Phials Humako Inches: Description, Features of planting and care

In everyday life more and more often, you can meet violets grown on the windowsill. Indeed, these flowers have become so firmly in the human life that almost no apartment do without these wonderful plants.

A special popularity was won by violets called Humako Inches, which will be discussed further.

Description and Features of the Phials Humako Inches


This plant is another variation of the sensational sensation, however, in the surprise it is called violet. The name of this senpolyia comes from Germany, more precisely, from the German baron Saint-Field. It was he who first found these amazing flowers in the districts of his residence.

The famous breeder – a friend of the Saint-Field – was raised from the seeds of the found plants the first sensipolia, which became the ancestor of the existing species. Literally through half a century across the earth there were already about a hundred varieties of this flower. In the modern world there are already about three thousand, but breeders do not stop.

As for Humako Inches, the name is translated into Russian, the name is translated as Humaco Inches. The first word is the name of the popular Netherlands company specializing in the selection of violets. The second word speaks about the size of the flower.


In the regions of East Africa, it is possible to meet this evergreen herbaceous plant, growing up to 30 centimeters in height. In room conditions, sizes, of course, less.

The variety itself belongs to the Gesnery family, to the genus of hybrid sensipolium. Plant truly beautiful and elegant, with pretty large flowers. Light green leaves of oval shape are collected in a root rosette. Also on them there are small villi and at the top of the leaflets are pointed.

Flowers violets painted white with blue core. They are going to one brush, about five to six pieces. Flowers petals can be terry or semi-marked. In the first case there are many additional petals.

The diameter of one cup is capable of reaching 8 centimeters.

Fruits have the kind of small boxes that collect seeds. The plant is multiplied very simple and fast.

The flowering process lasts long (from March to November), while the flowers bloom and become lush, closing the whole outlet. Old color pains are replaced by new.

It is worth noting that In the summer, with an extremely strong heat, white shade becomes somewhat less, the concentration of blue is increasing. At low temperatures, on the contrary, white color.

Also experienced breeders tend to believe that Humako Inches have two variations. This plant has petals with smooth edges, and the other is a test, but there are much more common in stores. Flowers in these plants are slightly less and have wavy edges.


This senpolyia, like the rest, requires proper care. The main thing in this business is a properly selected place and optimal humidity.

    Choosing a place

    .Choose a place for Humako Inches is not so easy, however, it is this factor that is the key to regular blossoms. The place should be illuminated, but without direct sunlight. Excessive light provokes rotting leaves and petals. In addition, it is impossible to allow drafts and too high temperatures.

    In one pot there should be no more than one socket, and the side processes are to be removed. The same applies to injured and dried plots, however, it is necessary to delete all this neatly, not hurt healthy sections.

    To ensure good flowering, there is a scattered light for at least 12 hours a day. In order to make this period longer, in winter, the plant must be moved to the South or Western side, while ensuring artificial lighting. However, directly during flowering pot with a plant to rearrange in no case can.

    Humidity and temperature

    The optimal temperature for this sensipoly is considered + 18-24 degrees Celsius. In winter, it should not be less than 10 degrees, as the plant will just perish. If the temperature, on the contrary, is too high, the violet will not bloom.

    Humidity should be at the level of 50%, it is possible to provide this by putting a pot on a tray with wet pebbles. In addition, the pulverizers should be abandoned.


    As for watering, it must be regular and under the root. The soil must be moistened, but not very wet. In order to avoid rotting and the appearance of pests, all the moisture falling on the leaves should immediately wipe. The following methods can be applied as irrigation:

    • immersion pot into the water;
    • watering from the pallet;
    • moisturizing with the help of wick;
    • using syringe.

    To prevent the appearance of mold on the ground, it is recommended to at least once a month to moistening the plant by phytoosporin water.

    For regular irrigation, water temperature should be applied, dying at least 12 hours. Watering watering shrinks.


    In the summer and spring, Humako Inches need to regularly fertilize mineral additives. They should be made at least 2 times a week according to the following scheme: 2 grams per 1 liter of water.

    Shortly before the bookmark of buds, mineral complexes and feeding should be used in large quantities in order to increase the number of buds. To ensure the necessary flowering, fertilizers should be two times less.

    Use the best of all phosphoric or potash fertilizers.


    Another important detail for the successful growth of plants – transplantation. It takes it for about two times in one year, when the soil in the pot becomes exhausted. Best time for this – Spring.

    The pot must be the same size as the old one, and the soil must be intended for SENPOLY. Be sure to have drainage – it should take about half a pot.

    If the transplant is planned, then it is necessary to carry out the method of transshipment. In the case of unscheduled work (soil cycling or plant disease), the full or partial replacement of the soil is applied. It is very important not to forget to check the condition of the roots and separate the child parts of the violence necessary for reproduction.


    Multiply this violet with the most familiar with leaf cuttings. It is necessary to take a healthy and adult sheet from the bottom of the plant, processing this place by coal after removal. Then the dark glassware with boiled water is prepared, the cuttings are installed there. Literally a few weeks, with the advent of the first roots, the violet can be safely moved to a pot with soil.

    There is also a method of breeding seeds, but it is applied much less.

    The cultivation of violet is interesting and sometimes even complicated. But in case of successful cultivation, this plant is able to truly decorate the windowsill and please with its abundant blossoms.

    How to choose Humako Inches high-quality violets in the store and not make a mistake, you will learn from the following video.

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