Tips for choosing Potted for room geranium

In each house you can find a wide variety of colors, but the most common plant is geranium. Hostess love her not only for bright colors who please almost all year round, but also for useful properties. To grow geranium, you need to know not only the rules of care, but also the features of the landing. Including the subtleties of choosing a pot for her.

Plant Features

Geranium – indoor flower that is easy to grow. His inflorescences have a bright color and the right round shape. Geranium leaves are quite large that even in the absence of flowers gives her pomp. They have a pattern that happens in the form of strips of a darker tone or white kayma.

The flower has a pleasant fragrance with notes of fresh mint and lemon. Meet both annuals and perennial species of this plant. But they all differ in the average need for water, which makes the care of the house flower is pretty simple. Create the desired soil for the plant is easy. This will require a conventional primer, a small number of special fertilizers and some ash. These components can be purchased in any flower shop and mix in accordance with the instructions.

After landing behind the flower lies in the periodic watering, the breaking of the dead leaves and the explosion of the Earth in the pot. To keep the size of Gerani not to increase constantly, it is necessary to properly pick up a fit or transplant capacity. Not only the size of the plant, but also the number of inflorescence, as well as the frequency of flowering depends on the right choice of container.

To decide on the view of the pot, you need to know the device of the root system of this flower. Its species are different, but the main characteristics are inherent in all types of flower. Its root system perfectly adapts to various types of soil. Most species it has a branched form. On the ultimate part of the roots there are small thickens designed to create a stock of water. Their flower uses only in a dry period. For this reason, the room species do not consult too often.

And also there are varieties with dense small roots that accumulate moisture throughout their length. Their roots are located closer to the surface. There is a third kind of root system. They formed tubers for accumulating moisture and useful substances. Such education also serve to breed. When the main flower dies, new sprouts appear from the tubers.

Choosing a pot need to be done taking into account the characteristics of Gerani’s variety. For example, if the growing appearance has roots that do not fall deep into the ground, then the plant can be planted in a smaller vase. But there are other criteria for selection of tanks for landing.

How to choose a pot?

Considering that the flower does not require a lot of water, it will be best to purchase a pot with a hole. Through it, excessive moisture will flow on the coach-saucer. When landing, it is necessary to take into account the fact that most varieties of this flower does not require a lot of space for the root system. Geranium can stop the growth of external stems and flowering, as all nutrients will go to an increase in the root system. And such a situation will not change until the roots occupy the entire space pot. Therefore, the size of the container for landing can be medium or small. The color of the vase should also be paid to pay special attention. The fact is that the roots of the flower are poorly reacting to high temperatures, so the container should not overheat. It is better to plant this plant into bright vases that are not heated when direct sunlight is hit, but, on the contrary, reflect them.

Transplant procedures must be made once a year. Each subsequent container must be more than a preceding maximum of 2 cm. In this case, the height of the plant will increase adequately, and the flower will not excel half the window. For example, when disembarking the sprouts of a beautiful and popular among the owners of the “Royal” variety, Geranians take a container of a small size, and for the transplantation of a grudge flower, a 12-14 cm vanza is acquired in diameter. The height of such a container should not be more than 15 cm. Thus, the volume of the pot is obtained by middle.


Geranium landing also assumes the presence of a drainage pot. Accordingly, the container must be made of sufficiently strong materials that can withstand such loads. Pots for domestic flowers are:

  • Glass;
  • plastic;
  • ceramic;
  • clay;
  • clay coated (from special glaze);
  • metal;
  • bamboo.

Glass geranium pots are rarely used, as they are more suitable for plants in need of high humidity: Often there is no opening for draining water. Exceptions are cases where such vases are important for creating interior design. At the same time, geranium must be watering less often, and the earth is upset more often. Plastic products are quite practical and inexpensive. They have a small weight and a wide variety of color solutions, so great for installation on the windowsill. Ceramic pots are also well suited for a flower, but have a greater weight and increased fragility. The choice can be stopped on this form only when there is no likely to drop a vase from height.

The clay pot is optimally suitable for a geranium landing, since the material has a pores that allow additional ventilation of the root. This eliminates excess humidity and rotting root system. And also in contact with clay from the soil, salts begin to wash out, which contributes to the best development of the flower. If such a pot is covered with icing, it will lose the ability to ventilation, which will ill burn on the plant. So glazed vases are better not to use to grow gerana.

    Metal containers are strong enough. In addition, they can be a unique detail of the interior. But on this it pluses end. Such a product has not only a high price, but also a tendency to corrosion. And metal pots are not ventilated and delayed water. Bamboo vases appeared relatively recently, but have already proven themselves as environmentally friendly. They are perfectly ventilated and look good. With their help, you can add comfort even to office space. However, Bamboo has a definition property over time, which indicates the briefness of the product.

    Purchasing such pots, it is necessary to take into account the need for more frequent transfers. And it can badly affect the flowering plants.


    When choosing a form, usually hostesses not engaged in flower growers are oriented only on a combination with the interior. This is not a completely loyal approach. Since the flowers do not tolerate excess moisture, the form of the bottom of the vase should be round. It provides stock of excess water. Square pots contribute to its delay in angular parts. The shape of a saucer under the vase. Its sides should be high enough, as the excess water will flock in a saucer rather quickly. From low plates, it will be blown through the edge on the windowsill. It threatens the formation of red spots, which are difficult to extort.


    Geranian bushes do not always grow lush. To improve the appearance of the plant or creating an unusual composition in one pot, two geraniums can be placed. It must be remembered that the size of the pot must be focused on the total root system of two plants. Then the plants will delight their bright flowering for a long time. Geranium not only brings aesthetic pleasure, but also the benefit of health. It has antiseptic properties and can protect the room from viruses. And also this flower disgusted with its smell of various insects, which during the summer it is especially important. With proper care and periodic transplants, geranium will create a favorable atmosphere in the house.

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