Modern fireplaces in the interior of apartments and a private house

Modern fireplaces with their presence create a unique atmosphere in the house, bringing romantic ideas. Design from a traditional classic fireplace to electrocamine in the style of “High Tech” – it is always a solution to the creative task for designers by interior.

Fireplace is a classic that continues to stay in trend, Describing private home ownership from the best side, associated with comfort and luxury.

It not only brings its appearance a certain status, but can also be an effective heating agent. A classic fireplace is a rather bulky unit that occupies a large area indoors. To decorate it correctly, it is necessary to comply with certain rules.

If there is an idea to buy Euro EUROBE furnace, you should remember that it will be necessary to equip the whole room or kitchen in the same style. In this case, the fireplace is a “point of reference” for the designer concept. In the case when the style of the heating unit is “Modern”, respectively, the design of the room will need to do in such a spirit.

There is a whole class of heating devices – Electrogram, which mostly imitate conventional aggregates. If they give heat, then only such that allows you to warm up a small room; Such devices are closer to the category of calorificates.


The fireplace in the classic style is in stable demand. Such aggregates are customary to be separated by rich carvings, dear cladding. Overall heating devices are intended usually into the wall.

Design may be the most diverse. Manufacturers with the Apnepsian peninsula fireplaces are most often decorated with marble, the French apply clinker tiles and other materials. Overall heating systems from England are most often faced with wooden panels, in some cases you can meet cast iron castings.

The portal lined in a conservative spirit can be found not only among fireplaces made in the classic style; Electrograms can also be decorated with the above materials.

In classical heating systems, the chimney is tightened by a casing that is also decorated.

Also very popular style “Country”. It characterizes simplicity and concise. Decor, made in the spirit of the country, emphasize the immediacy of the rustic life.

This is understandable: the fireplace of many centuries was the “center of the Universe” in the house, collecting all family members around him in the cold season.

Design and style

These wonderful aggregates always distinguished some massiveness and even heavyness. Portals that were made in the form of the letter “d” were considered classic. In the lower part there was a branch for lane, the firebox was located on it, even higher – a bulky wooden timber. At the very top was the casing made in the form of a trapezium. He closes the smoke directly.

Big fireplaces are appropriate in the kitchen, the area of ​​which exceeds 25 square meters.

As a fuel, our time is usually used:

  • firewood;
  • coal;
  • gas.

Often, the heating devices are faced with natural raw stone, especially the style of “Country”. Such designs look very attractive.

Design is always an experiment with styles, Here, as anywhere, the freedom of creativity is manifested: there is no rigid framework that dictate the rules for decorating this wonderful aggregate. Often you can meet the heating systems, decorated with tiles, which last centuries stove stoves in Russia. Often you can also meet a massive decor, which is associated with harsh Scandinavia.

Even optimistic Indian motifs in the design of the fireplace look quite organically in a certain interior.

As you can see, there is no tough dogma in decoration, it’s about creatively reworked eclectic styles. This factor can also explain the appearance in the last years of eclectic style “Ethno”, which successfully synthesizes in itself a variety of interiors. For example, a wall with a mirror is a classic that will never come out of fashion – in “Ethno” performance looks very fresh and original.

This style is organically absorbing both the urban motifs of the modern megalpolis and the elements of the “antiquity of deep”.

Also great distribution got the style of “Hai-Tech”. Credo of this area – the use of the most advanced technological developments.

Often you can find interesting configurations, which at first glance are far from the conservative “fireplace” genre:

  • prism;
  • rhombus;
  • spheres.

For the manufacture of fireplaces, most often used:

  • glass;
  • alloy steel;
  • Heat resistant glass.

Modern heating devices distinguishes high efficiency and functionality. The principle of operation, in fact, has not changed: warm air emanating from the heating device is distributed over all rooms through the ventilation system.

The inventor of the fireplace remained unknown, but the fact that he was a brilliant person does not cause any doubt.

The design invented thousands of years ago, works successfully in the 21st century. The only drawback of large heating systems is excessive fuel consumption. There are modern technologies that effectively solve this problem.

Alternative options

Biocamine is a modern heating device of the 21st century, it is allowed to use it in any room. Mounting works do not represent any difficulties.

This unit received its name due to the fact that it does not allocate:

  • Scoot;
  • soot;
  • ash;
  • ash.

Also, such a device does not require a hood – a massive portal: the burning occurs due to biofuels.

For the fireplace requires a small area indoor; it can be mounted on the wall, position in the corner and even put on the table.

The invention appeared at the end of the seventies of the last century in Italy. Gradually, interest in such heating devices began to increase. After a short time, the biocamines appreciated the designers of apartments.

Causes are simple:

  • compactness;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • low price;
  • Independence from electricity, gas.

In Russia, such devices came with the receipt, only in recent years the demand for them has become slow, but steadily grow.

Now the cost of such aggregates fluctuates around 30 thousand rubles. This applies both to outdoor and wall-mounted systems.

The main node is a firebox, as well as the container contained in it with burners. In a separate reservoir poured biofuels. Regulated by the flame with the help of a special opener – slider.

Biocamine is discharged outside with beautiful materials, among which the most common is:

  • durable special glass;
  • steel;
  • marble;
  • granite.

Often the fireplace is sold with ceramic “wood”, which are made one to one with natural wooden lanes. During burning, a complete illusion arises that it is burning.

The block in which the combustion process occurs, is made of heat-resistant stainless steel, the deformation does not threaten him.


Biocamine Sentakia GBF-1007 can be installed on the tables or semi. He may be a good complement to the interior. You can look at the flame on both sides; Camera combustion closed with thick glass protective screen.

This device is effectively adjustable. The fireplace is made of matte stainless steel and looks restrained and concise.

Biocamine Sentakia ART-01 can be attached to the wall or mounted in a niche. Behind there is a double heat-resistant wall, which reliably protect furniture from the close presence of high temperatures.

The hull is made of heat-resistant stainless steel, the inside is painted in a black kel. Front glass is present on the combustion chamber.


  • Width: 790 mm;
  • Height: 590 mm;
  • Depth: 190 mm;
  • Total weight: 15.6 kg;
  • The combustion chamber of only 1 liter.

Biocamine Sentakia GBF-2005 Made in such a way that the design of it can be thought of independently. Such factor stimulates creative potential and allows you to implement your own ideas.

Desktop Sentakia TF-01 Made of two-layer stainless steel, inside the case is separated by ceramics.

Sentakia M1 can be placed on the table. Its dimensions: 27 x 20 cm. Round-shaped housing is in black and silver caliber. Weighs only 4.5 kg and can be a decent interior decoration.

Read more about biocamines for your apartment or at home, see the next video.

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