can be ordered via the Internet.

A variety of Chinese-made flower equipment can not but rejoice. On sites where you can order such interior elements, you can choose the floor stands of a wide variety of styles and configurations and for the interior in the modern style, and for classic design.

A certain disadvantage when ordering such things may be that the stated dimensions are often different from real options.

For this reason, it is important to take into account feedback on standings or for a long time to figure out the possible incidents from the seller.

Long delivery, instant one hundred percent prepayment and possible loss of things on the way – such negative moments can expect the buyer. Do not count on perfect quality, but this moment justifies a balanced price.

There are Russian online stores selling high quality Chinese stands.

There you can also choose interesting and high-quality models for every taste, but you have to pay for these things a little more.

How to make a stand for flowers with your own hands, look in the video below.

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