Provence Mirrors

In the interior made in the style of Provence, all items are harmoniously combined with each other and complement each other. Any detail that does not correspond to the overall concept of this unique style will dissemble with the situation, violate its harmony and balance. Even mirrors in such interiors should emphasize the characteristic features peculiar to this style.


Provence Mirror Due to every detail to display key features inherent exclusively to this area. These designers include the following features:

  • simple geometric shapes;
  • the presence of patinated (artificially aged) materials;
  • Hand painted or art carving in the decor;
  • Use of stucco or wrought elements.

It becomes clear that Provence mirrors possess a simple and several old-fashioned design. Their frame (base) is usually made of wood or metal. Its form of construction can resemble paintings enclosed in baguette, or window frames.

In the finishing of such mirrors, modern materials, intricate and catchy decor never use.

Simple and elegant forms, concise design allow them to organically fit into the interior, performed in the style of Provence.

Review of species

In the interiors under this style, the use of a large number of mirrors is welcomed. They can have the most different configuration and sizes. Mostly mirrors differ from each other by two signs: the place of its location in the room and the form. Consider what kind of varieties of this element of the interior are.

By location

When archiving an interior in the style of Provence, all known types of mirrors are allowed to use:

  • wall;
  • outdoor;
  • Desktop.

Wall models Mirrors are commonly used to decorate the living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms. Such products are often equipped with a light wooden frame resembling the framing.

Outdoor models are most often placed in bedrooms, hallways, working offices. The frame of such models is usually made of metal, providing stability of the design.

Desktop models of Provence mirrors have compact dimensions, a simple geometric shape. They are located on the couches in the hallways, toilet tables and dressers in bedrooms.

In form

In the interiors in the style of Provence, designers love to use mirrors having a simple geometric shape – rectangular, round or oval. Separate attention deserve models made in the form of an arched window. Often, such mirrors are equipped with swing or sliding shutters of wood.

Child Nuances

The appearance of the Provence Mirrors must fully comply with the design of other interior items. So, If there is furniture made of artificially aged tree of light tone in the arrangement of the room, then a mirror with a frame of the same texture and shade can be the best addition to it. For rooms in which furniture is located with a suitis metal frame, it is better to purchase mirrors decorated with forging elements.

When choosing a mirror in the style of Provence, the dimensions of the room in which it is supposed to be placed. For spacious bedrooms, hallways and work offices are optimally suitable for massive outdoor models. For small rooms it is better to purchase practical wall-mounted models that will not take a lot of space.

When buying a mirror in a wooden frame, it should be borne in mind that visual frame frame may have a sorted view. However, the design itself should not be worn or fragile.

For this reason, before buying a product, you should make sure the reliability and quality of the wooden frame.

Besides, It should be understood that mirrors having an elongated vertical form visually increase the height of the ceilings indoors. But the structures with an extended horizontal form, on the contrary, visually expand the space of small narrow rooms.

Stylish examples in the interior

The use of artificially made-up wood is one of the distinguishing features of the Provence style. In this case, the wooden frame of the outdoor mirror is organically combined in color and texture with elegant toilet table. Attention should be paid to the features of the location of the design in the room (near the window). This option allows you to fill the room with light, visually making it more spacious.

An excellent functional addition to the bright toilet table located in the bedroom is capable of becoming a mirror with a white frame in the form of a window with swing shutters. The presence of lateral flaps in this model provides not only the best review, but also the additional stability of the design.

An elegant toilet table on carved legs will organically complement the simple rectangular mirror in a wide wooden frame of the same color. The original design detail of this model is the vested frame decor, imitating stucco. Extracted vertical form of construction provides an excellent review of both a sitting and standing person.

In the interior of the room with low ceilings, an outdoor mirror in an oval white frame. And although the frame frame is made of metal, such a model looks very elegant. It became possible due to the subtle (but rather stable) legs, as well as the original decor in the form of a figurine of a small bird.

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