Round fireplace: examples of location in the interior

Fireplace is a burned bonfire. How much duplication and tranquility gives the heat of crackling fire in a cozy room. No wonder the word “fireplace” (from Lat. Caminus) in translation means “open hearth”.


Human fantasy, skill and desire for comfort led to the creation of various variations of the “home hearth”. According to the design, the fireplaces are divided into closed (in-depth in niche), open, island (standing in the middle of the room), semi-open (standing by the walls, but not related to it). In terms of the type of fuel, they are wood, gas, biofuel. In the second half of the twentieth century, the distribution of electrocheamines.

In the modern world, the popularity of the model, created both in the classical style, with a characteristic P-shaped richly decorated portal, and in a modernist manner, with an underlined simplicity of construction and a fundamental abandonment of jewelry.

Real wonders in the design and design of fireplaces began these days. When creating modern models, metal, glass, different types of diverse and ornamental stones and other materials are used. Often the fireplace is perceived as a real work of art. New constructions of fireplaces appeared. Modern engineers, artists and designers are developing and manufactured different options for stationary and mobile, round and semicircular, island and semi-open, corner and even suspended fireplaces.


A brilliant waste from classic fireplace forms is a round version. In most cases, it represents a separate design of a cylindrical shape, the diameter of which is an average of 80-100 cm. Its lower, the focal part is usually overlooked from all sides. Usually such a fireplace is installed in the central part of the room. At the same time, it becomes an important and most attractive part of the interior. A feature of this type of fireplaces is the property of radial, uniform and rapid heat distribution throughout the room.

The main elements of the circular fireplace device are the focal or fuel chamber with a support (For suspended fireplaces, the support is not needed – they are held with a chimney tube) and suspended over the chimney, which is most often suspended with a cylindrical or cylindrical shape. At all times, the fireplaces were valued for the possibility of not only to get warm, but also enjoy the view of the open fire. Therefore, the focal part of many models of round fireplaces is always open. It is often protected by heat-resistant transparent glass with a mobile damper.

The court around the focal chamber should be secured from burning coals or sparks, for example, lay it out by a harmonious with interior ceramic tiles.

Focal cameras are made of metal. It depends on its properties, thermal conductivity and heat transfer of the walls of the cooler, and, therefore, its ability to quickly heat the air indoors. Using sheet steel, cast iron, as well as their combination. Facing the focal chamber with various materials: sheet metal, glass, refractory ceramics. In models stylized under the antique, can use clay and even covered with multi-colored enamels of tiles.

Nuances use

It should be noted that round fireplaces that use organic fuel are suitable only for private houses, since the prerequisite is the presence of chimney. The installation of the fireplace is better to implement simultaneously with the construction of the ceiling flooring at home. If the chimney is composed of parts, then the junctions between them should not be on the same level with overlaps. This moment is important to ensure safety.

For more efficient operation of the round fireplace, it is desirable to comply with several rules:

  • The area of ​​the room in which it is installed must be at least 25 square meters.
  • The ventilation system in the room will support freshness of air. At the same time, the absence of sharp air flows will ensure the calm of the fire and will prevent the accidental blowing of sparks from the hearth.
  • It is necessary to create a circular perimeter with a diameter of at least one meter from the fireplace, where no items should be, especially easily flammable.

The most successful location of the round fireplace is in the living room where home and family comfort focuses.

Round fireplace can decorate any place indoors. As a requested version, such models are rarely used. Usually they are installed in the center of the room as an island model. The possibility of contemplating fire in a focus, which is opening with a slope from all sides, creates extra comfort and comfort in the house. Such fireplaces are also perfectly suitable for decorating apartments studios. At the same time, rooms can be decorated in a variety of styles.

If the interior of the room is made in the style of “High-tech”, it is characterized by straight lines and simple forms. In this case, it is quite suitable for you a floor or suspended round fireplace, in the facing of which glass and metal prevail. Black or silver-metallic color design on the background of a unpretentious furnished room and chimney of a cylindrical shape, made, for example, from dark heat resistant glass or metal, will increase the atmosphere of pragmaticity and functionality.

If the room is decorated in the spirit of “Country”, he is alien to the ultramodern novelties. The finish uses wood, stone, brick, aged metal, vegetable ornaments prevail. In such an interior, the product of clay will fit perfectly. The focus in the form of a large, bizarrely painted clay pot will look here very organic. The chimney in the form of a termination of the oven musical instrument will also be appropriate.

If the room has an old interior, it prevails furniture decorated with carvings, paintings in massive gold-plated frames. In this case, you can come up with a round ceramic fireplace stove, which has excellent decorative properties and equipped with a transparent glass chimney. Especially popular models lined with white or beige ceramics and decorated with curly inserts of green, blue, purple and other colors, as well as multicolored vegetable ornaments.

Pendant round fireplaces may not be complete (360 degrees), but a limited visibility of the hearth. Round or spherical black chamber capsule as it goes down from the ceiling along the chimney pipe and looks into the house with a focus by a hole resembling an erection erupting flame. Such a futuristic picture can well fit into the interior of some modern museum or art platform.


    Despite the relatively small range of products of this type, the interested buyer has something to choose.

    Creation of round fireplaces are engaged in a few companies, Among Piazzetta (Italy), Totem (France), Seguin (France), Bordelet (France), Sergio Leoni (Italy), Focus (France) and others. Among the models represented by these brands, there are and possessing pronounced classic designs, and elegant-lightweight, and pragmatic-functional models.

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