Photo frames with clothespins in the interior

Photo frame with clothespins allows you to quickly and beautifully organize storage and demonstration of a large number of photos. This design creates quite simple even in the absence of special skills.


Such a photo frame fit perfectly into any interior, and therefore suitable for the arrangement of any room, from the corridor to the office. The basis of the frame with clothespins can be pieces of wire, tight ropes, ribbons, fishing ribs and other similar materials. It looks beautifully as a composition enclosed in the frame and the one that is not limited to anything and freely occupies a selected part of the interior. Of course, it is impossible to completely attribute it to the photo frames, but this option for designing the room with pictures is chosen quite often.

For fixing photos, conventional wooden clothespins or special metal structures can be used.


The design of photo frames with clothespins is selected depending on the general interior design. For instance, In the Scandinavian interior, a laconic wooden frame of a light shade can be filled with photographs alternating with thematic pictures and decorative elements. Also very cool looks without a backdrop, placed on the background of the graphic wall. In the same scandian interior, an unusual framework performed in the form of an improvised world map with the help of technology. An excellent idea will highlight the photos used by LED garland.

In the edge in the style of Country, the frame created from the old window frame will look good. Such a wooden foundation will not even need to decorate additionally, as it looks interesting in itself. For a modern glamorous interior, a gilded photo frame is suitable with cloves of an unusual form.

Minimalist interiors will look good for a metal mesh frame, as a rule, painted in black or golden shade.

How to make it yourself?

In order to make an independently photo frame with ropes, it will take quite a bit of time. Work will require the use of figured rails, alternative to which can serve as a thin bar or small boards. Then you will surely need jut threads or not too thick rope. In addition, there will be 4 corners for collecting frames, medium sized screws, fittings for fastening on the wall, as well as wood-hacksaw or jigsaw. First of all, it is necessary to determine the size of the frame that must correspond to the number of photos placed inside.

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For instance, For 25 cards with parties 10 and 15 centimeters, which will be in 5 rows and 5 columns, will require a frame with internal parameters 83.5 to 67 centimeters. Reiki required length is trimmed at an angle of 45 degrees to dock them with each other without intervals. Face sides are fixed with each other with metal corners. Immediately in the middle of the top is screwed special fasteners for fixing on the wall.

Depending on the size of the frame, markup is created for the holes needed for the rope.

If you repel from the above parameters, it will be necessary to withstand the indentation from the edge of 3.5 centimeters, as well as save the gap between the ropes equal to 12 centimeters. Holes drill only on vertical rails. In the first of them, the twine is tied, which is further told through holes, as if “launching” them. Tied the lace only in the last opening. During this stage it is important to stretch the rope well so that the photos then did not resist. Pictures are fixed in the finished frame with decorative clothespins.

How to post?

First of all, a finished frame with clothespins can be simply hanging on the wall. Since this decorative element is visually quite complicated, “neighbors” on the same surface it will not be patient. But below, under the frame great will look a soft baffy, basket for storing plaids or a small chest. The traditional option is the location of this photo frame above the desk.

I wonder the photos on clothespins, placed on the shelves or installed on the floor.

Beautiful examples

Press a special highlight photo frame with clothespins with the background. For example, it is interesting to look like a backdrop for pictures from wooden boards, decorated with decorative hearts with sparkles. To continue the topic, the clothespins themselves are also supplemented with small bright red figures.

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In another embodiment, the frame frame is decorated with the image of the lighthouse, world map and other elements resembling travels. Since the drawing is made with bright blue accents, the same shade is selected for decorative corners of a wooden frame. This decorative element will ideally go for storing memories of the summer holiday.

About how to make a photo frame with clothespins with your own hands, look in the following video.

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