Red Anthurium: Popular varieties and care at home

Red Anthurium refers to the family of aroid and is epipheit. In the natural environment – the tropics of America – grows on trees, clinging to long roots for trunks and branches. It also grows on rocky protrusions and gorges.


This beautiful flower in the people was called “Male Happiness” or “Family Happiness”. Believe that the house in which the plant is located, will be complete well-being and prosperity. He is a good gift for both men and women.

It is the opinion that this flower enhances the sensual energy in the male floor, and for the young man is a harbinger of happy marriage, the seven brings harmony and understanding.

Anthurium leaves grow on high, thin stems, have a slightly elongated heart shape. Their size is quite impressive. The surface of sheet plates glossy, with deep dark green color. They have an outstanding property to unfold after the sun.

Flower Plants – This is a white-yellow color action framed by a brightly scarlet bract in the form of a heart. On its shiny surface, reinforced veins are well identified. Flowers Red Anthurium almost a year, with the exception of a small pause in winter. If you create a flower artificial pollination, you can see the fruits of the plant. This is something like round orange berries with two seeds inside.

On the surface of the leaves there are crystals of oxalate calcium – a poisonous substance that causes irritation of the mucous membranes, the juice of the plant is also toxic. For adults, this does not pose a threat, but children or animals, trying the plant, can earn an allergic reaction. In this regard, the room flower must be positioned so that it is out of the zone of their reach. Anthurium roots can also provoke allergies, so it’s better to use gloves when contacting them. More serious health problems plant does not deliver.

Plant has the ability to absorb exhaust gases and heavy smells of plastic, and also highlights phytoncides, disinfecting airspace around. Decorative red anthurium flowers are often cut to create floral compositions. They can stand in water up to six weeks without losing their elegance. In the east, such flowers are added to the bridal bouquet.


This variety of plants has its own varieties:

  • Andre – It has a bright red bedspread, gently enveloping graceful curved bychoil;
  • Schwartz – with large sheet plates and spiral tip;
  • Crystal – has large velvety leaves covered with graceful streaks of silver shade;
  • Majestic – small growth with decorative, heart-shaped leaves, dyed white veins;
  • Lases – blooming liana with oval sheet plates;
  • Baker – it is distinguished by elongated leaves with streaks of red-green color;
  • Shercesra – has a curved coating with a spiral cob;
  • Dakota – the largest variety, can reach 80 cm;
  • Dark Red – characterized by different color variations covered: from light pink to deep burgundy;
  • Red Queen – It has a double-red striking and greenish cigarette;
  • Dynamite ed – owns a curved brightly scarlet bolic with a yellow flower;
  • Champion – with rounded bedspread with slightly raised edges and pink or yellow rod.

Conditions of detention

Red Anthurium – not a particularly demanding plant. For a good condition, the plant is needlessly scattered lighting, the bright light will provoke the drying of foliage, and when it is short, it will not bloom. In winter, if necessary, artificial lighting add. Does not love the flower drafts, cold air and sharp temperature differences. Otherwise, anthurium will be sick.

Like all tropical plants, he needed increased humidity. To maintain the circle of the flower spray water from the spray, but it is necessary to ensure that the liquid does not fall on the flowers and leaf plates. At high temperature, spraying is carried out more often. Comfortable air temperature for red anthurium – 20-25 degrees above zero in warm season and + 15-16 in winter.

The plant does not tolerate the situation in terms of light, especially in the actual growth phase and responds to it falling foliage.

How to care?

So that the plant has a healthy and attractive appearance, and also pleased with abundant blossom, He needs to provide a certain care.

  • Lighting must be provided bright enough, but without direct sunlight on the leaves. Optimal location – Eastern and Western window sills.
  • To enhance humidity and maintain the required level, except for spraying the air, you can attach a pallet pot of wet clay and make it saving it.
  • Moisturization is carried out as needed when the top layer of the substrate managed to dry. Flower does not like both drying soil and excess moisture. In the summer, watering should be carried out more often, about once every 2-3 days, and in the winter, it is reduced by its number to once a week. Water take the estate and not cold.
  • Fertilize the plant is also necessary. For this use complex fertilizers diluted with water. They can be both mineral and organic.
  • Anthurium leaf plates need to wash with water or wiping with a wet napkin.
  • To achieve normal flowering, in winter, the plant put in place, which is well covered, with a lack of light it will yellow.


When choosing a transplant capacity, you need to remember that the crowded pot activates blossoms, and more extensive – dynamic growth. A very important component of the red anthurium transplant process is drainage. He must be present in obligatory.

The substrate for transplanting the flower requires a fertile, not having high acidity. Optimally suited for such a goal a few varieties of soil:

  • ready-made soil for begonias add coconut fiber and coal;
  • Connect the peat with humus in equal proportions, add spruce or pine cheeu, broken brick and coal;
  • the same pieces of the turf, river sand and hurry to mix with coal.

The flower transplantation should be carried out for about once a year, since the plant has an active growth. Conduct this procedure as follows:

  • The selected tank capacity is filled with high-quality drainage;
  • Up to half, pots are lining the substrate;
  • The plant together with the earthen room is carefully removed from the previous tank;
  • fallen or damaged roots are removed;
  • lay out the flower in the pot, well-based root;
  • Sleep the soil from above and slightly finished with hands;
  • It is necessary to trace the root neck to be at the same level with the substrate surface, otherwise it rotes;
  • The plant is moisturized, plated moss and covered with polyethylene;
  • For several days, the flower moves to the half-day;
  • After normal rooting, the anthurium put on the usual place, and the package is removed.


Divorce red anthurium in several ways:

  • cuttings;
  • shoots;
  • division;
  • Seeds.

The stem tops are used as cuttings, dry several minutes and lowered into a capacity with water or in a pot with prepared, well-moistened soil. Roots appear pretty quickly.

Adult plants form lateral shoots that are very well suited for searches. Separate them when carrying out a transplant, it is not necessary to specifically dig up, because the root system is damaged. With urgent need, it stretches out of the capacity, the whole earthen one with roots and hands is separated by the desired escape. Plant planted in prepared soil.

Division is the most common way to breed this species, it is held when the flower transplant. The parent plant is divided into several parts, but it is necessary that each had a growth point. It is done only by hands to avoid damage. Each part is planted in small containers, moisturized and shares from the sun. Feeding start a month after rooting.

Reproduction seeds is the most complex and not always a successful way of reproduction of this species, so it is used quite rarely. Seeds are sown in peat, the soil is neatly moistened and covered with a film. Seedlings attend chemless, over two weeks. Then the shelter is removed, moisturize the sprouts better with the use of sprayer. Pick seedlings when the third leaf appears, in small containers.

Some types of anthurium, among which the famous varieties of Andre and Sherecer can be multiplied by a somewhat unusual way. For it, a piece of leaf is cut and turn it into the tube. So that it does not turn around, fix with a rubber band or soft thread, then up to half placed in a prepared mixture of peat and sphagnum. Liste moisturizes and covered with a jar. So leave for three weeks in warm, shaded place. During this time, a small sprocket is formed; after its appearance, the container is moved to the light, but they are watching it is not too bright. After 2-3 days the bank can be removed. Transplant sprout in a month.

Red Anthurium can be successfully propagated at home, without applying special efforts, you only need to follow some rules. It must be remembered that the plant is poisonous, so all work should be carried out in gloves.

To save a good atmosphere in the house, you need to put an anthurium flower in it. He will raise his own properties and an unusually luxurious view and will give a bit of magic.

About how to properly care for the room plant by Anthurium, look in the following video.

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