Music boxes with ballerina: how appeared and how they work?

Cute music box with a dancing ballerina – not just an interesting thing that is customary to give girls, but also an unusual present for an adult woman. The type of dancing ballerina fascinates, and the beautiful melody relaxes and soothes. Already a few decades, this product does not lose its relevance and still remains a popular gift for representatives of the fine sex of any age.


The specifics of the music box consists in connecting aesthetic and practical functions. Most often, this unusual box is presented as a gift to the girl – here it can store all its rubber, hairpins, beads and other accessories. Now the child will not lose her favorite decorations. Beautiful casket puts the future lady love for the beautiful, because, as a rule, it produces classical music and made in aesthetic design.

Listening to a beautiful melody, the young young lady will be able to imagine himself a princess, and looking at a slim figure of a ballerina, certainly wishes to uncover choreographic abilities. The toy is good for the child and the fact that it is easy to start – even small fingers into the power to scroll through a special key. The box is made of high quality materials. There are models of various colors: pearl, pink metallic, coral, orange.


Enjoying pleasant sounds and looking at the charming dancer, few people think about the fact that the toy is famous for many decades. The first music boxes appeared at the end of the XIX century in Switzerland. The creator can be considered a wizard for repairing the clock of Antoine Favor, which has embedded a musical mechanism into the usual casket. Very quickly an unusual thing has become popular, every girl dreamed of becoming the owner of such an interesting toy.

Shops sold different models. For example, they could differ in size: the more the box was, the more pleasant music it published. In addition, large-sized specimens had the ability to lose from four to eight melodies, and, of course, include a larger number of women’s accessories.

The first plant for the manufacture of such caskets appeared in 1815 in Switzerland. At the same time, the samples with moving figures began to be enjoyed. Especially buyers liked the playing classic orchestra and dancing ballerina. And nowadays the toy has not lost its popularity. For example, it can often be seen in the office of teachers for music, because this decorative product is developing in children a sense of rhythm, melodic and dynamic hearing.

Working mechanism

The sound of the music box produces by means of cauldraws fixed in a rotating roller or disk that cling to the rolling teeth and publish music. Some models are additionally equipped with a miniature drum and small bells.

Details that include mechanism.

  • Bed or Stand. This is, in fact, the basis on which the whole design is installed, it is usually metal.
  • The inclusion mechanism. As a rule, it is a clockwork key or handle.
  • Spring mechanism. Its purpose is to play melody durability from minute to several hours.
  • Comb. This is a metal plate with numerous diverse teeth. Short teeth are responsible for high sounds, long – for low.
  • Cylinder. Rotating device with pins, which cling to the trough, giving out sounds. The wider diameter of the cylinder contributes to the playback of longer and complex music.

There are cylinders capable of reproducing several musical works. In this case, not one set of pins on the same cylinder is applied. Through the built-in drive, the cylinder moves relative to the comb, the connection of various sets of troughs with cracks is installed.

The sound quality is largely dependent on materials. For example, the specificity of the sound is determined by the steel from which the comb is made. The case material is no less important, it should be thin, vibrating and simultaneously with this persistent and reliable, that is, able to hold the product with a musical mechanism.


Among the models there are instances with replaceable cylinders and discs, but these are more obsolete options. Caskets are customary to classify on hand and crown. Manual samples require mechanical impact, that is, the owner himself controls the process of sound, scrolling down a special handle. The clockwork model involves the inclusion of the mechanism by turning the key – the music plays while the spring does not end the factory.

You can also divide boxes for children and adults. With children’s models, everything is clear – these are small beautiful boxes, most often in pink color. Products are characterized by forms, they are round, rectangular, in the form of a heart, there are varieties in the shape of a chest. The design is very diverse, the princesses from popular cartoons, fairies, stars, unicorns, hearts, flowers, flowers and other delicate decorative elements can be depicted on the housing.

An option for an adult woman is made in a stricter design. This is usually neutral colors: white, black, brown, gray. The form is most often standard square, but there are also unusual models, for example, piano caskets. Podium for dance ballerina becomes a tool cover. The motion of the graceful dancer is beautifully harmonized with piano music. In addition to the little thing, a compact mirror can be attached. It looks very nice such a piano, made in white color with pink upholstery of the inside. Ballerina in this model is distinctly drawn and transfers the emotions of the romantic refined image. She is dressed in a bundle, decorated with lace, rhinestones and other decorations.

A woman of any age will appreciate such an extraordinary gift. The present will be a symbol of grace and beauty for her, will allow to plunge into dreamy dreams, will help to relax after a hard working day, fill the house with a romantic mood.

Next, watch a video review of an antique music box with a ballerina.

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