Original Little Room Design

In modern housing, one room can both be both a bedroom and a working office, and a kitchen and a living room. To combine all these features, at the stage of repair, you need to carefully think about the room design. When planning the interior of a small-sized apartment, not only dimensions should be taken into account, but also the form of an existing room.

Rules for making a small room

The most common option to expand a small space is to combine two small rooms with an area of ​​10-12 kV. m in one way of the demolition of walls and interior partitions. Sometimes the hosts expand the borders of the living space due to the available balcony or loggia – demolfate the balcony block and insulate them. However, this is not always possible for a number of reasons.

Therefore, it remains to deal with a very small area. Well, if the room is 9-10 kV. m, from which it is necessary to squeeze the maximum of useful space, has a square shape.

It is somewhat simpler and more convenient to plan the situation, because the length of the walls is everywhere the same. So the furniture can be arranged as you like.

If we are dealing with a rectangular room, the bed is better to put along the long wall. Retractable furniture details, if any, should not interfere with free movement. If there is a niche in the room, you can equip a dressing room or sleeping place.

The main rule for registration of a small room is to use no more than three colors in the finish. At the same time, they must be combined with each other. For the main tone, which will be used on the walls and ceiling, it is better to choose muted calm tones.

If there is enough sunlight in the room, you can experiment with cold shades – from pale blue and gently lilac to emerald green. If we are dealing with a room where a small window and there is a lack of natural lighting, it is better to choose warm tones for finishing.

The second tint used in the interior is considered additional. He is needed to give the room the volume, make it deeper. It may be the same basic, only more intense. It can manifest itself in furniture or some details of the finish.

But the third color can radically differ from the two previous. This is a kind of contrast. It can manifest in elements of decor – sofa pillows, rug near sofa, curtains, vases and t. D. It can also be decorative illumination. The main thing – there should be no such details too much and they should not be too large.

How to visually increase space?

The small room should not be dark. To do this, it is necessary to provide indoors as much as possible sources of light. The light tone should be the main in the interior design – wallpaper on the walls, ceiling, and if possible, even the floor looks in such a world much more spacious.

Ideal if the walls are a monophonic finish – wallpaper or decorative plaster. From large prints and bright colors for the walls it is better to refuse – they will visually “eat” and without that small space. In a narrow room, a long wall can be decorated with a vertical strip, and to leave the one-time. The long wall can be made darker, place the photo wallpapers, stick on it decor or decorate with family photos.

There is an opinion that too large drawing is not suitable for small rooms. However, in some cases, it gives a completely reverse effect – drawing attention to himself, the print seems to distract attention from the humble size of the surrounding space.

If we are dealing with a narrow and long room, you should not distinguish with its deaf partitions – so one part of the room will generally lose daylight and will seem even less than it actually. If the window is located on a short wall, in front of it you can hang a large mirror or install a wardrobe with mirror doors.

Generally, all glass and mirror elements are appropriate when creating a small space design project. They visually expand its borders and add light and air to it, make interior easier. To do this, you can use glass panels or a backlit shelves, a mirror tile.

As for the ceiling – if white color seems to you too boring, you can paint it into the color of the walls, but to make a few tones lighter, and in order for the space that the space does not merge together, you can distinguish with its ceiling light plinths. So you can visually increase the low ceiling.

Designers do not recommend making a complex multi-level ceiling in a small space. You can simply pull the glossy cloth – it will reflect light from the light bulbs and give additional lighting. If you still want creativity, the lower level should be done across the edges, and the center leave deeper.

From the bulky chandelier should also refuse – it is better to make scattering lighting. For this purpose, point lights mounted in the ceiling are ideal for this. At the same time stir them better purposefully: above the table, above the bed or sofa, above the picture or panel on the wall.

Floors can also visually increase space. There are also some rules here. If you choose a parquet or laminate, it is recommended to lay it on the diagonal. It would be an error to retain a dark carpet with a complex pattern. Better limit to a small rug in one color range with outdoor coating. In addition, the color of the flooring should contrast with the color of the furniture. Otherwise, the whole space will merge.

Separation on zones

Zoning the room can be in several ways. The easiest is to divide the room with the help of a curtain. It is enough to fasten a thin cornice on the ceiling and hang to it. It should be avoided too heavy porter – the whole interior should be easy.

To divide a small space, you can use a transparent veil or thread curtains. You can show a little fantasy and make it with your own hands from the girlfriend – from the glass, boas, tie with crochet or in the Macrame technique.

In the role of partitions can perform a wardrobe or “slide”. Such a wall has a lot of open space and can be two-way. In addition, she can act as a bedside table – you can put a phone with a telephone, a television or a book that you read before bedtime.

You can outline the boundaries in the room and using a drywall partition. It can make a niche for storing various items, and for a larger effect, decorate them with built-in backlight or LED ribbon. The partition can also be made in the form of sliding doors of the “coupe” type or in the form of a mobile screen on wheels.

Another way to divide the room on the zone – multi-level lighting. For example, if in one room and prepare food, and dine, and sleep, then over the kitchen table you can hang a lamp that can change your height – it can be omitted, making the lighting of the table more intense, or raise higher, adding light to the overall space.

Over the bed or sofa, you can mount point lamps, and over the TV hang the aforementioned LED ribbon. It can be pasted not only on the ceiling, but also on the wall. With it, you can make an image on the photo wallpaper volumetric.

With the help of finishing materials for the floor you can also distinguish the room. For example, on the kitchen area you can put tiles, and the bedroom or living room can be decorated with carpeted floors or laminate.

Whatever solution you have chosen to zoning space, you should withstand the interior in one color. Liberty is allowed only in shades of one color. It should be remembered that one color can be both warm and cold shades, and it should not be mixed in one room.

Choose style

Above mentioned how important not to overload the interior of excessive accessories. Therefore, for small rooms, most often choose practical minimalism, when the necessary minimum items are perfectly combined in the interior with their maximum convenience.

Regardless of what purpose a room is intended, there are several rules that should be followed in minimalist style:

  • Lack of complex decor. There is no place for intricate patterns, various curls and abundance of unnecessary parts.
  • Furniture forms are extremely concise and simple. It is desirable if the whole environment will be withstand in one color.
  • No extra interior details. Each subject of the situation must bear a specific function. In small rooms, no place for massive floor vases and artificial trees. Every centimeter should be useful.

The wardrobe is better to choose with sliding doors, as swinging occupy too much space. And in the angle you can put a flooring or hanger for clothes. Bookshelves can be located on top around bed. Instead, you can choose a folding sofa.

For classic design Furniture from natural materials should be selected – wood or rattan. For high-tech style, the abundance of metal and glass is characterized, so you can choose an aluminum profile rack with glass shelves.

Interior Loft style Does not provide any partitions – the exception is those that cannot be demolished by the project and those that fit the bathroom from the residential zone. For this direction is generally characteristic of the lack of finishes.

Draft walls are allowed – naked concrete or brickwork. If such a finish seems too brutal, you can arrange the walls with decorative plaster, imitating metal or skin.

Despite the inherent Country and Provence the abundance of cute baubles, they can be used in a small space. It is enough to fit light furniture, hang on the windows of light openwork curtains and put several flower pots, and put the same tablecloth and the house will be filled with rustic comfort and warmth.

We select the interior of the room

Before you choose furniture for the room, you should decide on its functional purpose. If you decide to squeeze the space and make a studio from one-room apartment, for these purposes it is quite suitable for an angular sofa, which will separate the kitchen from the living room.

For the working office, a large sofa sofa is hardly suitable. More strict furniture, such as a beautiful table and a comfortable chair or chair, will be appropriate here. In this interior, it is not a place for floral reasons – the interior must configure the working mood, so the design should be extremely concise. It can be slightly diluted, for example, with the help of a picture on the wall or clock of an unusual design.



For a room where a young couple lives with a small child, unacceptable deaf partitions – a child can wake up at night and get frightened if he doesn’t see near mom. Distributing zones better with a translucent curtain. Above the bed of parents and over the baby cot you can hang risostate lamps. Their brightness can be adjusted – it is very convenient, especially if you often get up at night.

If you make a teenager room, instead of chairs, you can use chairs bags or pillows. They are quite suitable for a friendly youth party, and after guests will leave, they can be folded into the corner or remove into the closet.

Window design

In a small room, long dense curtains, adding on the floor, will not be too appropriate. Besides that they will create inconvenience when cleaning, you will be illware will be reduced to the height of the room. It will be much better if you hang small light curtains to the windowsill.

If you equip the room like a balcony or loggia, you can choose blinds as an alternative to fabric curtains. Fissure vertical blinds are suitable for the classic interior, and metal horizontal for the style of techno or any other minimalist interior. Roman or Chinese curtains – a universal solution for any interior.

If you are a happy owner of large panoramic windows with a low window sill, it can be used as a way. Sometimes it is so cool to sit near the window and watch the life boils behind him. Especially interesting to do this if the apartment is located on high floors.

By the way, at the height at all it is not necessary to hang curtains. Neighbors in the window will not look around, and on the night you can omit rollers or the aforementioned blinds.

Small tricks

In order to use the space to use the maximum, it is not necessary to be a designer. Sometimes interesting ideas lie on the surface, it’s enough just to look at more carefully.

So, for example, with the help of a panel from the remains of old wallpaper, you can diversify even the most fresh and boring interior. If fantasies are not enough, such a panel can be purchased ready.

Often additional residential premises are equipped on a balcony or loggia if they have enough area. At the same time remove the interroom partition is not always possible, but I still want to have a room. In this case, the output is to insulate the loggia.

Most often the width of the premises received is such that only a bed or table may fit there. In this case, the transformer bed comes to the rescue. At night, this is a place to sleep, and the bed is folded and transformed into the desktop.

Designer techniques

There are many techniques to diversify a small space. For example, you can experiment with furniture – in particular, with a cabinet. The corner version will take places much less than the coupe, and in terms of capacity it is not inferior to him.

If the window in the room is small or missing at all, you can create a fake window or door using photo stocks. Excellent reception – image of the forest or sea landscape on the wall, turning on the doorway.

Avoid abundance of items on the floor. Everything that can be lifted must be placed above the floor. Actively use open shelves. They should be placed at different heights so that the design does not seem flat.

Beautiful examples and options

Often in a small apartment bed takes almost all free space in the room. Very often it is found in the old “Khrushchev”. Creating an interior for small premises, designers often beat the idea of ​​zoning space not only horizontally, but also vertically.

Raising the bed on the podium and making boxes in it, you can create an additional space under it for storage. There you can hide anything – from winter things and bed linen to children’s toys.

Or, for example, the bed itself can be multi-tiered when one bed is extended from under another. Such a solution is very relevant, if you need to equip, for example, a nursery for several children. Raising the bed above the floor level, you can organize the work space.

Modern shops in large quantities offer custom-attic beds with built-in wardrobe and table. Using all the above techniques and complementing them with their own ideas, you can create a fashionable and original design even on a modest space.

About how to visually increase the space of a small room, see the following video.

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