Pelargonium “Quantum”: features and descriptions of varieties

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Pelargonium is more likely known to lovers like geranium, because it enters this extensive family, but is a separate knee. To not be confused, in the future, the article will use a more familiar name of the flower.


Geranium “Quantum” refers to many years of plants that bloom is inconstant. This semi-staple is widespread as a decorative room flower for his amazing attractiveness.

Dark foliage, rich green shade. Sometimes geranium pushes its specific aroma, but it is he who distinguishes it. Stems are formed at a low bush straight, default. Foliage of palpal shape.

Flowers are collected in small, compact umbrellas, from the side like a hat. Flower long, bright, coloring depends on the variety.


Geranium “Cvanteum” can be distinguished by several of the most sought-after crop grades.

  • “Quantum F1 Red”. This geranium grows up to a maximum of 400 mm, as a result, the bush is obtained compact, volumetric. On average, in diameter, the variety reaches 40 cm. Geranium is decorated with medium-sized umbrellas from scarlet flowers collected in a small hat with a diameter of 120 mm. Of the features you can allocate the presence of carved leaves. If compared with other varieties, this blooms longer.

  • “Salmon”. Ideal for registration not only windowsill, but also a balcony, since geranium can grow on the street in the warm season. The bulk bush can reach a width of 400 mm, at the end of the shoots are formed small inflorescences in the shape of umbrellas. Flowers have salmon color. Attracts attention varieties with carved edges of foliage.

This geranium is perfectly withstanding the heat and can cope with short-term drought periods.

  • “Light Pink”. The diameter of the inflorescences of this variety can reach 120 mm, the size of the bush in width and height of 40 * 40 cm. Pleases grade flowers with gentle, pink color. Flowers geranium for a long time, can withstand an elevated air temperature in the room and on the street.

  • “Mix”. This variety is actively used to decorate open balconies, because it is not bad to adapt to changes in air temperature. From the distinctive qualities of this species, it is possible to highlight the presence of geranium bushes, in the rest of the plant similar to the parameters with the species described above.

Care and landing

Care for geranium is very simple, so it enjoys such popular in crop. Seeds It is worth sowing from December to March, while the depth of immersion should not exceed 10 mm.

The soil in containers should be lightweight, well-drained so that moisture in it is not stood.

The best soil will be a mixture of peat and sand. After planting and moisturizing the soil, it is best to cover with a plastic bag or glass. For germination, the solar place is perfect, with the plus temperature of the air +20.25 ° C. The first sprouts can be seen on the surface of the soil in 2 weeks. From crop, it is required to constantly monitor the humidity of the soil.

When the seeds are sprouting, geranium tanks are cleaned into a sharp place. Picking is made only after the appearance of three real leaves. So that the bush turned out beautiful when transplant pinch geranium between the fifth and sixth sheet.

All nuances about growing pelargonium from seeds are told in the following video.

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