Modern fireplaces: species and design ideas

Currently, fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. And if they were initially installed mainly in the living rooms, now they are placed in the part of the house or apartment, where people spend a lot of time, that is, in the kitchen. This decision can be considered interesting and quite bold.


But how to choose the right fireplace focus, so that he harmoniously fit into the interior of the dining area? First of all, you need to navigate with the future acquisition option.

At the same time, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Feature of residential space;
  • its area;
  • Technical safety standards.

To date, several types of fireplaces are presented on the market.


The first view, on solid (wood) fuel – one of the most common. It is understandable, the live fire can not catch the views. Being next to the interior item, you feel comfort, warmth and peace of mind. The sound of crackle from the lane also has a beneficial and relaxing effect on the state of a person.

The fireplace with a cooking surface is very widespread, the functionality of which is not only in the warming of living space, it can also be used for cooking.

But unfortunately, the owners of apartments have no opportunity to establish such a hearth, since it is necessary to install a separate smoking.

Also, the disadvantages of such a source of heat include the fact that it is quite complicated in care, it constantly requires a large number of firewoods that need to be kept somewhere. In addition, the installation process itself is quite laborious. Therefore, classic options are placed mainly in country cottages as the subject of decor, and not to warm out the house.


Alternatively, you can use the furnace on natural gas, because it doesn’t require solid fuel for its operation and thanks to the injector burner, the revere. To date, manufacturers also produce mobile versions of such structures that, if necessary, can be moved. But, before installing the gas device, it is required to coordinate this issue with the management company, because with incorrect installation there is a danger of spontaneous gas leakage.


This is the most acceptable variation for the dining area. He is an eco-friendly, reliable, easy-to-use and good warms room. Naturally, such an aggregate is unlike an authentic focus and represents only his copy, but despite this, such a design is very organically combined with the rest of the subjects and is suitable for both cottages and most apartments.


Represent an excellent alternative to the home hearth.

The imitation of the present building is beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the apartment and hides its flaws.

Portal fireplace

The external component or, in other words, the portal is made from all kinds of materials, such as plastic, ceramic tiles, wood, stone and marble. Designs located in front of the wall, as a rule, decorated with natural or artificial stone. Sometimes they are edged with natural wood, thus creating imitation of genuine furnaces. Products made of composite materials, such as molded marble, as well as frames of electrocamines, made of glass ceramics and tinted glass, look very impressively.

Any portal must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Exclusion of any possibility of fire from the parade part of the structure in the process of operation of the fireplace focus.
  2. Ensuring the safety of owners of stoves during its use. That is, when installing an electric source of heat, should be protected from electric shock.

Other features such as dimensions, material, style, location provide designer solutions using which can be improved atmosphere.

Therefore, if you have chosen the appropriate type of fireplace focus, it is necessary to decide how it is better to locate in the dining area.

Location stoves

When placing a fireplace focus it is necessary to get acquainted with the installation recommendations:

  • wood or, as it is also called, the English fireplace must be installed in such a way that the chimney is direct;
  • When determining space for placement, it is necessary to take into account the direction of air flows, excluding those places where there are drafts;
  • The most successful location is a wall that is located at a right angle relative to the windows;
  • Recreation corner should be placed in order to be comfortable to be comfortable.

So it is better to place a fireplace for a harmonious combination with other interior items?

Here are some placement methods:

  1. Island, that is, in the form of a separate design. In this case, the installation is made in the center of the room, which visually divides the kitchen area and the living room into two components. This variation is very practical in planning space.
  2. Mounting on the wall. This method is carried out the installation of both gas and electrocamines in accordance with the design features.
  3. Outdoor location. The most familiar placement, which is characteristic of both classical and gas or electrocamine.


After you have decided on a suitable option and the location of the future facilities, it is necessary to analyze how harmoniously will fit into the surrounding environment. It is important that the design organically complement the dining area. And only with this approach, the designer decision on making changes is justified.

There is a lot of all sorts of styles that can be guided when choosing a furnace model.


As a rule, the fireplaces in the classic style are embedded in the wall, so they decorate exclusively the chamber for combustion and the P-shaped entrance. Decoration can be made of melanita, marble or onyx. Molding, frescoes, as well as columns are used as decor elements.

English style

The furnace must be located in the center of the room, a recreation corner is organized around it. Such constructions outwardly resemble the classics. They are also made in the form of the letter “P”, but in contrast to the classics, rectangular forms are dominated here. No intricate jewelry. A distinctive feature – an impressive portal decorated with ceramic tiles, metal products or a noble tree of wood. Camera for combustion of small size, but quite spacious.


This direction is characterized by natural appearance and absence of excesses. In the process of designing such a fireplace, any trifle is taken into account. Color gamma predominantly calm pastel tones. Sometimes applied effect of paint. The final coating is performed by tiled, natural stone or glazed tiles.

You can rarely meet structures decorated with noble wood.


Memories of the village house, comfort and warmth of the family focus – the characteristic features of the “Country” style. Such furnaces are distinguished by massiveness and impressive dimensions. The front part resembles the letter “D”, the repository for firewood is below, and above – the furnace. Similar fireplaces are installed in the presence of a large free space. Fuel or gas is used in fuel quality, so chimney is needed. These furnaces are decorated with natural quartzite, brick or wood.

Modern, minimalism and high-tech

For those who like to combine business style with a romantic country house, there are several directions:

At the heart of the fireplace foci in the style of Modern – a classic furnace with the main components, but the modified form. As materials for decorating the fireplace focus, marble, granite, natural stone or metal.

More popular today enjoys minimalistic direction. Characteristic feature – missing decoration. First, they make the basis: the combustion chamber and chimney, then they are hiding behind the decorative panel, which turns into the wall component.

As a result, the feeling of open space of the flame is formed.

Such foci can be placed at any distance from the floor in accordance with the designer project.

On the basis of constantly developing technologies from ultra-modern materials made fireplaces in the style of Hi-Tech. For this direction are characterized by straight lines, pronounced borders, the ability to adjust the flame intensity, the presence of downloading systems, a bright color table.

Such furnaces can be made in the form of a coffee table or extended shelf, in which the combustion chamber is located. There is a huge variety of forms of fireplace foci: rhombus, prism, ball, pyramid or a truncated cone, which are attached on the wall or to the ceiling.

There are unusual rotating fireplaces, with a waterfall and other. For this style use tempered glass and metal. For fireplace hoods use these same building materials.

In general terms, we defined the key points to which it is worth navigating when receiving a decision on the acquisition of a fireplace for the kitchen space and its proper planning. You can choose any option if you have a combination with a living room or a studio apartment.

For street cuisine of the private house you can also choose one of the versions. Summer veranda also largely has sufficient dimensions for such a heating device. Even despite the existing limitations, anyone can find a suitable fireplace.

Otherwise, follow your tastes, preferences and fantasies.

How to build a brick fireplace with your own hands, you can learn from the video below.

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