Outdoor candlesticks: varieties, recommendations for choosing

Previously, add lighting the room was possible only with the use of candles. Currently, such a need disappeared, and therefore the floor candlesticks and candles are used as decor elements.

The history of the appearance of candelabra

The meaning of the word Kandelabré translated from Latin means “Candle”. The classic candlestick meant a place under one candle, but for quite some time the complex products began to be manufactured, in which 5 candles could be placed.

They were massive high metal products, bronze or silver.

During the Romans, the candelabra was used as an interior decorations. Then there were such options like Wall, Suspended and Floor Candelabra. If the walls and outdoor move it is impossible, then the desktops were mobile.

In the XVIII century, they appeared in Russia. Most often in the manufacture of products used openwork ornaments. Sometimes decorated with animal figures.

In addition to silver and bronze for manufacture, it began to apply china.

What is worth paying attention to when choosing?

Choosing a candlestick into several candles, you can use it when creating the backlight of the room, as well as to give the interior of the decorative atmosphere.

Such products are most often made of metals, sometimes their kuyt.

Single wanders use more often for household or table candles. They are also made of metals, but more often.

Varieties of candlesticks

These products differ in form and size.

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Classic instanceI had a length of 10 to 30 centimeters and stayed in the center of the table, occupying one of the main places in the serving. At the moment, long candlesticks, having a length of 40 to 60 centimeters, sometimes even 1 meter. Following the candlesticks, the candles themselves stretched. Their length can also reach 40 cm.

Modern candlesticks look easier for their ancient fellow, because they are made of lighter materials, even from crystal.

Currently, the market offers many product options. They can be both different forms and different styles.

Forms may be as follows:

  • round
  • square;
  • twisted;
  • Grungy.

Application in the interior

To create songs from the candlesticks, it is better to choose products for one candle. So you can make elegant compositions from the candlesticks of different heights.

When buying outdoor candlesticks for the house there is an opportunity not to limit yourself in choosing, Since there is a lot of space in the house where you can accommodate even meter interior items.

In the apartments, floor candlesticks can be placed in the hallways where they will be excellent addition.

In the interior, designers use products as a highlight for adding the selected style and give a special charm.

Sometimes the candelabra is antique products, thereby emphasizing the status of the house and its owners.

Color and shape of the product must be sealed under the appropriate interior.

  • For classic interior Excellent additions will be candlesticks from durable and aesthetically beautiful bronze. Such massive metal products will perfectly fit into the interiors where high ceilings. It will be better to choose forged products, as they will emphasize the stylistics of the classic interior. The perfect option will be long white candles in gilded candlesticks.
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  • If you have a fireplace in the house or a decorative version is installed in the apartment, the candlesticks will be perfectly decorated. The classic composition is considered to combine clocks and candelabers located on both sides. It is better to select the composition in one stylistic direction.

  • For Barochko style Well will choose a product that adorn animal figures or people. Also perfectly fit and vegetable elements that will obey the candlestick itself with all sorts of curls.

  • If you are an interior owner in style Art Deco or Ampire, then the best option for you will be products from crystal, since gloss and radiance are welcome in these styles. Such products are purely decorative character and do not apply as a stand for burning candles. But they definitely create a suitable atmosphere and are decorating the interior.

  • Products from ceramics or porcelain will become an excellent complement to styles Provence and Country. For a variety of Russian style country, candlesticks painted by Gzhel will be decoration.

It is worth noting that when solving, decorate your interior with candelabras, you need to carefully select the style and forms of products. It is also important that they are combined with furniture.

    When creating contrasts in the interior, you can use bright and catchy candles to stand out on the background of furniture and rooms of calm shades.

    Sometimes designers resort to decorating floor candles, setting them into glass wine glasses and pouring a bit of coffee beans there. Such a smell will be quite pleasant, which will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

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    Master class on creating an outdoor candlestick See next video.

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