“Smart” pots: description and features

Indoor plants are an integral part of the decor of many modern apartments. Each hostess chooses for his home the most beloved and beautiful flowers that will not only delight all family members, but also favorably influence the climate in the room. Plants not only clean the air in the apartment, but also moisturize it.

High employment of modern women often does not allow to fully care for alive plants that need timely watering and feeding. Manufacturers have developed a fundamentally new type of pots, which has an automatic watering system.

“Smart” pots not only significantly save the time of color owners, but also make it possible to quietly leave for a long period of business trips and rest.

What it is?

Pots for flowers with autopolina – Innovative development, which has a beneficial effect on home plants and significantly reduces the number of physical costs to carry out the care of them.

The main types of this device:

  • Double bottom pot;
  • Programmed Containers;
  • Smart Capacity;
  • Pots with music.

The principle of operation of this device is based on drip and intravenous irrigation system. The basis of the structure is made in the form of two communicating vessels, in one of which is water, and the second is filled with soil mixture. There is a separator between two parts.

The main feature of the “smart” pot is a special indicator that shows the water level in the device.

In specialized stores you can see several types of these products that differ in the following parameters:

  • design;
  • manufacturing material;
  • color spectrum;
  • price range;
  • Country of manufacture;
  • water tank type.

The surface pot may be not only glossy or matte, but also imitate natural materials, such as stone, marble and wood.

The most popular forms are round, square and rectangular, the diameter of which is in the range from 15 cm to 50 cm.

According to the type of automatic pots of pots there are several models.

  • With lateral capacity – The model consists of two pots. Large capacity with water placed a small pot with soil.
  • With indicator – cone-shaped design consisting of a transparent tube and indicator that lowers pot.
  • Collapsible – Universal model, which consists of a pot for a flower, water tank and humidity indicator.

In these structures, two types of watering are used:

  • lower;
  • combined.

In the combined type of irrigation, the liquid arrives not only from the bottom, but also on the side.

Special attention should be paid to containers with automatic irrigation, which are installed on balconies, loggias, terraces and open holiday areas.

The main feature of these products is the presence of special valves that allow drain of excessive fluid after rain.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the huge number of advantages of this device, experienced gardeners allocate the following:

  • ease of operation;
  • Wide color range;
  • high aesthetic indicators;
  • versatility;
  • the presence of modern forms;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • environmental Safety;
  • Prevention of drying and overwhelming the nutrient soil;
  • the use of the required amount of water optimal temperature;
  • Preventing the development of various dangerous diseases;
  • uniform moisturizing of the entire soil composition;
  • lack of water in the pallet and on the leaves of the plant;
  • Regular and timely feeding;
  • The cost of the minimum amount of time and physical forces.

These devices practically do not have drawbacks, but experienced gardeners pay attention to the fact that the effective use of a “smart” pot is possible only if there is a strong and developed root system, which completely fills the pot of the pot and pulls out the moisture source. High price range of goods often causes buyers to give up the acquisition of this novelty and use the classic types of color tanks.

Operating Rules

The use of pots with a vehicle system will not cause difficulties even in inexperienced gardeners, But to obtain a large number of green masses throughout the entire growth period, the colors need to know and apply the advice of experienced gardeners:

  • Mandatory use of drainage materials at the bottom of the pot and special soil, which corresponds to the flower type;
  • the use of a conventional watering method during the formation of the root system, which should get to the bottom of the pot;
  • The filling of the watering reservoir should be carried out only with an estate water temperature;
  • The amount of water should achieve the maximum mark on the indicator.

The frequency of filling in water capacity depends on the following factors:

  • volume of water container;
  • plant species;
  • level of development of the root system;
  • season of year;
  • ambient temperature;
  • Level of light and humidity indoors.

Famous manufacturers in the instructions for their product indicate detailed information on the operation of the device and the care of plants.

Beginner gardes should pay attention to the pots that are sold together with a special drainage material that makes it possible to provide optimal water supply and its number. Special drainage composition can be replaced by conventional vermiculitis, gravel and clay.

To carry out the root feeding plants, it is enough to simply dissolve the necessary organic or mineral fertilizer in water, which is poured into a special reservoir.

Between each tank filling, it is necessary to withstand a certain amount of time for drying nourishing soil. This procedure will prevent the root system, and replacing the upper fertile layer will avoid the development of fungal diseases.

All plants, regardless of the type of pot, need timely and regular soul, which will clean the surface of the leaves from dust and dirt, and will also help to breathe freely and easily.

Pots of famous brands of Xiaomi and Parrot Pot, whose goods have high quality and long period of operation are most popular.

Xiaomi and Parrot Pot floral containers have special sensors and electronic applications that control the condition of the flower and report its owner about the need for watering or feeding plants.

Innovative technologies and modern equipment allow manufacturers to produce goods that greatly simplify human life. One of the latest innovations in the modern market is a “smart” flower pot, which is popular with both the interior designers and the ordinary households of houseplants. The use of this device will fill any interior with bright, juicy and beautiful green plants and will give the opportunity to create unique compositions that can consist of several different types of colors.

About “smart” pots See the following video.

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