Methods of making a box of box with your own hands

Personal casket for cosmetics, decorations and memorable trifles are almost every house. Absolutely optional to acquire such a thing in the store. Make a casket with your own hands from the cardboard box can absolutely anyone. No need to possess any special skills. Also do not be afraid that you have to use complex parts, costly decor.

In most cases, you can do with infirred materials. You can make a box from the box from the phone, shoes, or any other cardboard box.

Enough to follow the algorithm of the master class you like.

What form to choose?

First of all it is necessary to decide on the form of the future Larz. Here you can put different nuances to the chapter: Own taste, type of storage, available materials.

The box can have the following forms:

  • rectangle – you can make a shoe box;

  • The heart-shaped one will have to acquire specifically, although if you have saved a candy or gift box of such a form, it will fit;

  • Circle – a box for candy or flower;

  • Square – Here is useful box from under the phone.

Materials and tools

In order to create a casket from a cardboard box, The following materials and tools will be needed:

  • Cardboard basis;

  • Adhesive materials: Scotch, different types of glue;

  • Scissors, stationery knife for cutting and cutting;

  • fabric and decorative elements;

  • paper;

  • Rule and pencils.

As a decor you can use anything: Postcards, Magazine Cut, Paper, Decamentary Napkins, Belts, Belt and Blyakh, Buttons, Trimming Fabrics, Lace. It all depends on your imagination.

Master class in decopter technology

We offer you to make a casket from a cardboard box, in which you can store a lot of useful and memorable trifles. Such a product is perfect as a gift.

Here you can show creative fantasy to the full. You will need: Shoe box, Snow-white acrylic paint, Tassel for applying glue, sponge, scissors for cutting, napkins with a selected pattern, for example, with roses or other flowers, PVA glue, acrylic type varnish, decor elements – in This case of egg shell.

Algorithm of actions:

  • paint the box of white paint with a sponge;

  • We form fragments from decoupage napkins, which will be needed to create a composition;

  • We remove the layers except the top;

  • Lubricate PVA-glue the reverse side;

  • We place the elements of the composition on the box;

  • lubricate the glue on top;

  • stroke the image, getting rid of air;

  • We wash the shells, get rid of films, dried;

  • We wash the glue and lay the shells in the mosaic version;

  • We place patterns around the perimeter of the lid;

  • Varnish the surface of the box 2-3 times.

Note that each action should end with drying, including all stages of varnishing. Such a product will decorate the interior in the style of Provence and Shebbi-Chic.


Here as the basis will also perform a shoe box, Such a product will definitely become a spectacular interior addition. You will need: a cardboard box left from shoes, leathesum, eco-button brown and beige shades, print on paper for photo, acrylic type varnish, better in the form of a spray, glue construction and “moment”, scissors, sandpaper, fabric, buttons, label, label halfpoles.

First of all, select a suitable box that should be made of tight-type cardboard. It must be seeded by sandpaper.

Algorithm of actions:

  • Create a pattern from a leather material, you should not leave the allowances, since the bending is not provided;

  • The skin is glued to the box, it is better to use adhesive for ceiling tiles;

  • Finishing parts in the form of belts are cut from dark skin, it is necessary to flash the lines on them to impart effect;

  • You can use finished straps;

  • The pile on the edges of the details is causing a candle;

  • Does not forget to smoke the skin of the rib;

  • Register the perimeter of the decorative type;

  • To glue the angles, it is better to use the glue “moment”;

  • Create the necessary printouts on the paper for the photo, process them with a glossy type lacquer;

  • We place on the suitcase;

  • add accessories, buttons.

You can decorate a suitcase with a checkered cloth, which is glued to the corrugation, covered with syntheps.

Candy box

Candy boxes are often attractive and stored in the house. If you have such a house, you should try to turn them into the boxes. This thing will definitely become a pretty elements of the decor of the apartment. In this case, no expensive materials will be required. You will need: box base itself, wrapping paper according to your taste, monochrome paper, scissors, glue, pencils, acrylic paint.

Performance algorithm:

  • Purley the entire surface of the base, forming a small margin near the edges;

  • bottom, the lid on both sides is sickless;

  • To make the angles look beautiful, first curse the sidewalls, then cut the paper in the corners and bend down in directions;

  • Inside, everything should be just as high quality, as well as outside;

  • Cut the paper so that it is enough with a margin, use a ruler;

  • Better if the width of the paper canvase will be more than 3 cm box;

  • Inside the same paste occurs with a reserve of strips around the perimeter in 2 cm;

  • From the paper of the monochrome type, rectangular shapes are formed, the size of which coincides with the inside of the inside of the box with the joint;

  • The paper is glued with such a calculation so that fields from 1 to 2 cm remain on the wrapping canvas;

  • The bottom is drawn up in monochrome;

  • After drying the product is ready.

Dresser-box made of match boxes

This is a very original and spectacular option, For its manufacture, you will need:

  • Matchboxes – 10 pcs. (quantity can be varied as desired);

  • tight-type cardboard;

  • glue;

  • Decorative elements.

Performance algorithm:

  • A drawing is created;

  • Cut from cardboard square;

  • Boxes are glued to each other;

  • You can glue 2 or 5 boxes;

  • The created dresser is connected to the base in such a way that it is closed with a cardboard completely;

  • The chosen paper is sticking to the chest of drawers and drawers;

  • Then decorating occurs, you can use beads and semi-graysins, rhinestones, hooks, buttons.

How to make a box of dairy box?

This method is suitable for those who are just starting to master the design of the casket, it is very simple.

You will need:

  • Box from milk (you can use a box from juice);

  • Fabric, paper – the choice depends on the possibilities or desire;

  • decorative elements;

  • Scotch;

  • Scissors and glue.

Algorithm of actions:

  • cut the box so as to form a lid;

  • retreat 3 cm on the edge that is smaller;

  • Clean the edges with a tape or fine tissue on glue;

  • The basis is ready, you can decorate with paper or cloth;

  • Outside and inside the box is glued with the selected material;

  • To fix the cap on its edges, a braid is glued or a ribbon in such a way that you can form a bow.

Casket for jewelry

This elegant thing can make any person for the manufacture of any cardboard box, for example, from under a cell phone.

This is a very light and inexpensive option.

You will need:

  • Cardboard basis;

  • Fabric, paper – for registration;

  • scissors, ruler, glue;

  • tight-type cardboard;

  • Decorative elements.

Algorithm of actions:

  • First of all, select the material (paper or tissue) and place the box with glue;

  • You can combine both material, for example, fabric from the inside, paper outside and vice versa;

  • Three lanes are formed from cardboard, the length is measured so that 2 bands are longer than 1 cm base, and one else and 2 cm wide – the sections are made;

  • The strips are glued into the same distance from each other;

  • On the strip separating the width, cuts are formed in which the division strips are inserted;

  • After this section, the sections are drawn up with cloth or paper;

  • From the outside, the box is covered with material and decorate at will.

Paper decor

Casket Design can be extremely diverse. We offer you a very simple and interesting option. So you can make out any product.

Decor algorithm:

  • The paper of the A-format is formed tubes;

  • The twisted tubes are glued to the box around the perimeter, by observing the distance from 3 to 4 cm;

  • The decor is glued along the vertical direction;

  • The tubes are glued, bending to the base;

  • places inside, where paper guides are glued, hide a tight type cardboard;

  • Similarly, the lid and sidewalls of the box.

Ideas for registration

Spectacular casket for decorations will perfectly look on the dressing table.

Matchbox Dresser – original and beautiful element of the interior.

Recipe storage box perfectly complement kitchen design.

It is difficult to imagine that this elegant box was once simply a packaging for the phone.

Casket Decoupage will give the apartment comfort, also she is perfect for a gift.

Creating a suitcase casket requires quite a long time, but the result will exceed all the expectations.

In the next video, one of the options for making a box with your own hands from a cardboard box.

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