Oak bonsai: description and care

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Translated the word “Bonsai” indicates “cultivation in a tray”. This is a way to grow miniature copies of the trees in the room. Oak for this purpose used long and quite effectively. In nature, the plant has a lush crown and greater growth, which delivers certain difficulties in the formation of a bonsai of oak.

What you need?

Create bonsai from this tree is not easy: rude and solid texture of the cortex, large leaves cause difficulties in the process of work. But subject to the rules, the application effort and the presence of patience, it is possible. To create a bonce of oak and care, they will need:

  • pink;
  • scissors;
  • secator;
  • curved nippers;
  • capacity;
  • Plastic grille.

As additional components are necessary:

  • Moss for regulating the humidity of the soil;
  • stones performing the function of the decor;
  • Copper wire for giving shape barbred and branches.

    You can buy already ready-made sets for bonsai in gardeners.

    How to land?

    Before starting work, it is worth deciding on the choice of style for growing, Because there are several:

    • Vertical – with a smooth barrel thickened at the roots;
    • Inclined – the plant grows under a strong slope to the soil;
    • multisage – when several small stems are growing from the main staff;
    • Cascade – the top of the plant leans below the soil level.

    To create a bonce of oak fit the first three options. You also need to know what such a tree grows above 70 cm in height.

    You can grow a low oak with your own hands:

    • from acorns;
    • From sapling.

    Early in spring in the park or in the forest near an adult oak need to choose some healthy, strong acorns without damage, because most of them may not let roots. Fruits should be soaked in water: those that will pop up, it is worth throwing away – they are inside empty. The rest to dry in a well ventilated place, but not in the sun. After drying acorns, it is necessary to subjected to stratification, that is, create conditions for them like natural: to provide the appropriate humidity and temperature.

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    This can be done in two ways. Place them in a plastic bag, putting inside moss, sawdust or vermiculite, which delay moisture. Then put the package in the cool place: in the basement or on the bottom shepher of the refrigerator. It is necessary to open it from time to time to receive fresh air, it is also necessary to periodically tosses to water to maintain the level of humidity. It is important to avoid the oversupply of moisture, otherwise jersens get.

    After the appearance of the roots of acorns are planted in small capacity, be sure to with holes for the drainage of excess moisture. About 2-3 weeks later, the first leaves arise on sprouts.

    The second option lies in the disembarkation of oak fruit immediately in small cups, filled with peat, and the layer must be 2-3 pieces in a glass. Then they must be placed in the same conditions as in the previous method. Two months will appear roots.

    Replanting the plant to a permanent place in the following indicators:

    • well developed central root;
    • There are white roots;
    • The height of the sprout is more than 15 cm.

    The most optimal solution will fallout already the finished small seedling with healthy leaf and a height of about 15 cm. It must be carefully digging up without damaging the root system. Then the ground with the roots should be knocked down and rinse with cold water. Sharp knife maternity cutting the main root, leaving only 5-7 cm.

    It is necessary to plant a plant in native land, so it is gained near Oak, from which acory or sprout took. The substrate is taken with fallen leaves and branches, it is not better suitable for a bonce. The tank for landing should be spacious, but not deep. In the dishes on the bottom they put the lattice, drainage puffs up, then put a mixed with small rubble sand with a layer of 1 cm, and then the ground is added. In this way, it is planted as a ready-made seedling and sprout from acorns.

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    The soil is stacked in the form of a slide so that the moisture does not accumulate from the roots.

    Somewhere months after a half or two will noticeably – whether the plant has gotted. With a positive result, you can be taken for the formation of the appearance. To give the trunk with an elegant curved shape, you need to wind the wire around the tree and secure the dishes from the outside. It is rigorously tensioned to give bending a plant.

    Care rules

        • After growing young shoots, you can go to the creation of the crown. Excessive branches are cleaned with a sharp knife or a secateur, and the remaining bends using a wire under which tissue trimming.
        • To give the trunk of spectacular nodeship, the boron is selectively cut by the blade. The branches are also cut off, the processes that grow horizontally so that the krone is growing up in width.
        • Systematic trimming causes oak growth. For this purpose also use transverse cuts in different places of the barrel to leak down the juice. All sections must be treated with Garden Varier so that there is no posture.
        • The leaves that appear are half to cut so that there is no dissonance with a small tree. In addition, such a measure also delays oak growth. Over time, the leaves themselves will become smaller, and as a result, the inconsistency will disappear.
        • In the fall, low-grade plants also lose foliage, like their analogues in the natural environment. Plant can be put on the balcony and remove the wire. In winter, the bonsai of the oak feels well in a cold place, at that time watering ceases.
        • During the growing season, the tree needs good lighting, and moisturizing is carried out as the soil drying. To avoid drying, oak roots cover moss, which holds moisture.
        • Like any other plant, it needs fertilizers, but unlike the rest – not for growth, but for hardening and thickening a strain. Therefore, it is advisable to use organic or special feeding.
        • Temperature and humidity do not matter much, but fresh air is needed. Indoor with poor ventilation, oak may suffer from fungal diseases.
        • Tree transplant around once every 2-3 years, while cutting the growing roots and leave minor roots up to 10-15 cm long. Such a procedure significantly slows down the growth of the plant.
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        Growing bonsai of oak – not an easy and labor-intensive process. But the result is all the spent effort and time. Such a plant will definitely decorate any interior.

        About how to form a crown bonsai from oak, look in the following video.

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