Paper towel holders: practicality and convenience

Paper towels holders are stylish and functional accessories. They are designed to keep rolls and facilitate the capture of napkins. Products help improve the organization of space in the bathroom or kitchen, organically fit into the interior of the room.


This fixture stores paper towels, foil, food film in careful form and adds a note of modernity kitchen or bathroom. Holders are distinguished by various characteristics and innovative features that make useful and in demand accessories.

Usually this object is in demand due to compactness and ease of use.

The product is installed on any surface and fix the suckers, magnets, screws.

Operation of the holder is understandable to any user. Towel holders are divided into two types: simple and mechanical. The first view is preferred for installation in the house, the second is suitable for installation in public places. The mechanical model has more advantages. Such products are characterized by compliance with sanitation and greater capacity.

Automatic product is called dispenser. Use such a device convenient and hygienic, because rolled towels do not touch hands to take napkins. It will only take to pull and tear the cloth.

For home use, such a device is an indispensable assistant, which instantly gives the towels to absorb liquid, removed dirt.

Types of designs

Paper towel holder is an important element of the kitchen, restroom or office. There are many options on sale that differ in their design and color decision. The feature of the attachment and type of product will affect the storage of paper towels as well. If there is not much place in the room, the holder for paper towels is suitable with the location on the surface or in a niche.

Its installation on the shelf next to the sink will save free space and provide convenient access to paper towels. The smooth surface of the embedded models is ideal for small bathrooms and kitchens, because it is easy to care for smooth material. In such places it is better to avoid bulky products for storing paper towels. Desktop models for tabletops are chosen in cases where the room is more spacious.

Free space space allows you to set the subject on the table. Holders vary by type of fasteners. The range includes varieties on suckers, magnetic, screw stand. They are installed in a vertical and horizontal position.

The competent selection of the holder for a paper towel may seem a challenging task. However, in fact, it is not as complicated: it is important to determine the type, functionality and fastening method.


When choosing a suitable holder, you need to determine which type of paper towel is planned to be used in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Each representative has its strengths. For example, some paper towels are suitable for any dispensing device. Paper towels are folded leaf or in the form of standard rolls.

Classic roller

This is a convenient way to distribute paper towels. However, it is not hygienic as an automatic distributor, since the previous part of the product is broken by another user. Such a holder allows you to adjust the desired length of the canvas. Produce a model in various color solutions, which allows you to choose a product for any interior of the apartment. Flowers can be depicted on the surface, dolls.

Automatic universal

This option allows the user to take the desired length, without touching the outer part of the handout. Motion sensors eliminate the need to pull the lever. This ensures that each paper towel concerns only one user, and the microbes are not transferred from the person to the transfer device (and vice versa). Data varieties are available in different colors to match the decor of the room.


The device is a suspension design. It takes little space, so it is often installed on the kitchen. Such a model can be made independently or buy a finished product. In order not to drill holes on the surface, you can purchase a product on suckers.

Railing model is considered multipurpose, Since in addition to storing rolled and fabric towels, it is used to store foil, food film, baking paper.

For folding paper

The product is intended for any surface. The subject resembles a box or a basket, where paper towels lie on each other. The capacity of the model allows you to place more paper towels in the dispensing device. Made such models from wrought iron, stainless steel, plastic, wood.

This type of holder can be with a lid or without it. The product is accommodated next to the sink in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Often these accessories are mobile. Due to its decorative species, these items add comfort and comfort to any atmosphere.


Dispenser gives the user a napkin and retains the integrity of the towel, it is a stylish accessory. For the manufacture of the device use durable materials.


Wooden paper towel holder is most often intended for use on the tabletop. This durable material is ideal for retention of paper towels. It is environmentally friendly, reliable, durable. Such products can be conveniently located near the sinks. Design of wood should be chosen lacquered so that the moisture does not destroy the material.


Metal holders are the most sought-after products. They are distinguished by smoothness, durability, reliability, surface attractiveness. These items are made of nickel, bronze, brass, stainless steel. Worn holders for paper towels add decorative accent any room. Braided stainless steel items resemble a basket. They will successfully look at the table top.


Plastic is a modern material with matte and glossy texture. It is easy to color, it has a slight weight, but it is afraid of significant mechanical damage. Plastic products are resistant to wear and are distinguished by a long service life. They are presented in various colors and styles in accordance with any decor.

Color solutions

Shades of holders are different and depend on the type of material used. For example, a metal design has a cold silver color. Such gamma is always up to date and modern. Glossy parts resemble a mirror and attract attention.

Silver is compatible with any color and style of the room, attaches freshness atmosphere. Classic in bright colors, minimalism in black and white decoration, loft in dark paints – Silver holder is suitable for any interior.

For eco-style lovers and muffled tones, products with a matte surface will fit. If the kitchen is decorated in green and white gamma, you should select holders with elements of brown, black flowers with velvet structure to the touch. Beautifully looks in rustic style on the wall. Wood imitation gives comfort and warmth of the kitchen atmosphere.

If in the room dull paints and light, dilute the setting will help bright orange, green, blue, red holder.


Manufacturers offer new and modern models, today any consumer will select the option with its preferences and financial capabilities.


IKEA offers paper plastic towel holders, stainless steel, wood. Products by type of use are divided into dispensaries and manual models. Shades of models: Black, Silver, White, Green, Blue. Simple products are equipped with a support bar, which facilitates the separation of the sheet.

Caring for these holders simple: they need to wipe with a wet cloth. Product size is at least 28 cm in height. The manufacturer offers 2 installation methods: on the worktop or railing with hooks. Exterior of stylish products, suitable in any interior.


Tork company produces solid holders. Exterior Products Creates a feeling of comfort, luxury. On the Tork Matic model with the intuition sensor on the front side of the machine, a button is built. When you press this detail, the dispensing device produces napkins.

Manufacturer produces goods in white, green, blue color. Tork Xpress Desktop Dispenser Suitable for Home Use. This is a neat, compact item that will fit into any interior. Produce a model only in white color, however plastic easily cleaning with a wet sponge.


Wesco digging stylish products. The holder is desktop and wall. Products made of stainless metal, plastic. A model with a closed housing and a cut-off of the napkin is popular. Boarding products protect paper towels from dust, fat and external influences. Color part of the product is made of lacquered steel. The manufacturer offers a wide range of products, products produced in Germany.

How to make yourself?

Each house there finds a hanger or an old painting roller. Skillful households found the use of these things for rolled towels in the kitchen. But if these options are too simple, creative types of products are designed.

From leather belt

To create such a model, the following items will be required:

  • awl;
  • belts;
  • wooden rod;
  • Fittings (leather threads);
  • glue.

On each belt on the edges you need to make holes with a selection. The belt is folded in half and on the edge outlined deepening. Similar manipulations should be done with the second strap. Accessories are inserted into the finished holes.

To install on the wall, you must use suction cups or screws.

If suction cups are used, it is better to glue them to superciles. You can immediately make additional holes in the belts. It is important to attach the subject exactly so that no inclination is observed. Then you need to put the rod in the loop of the straps. For the decor of the seat of the belt connection and the rod can be tied up with sturdy woolen threads or rope.

From newspaper tubes

For this option will be required:

  • newspaper tubes;
  • glue;
  • Cardboard trunk rod.

First you need to make a plug from the newspaper (paper). It must be inserted inside the cardboard rod, smear it in advance by glue. Prepared newspaper tubes wound on one on the pipe in a circle, fixing the plow glue. After the rod is decorated with tubes, you need to prepare the basis of the holder. To do this, it will be necessary to cut circles from cardboard and enclose their newspaper. The diameter of the stand should harmoniously look with the rod. If the design is performed from one type of black and white newspaper, to save the material of the rod, you need to attach a scotch.

To get rid of the petrot of the subject, it will take color self-adhesive paper.


To make such a model, you need to cook:

  • rod for support;
  • circle for a stand;
  • glue and drill.

The material for the holder is better to choose smooth to further use the surface of the surface. In the stand you need to drill a hole in the center. The diameter of the support should correspond to the deepening in the circle. The final stage – fixation of the piece of glue. After that you need to give a product to dry. If you wish, you can paint, (covered with varnish) and decorate the holder.

From the pipe

It will take a metal pipe, as well as screws. Metal bar must be attached to the wall parallel to the floor. It is necessary to attach large hooks or strong ropes to the pipe, between the details you need to insert a rod from any material. After that, you can fix the rod with glue.

Examples of location in the kitchen

  • For small-sized kitchens fit the Railing Holder, attached to the cabinet over the sink. Stainless steel design is not afraid of moisture. Therefore, the rust on the product will not appear.
  • You can attach the product to the cabinet or on the outside of the door, fixing the holistic model using the sucker or screws.
  • Table types of holders worth setting next to the stove, refrigerator.
  • Mechanical dispensaries in a small room are better attached to the wall next to the stove or above the table, observing safety equipment.
  • Holders of large kitchens have more opportunities, they can set two types of holders: automatic and simple. Classic holder can be put on the surface between the stove and sink. This will ensure instant access to the towels in unforeseen situations. Mechanical dispenser will emphasize the status of the owner and create ease of use, observing the sanitary rules.

How to make a wooden paper floor holder with your own hands, you will find out in the following video.

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