Porcelain vases: species, design and use in the interior

Vases – one of the elements of the decor, which is appropriate in almost any style. The old models are especially interesting, because their beauty will not fuss in time, but only luxurious and expressive. Chinese vases from porcelain – this is a combination of tenderness and noble chic. What is interesting such models, what they happen to how to use them in the interior – consider in this article.

Features of the material

Translated from Arabic Porcelain means “Emperor, Imperial”. The material was obtained because only very rich people could afford it. The first products from the porcelain were produced by Chinese potters, they created truly unique specimens. To Europe, the crafts brought to the beginning of the XVIII century. It was a real extender, because before that, residents of European countries did not see such grace and refinement. Subsequently, the product got into Russia. Now, every home decor shop and dishes offers customers a huge range of porcelain products.

There are three main types of porcelain: solid, soft and bone.

  • Solid porcelain – This is a unique material that is made from the Chinese Stone. Such products on weight are heavy, they are quite strong, but may well be broken from a strong impact. Solid porcelain is a favorite material of Chinese masters.

  • Soft (artificial) porcelain – Creation of Europeans. Seeing beautiful Chinese figurines and vases, Europeans tried to reproduce the material, but there were no hardness in it. The firing of such a porcelain is carried out at lower temperatures, so it is a bit porous.

  • Bone china – the most rare and expensive material. He was developed in England, adding bone ash to the standard recipe. Similar material is very strong, transparent. Vases from it unimaginable thin and elegant.

In addition, it is worth mentioning and such a thing as cold china. Of course, he has nothing to do with the real Chinese material. 

This is a mixture of several elements:

  • glue;
  • starch;
  • glycerin;
  • corn flour.

Cold porcelain is used for modeling with their own hands, from it you can do anything. Prepare the material of the house will also not be labor.

Vise varieties

Porcelain vases are the perfect addition for any interior. With their help, you can give the room of restrained luxury, revive the decoration, add the selected direction. Also a vase is a win-win option for those who do not know what accessories to provide the room.


A feature of the outdoor VAZ is that they are usually large. They cannot be launched for a chair, a sofa, putting outside the door – such models must be in the first place in the room, pleaseing the gaze of the owners and guests. However, this option may not be suitable for each room. If the room is small, a huge vase will look ridiculous, the impression will create that this item has some miracle here. Choose such vases for spacious, large rooms – only then they will harmoniously complement the interior.

A good idea will use these models for colors. If you put dry flowers, they will make the interior more subtle, sublime. Live plants look very beautiful, but they need to choose. For white vases are suitable voluminous branches of orchids, roses, lilies.


As a rule, desktop vases are chosen by small sizes. They look good on the coffee table, racks, bedside tables. It is very important to stop your choice on the perfect silhouette – “Published”, rounded vases, in classic – long and thin contours look great in modern styles. An interesting decision will be to choose a few of the same type of VAZ and create a whole composition of them.

Color gamma and images

The first vases made by Chinese masters were mostly white. They did not have drawings or patterns. Only a lot later began to make unusual decorations and appliques on models.

  • Standard Option – White Vase. It is perfect for both classic directions and minimalism style. It is necessary to take into account the overall interior. If he is in dark shades, then the white vase will be inappropriate. Such a model is selected for light, spacious rooms.

  • The original idea will acquire a black antique vase. It looks good in classic style, and can also add such extravagant directions as Glamor and Fusion. This vase will be wonderful to look in a white or cream interior, becoming a cold, expressed accent.

  • Bright warm colors, such as red, pink, yellow will become a good addition to the bright interior. However, do not forget that selecting the model of a non-standard shade, you need to take into account the overall concept. For example, if your room in green colors, then the red vase will look ridiculous and even defiantly.

  • Porcelain vases in calm colors Blue, blue and purple fit both to the classic style and to the direction of Loft, Country, Fusion. When buying this species, take care that in the interior there was at least one accessory of this color.

Most often connoisseurs of rigorousness and despusting prefer vases without frills. However, more modern styles suggest not only solid whiteness, but also interesting drawings of different colors, as well as the addition of other materials. Porcelain vase with bronze enclosures – this is the original idea for the interior, which is decorated “under the ancient”. Most often, bronze do pens or product base, the rest is made of porcelain. Such vases will be relevant only in the old interior, where they will complement the other such works of art.

Prints with flowers – Favorite women drawings. Such a vase can be created by the classic interior, but do not forget that the flowers should be combined with the main range of rooms. An interesting solution will be purchased vases with images of animals. It can be tigers, lions, paradise birds. Beautifully looks like a model with frogs – such a vase will raise the mood to any guest.

Abstract and unusual drawings are better to use in modern styles where they will be the most winning look.

Tips and recommendations

If you wish to purchase a truly valuable thing, it is worth paying attention to the products of the “Imperial Porcelain Factory”. This plant includes 270 years of work, in its catalog there is a huge range of VAZ and other porcelain products. In addition, the firm constantly conducts exhibitions and master classes in painting.

It is very important to take into account the stylistics of the room when buying a vase. Classic styles require restraint in colors and drawings, modern directions will support brightness and fantasy. Such styles like Loft and High-tech, be sure to supplement the cool glitter of white or black porcelain.

    Planning the use of a colors vase, you need to abandon the saturated product. Strict white gamma is welcome, which shade bright, colorful roses or gerberas. It is also recommended to select a certain form – a good solution will be round or square model.

    For large bouquets, buy products of the Japanese format, no less attractive in them will look like a single branch of Sakura. If you plan to put one rose or lily in a vase, it is better to stop your choice on a thin and long product. Those models that are intended only for decorative format can be of various shapes.

    How to make cold china do it yourself, look in the following video.

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