Is it possible to trim the roots of the orchids that got out of the pot and how to do it?

What if the roots of orchids began to get out of the pot? How to be? What is the reason for this, as it seems novice flowers, trouble? To deal with questions, first we remind where these wonderful plants come from, attracted by their sophisticated colors of the tropics and pioneers.

Characteristic orchids

Orchid – an extensive family of monocyan herbaceous plants. They are distributed very widely (on all continents, except Antarctica), which indicates the antiquity of this taxon. Most plants – representatives of the tropical flora, although quite a lot of them and in the moderate belt of Eurasia and North America.

Tropical orchids are highly specificized epiphytic plants, it means that they can grow normally and develop only in developing trees or rafts rocks.

Such a substrate is severely depleted with nutrients, easily penetrate for water and air and low-cost for fixing the plant. This caused such a wide adaptation of orchid and, accordingly, caused the diversity of their forms.

Causes of growing roots

In conditions of warm and wet climate, the plants developed a very original way of existence, they had fleshy air roots, which are not developing underground, and above its surface.

In nature

Actually land for their development in nature may not be. Settling, for example, in the fork of wood in the garbage, which gave ways, rotten fruit and other vegetable remnants), tropical orchid begins to grow, using moisture accumulating there and the substances dissolved in it. As it grows to hold its growing leaves and colors, it requires a more powerful root system and more intensive food. So the air roots of the orchids arise, which actively absorb water directly from the air, while they also increase the surface of the plant capable of photosynthesis. Running, roots contribute to the distribution of the weight of orchid on the tree branch or the stand of the rock.

This appears a rather elegant plant with unusually exquisite colors, surrounded by a whole pile of thick greenish-silver grooved and sometimes not quite aesthetic processes.

At home

Some novice flowerflowers seeing that the roots of orchids grow up, begin to panic, believing that something went wrong and they were mistaken in the choice of ways to care for the plant. Often it encourages to start active actions in transplanting and “salvation” of orchid.

In fact, the plant entered into such a phase of its development, that he needed to increase the root system area. Often it happens after flowering and quite a long rest. Orchid begins to prepare for new flowering, in other words, to reproduction. After all, extraordinary flowers that have turned these tropical plants into a popular product of flower shops, just an essential element for the binding of fruits, which are the basic meaning of the existence of an original organism.

If in this important moment for orchid the moment inept to disturb her roots, everything can end up at all as it was intended.

Thus, the struggle against the roots of the pots, – the event for the plant is completely unnecessary and even dangerous.

The main reason for this phenomenon is the unnaturalness of finding orchids in the pot. At home, the plant is forced to be in a container limiting his freedom. For orchids, the pot is a kind of cell, in which it has to be planted to somehow simulate a natural habitat. And of course, imitation does not go to any comparison with the conditions in which the plant would be, be it on the surface of some tropical giant high above the ground under the canopy of the rainforest.

When active actions are needed?

If the leaves are healthy, and the plant itself is actively growing, accumulating strength for flowering, air roots touching undesirable. However, sometimes it still has to pay attention to them. In the following cases, the root roots can be a signal to the beginning of active actions from the flower side:

  • The pot has become small for the increasing root system;
  • The process of rotting began;
  • Potted Pot.

As can be seen, the reasons can be absolutely opposite. To deal with them, you also need to study the condition of the leaves and other parts of the plant.

If the leaves began to be faded, and the air roots – torture a brown color, you need to urgently save orchid. This is a signal that the flower water is too carried away by irrigating.

  • While the rotting has not covered vital plants, we must carefully remove it from the pot, wash the roots with water and inspect them. All starting and removing better remove. At the same time, the pot, most likely, have to be cut (if it is plastic) or break (glass or ceramic version), as the bottom of the drainage holes, as a rule, also make their way, which in a different way to remove most often it is impossible.
  • All cropped or accidentally damaged roots need to be treated with an antiseptic agent, such as activated carbon. The plant needs to be adding, leaving the air for at least 12 hours in the air, in order to dragged the cuts, otherwise, again being in a pot, they will again cause rotting.
  • Substrate, using the case, it is better to replace a new special mixture for orchids. Divide the Earth in no case, it is not only not needed orchid, but also harmful. Organic acids contained in the soil can seriously damage the roots of the plant adapted to life on the trunks of trees and rocks.
  • Replacing the container, you can also choose more suitable in size. Some flower products recommend a standard transparent pot to replace the original basket of plastic or wood, which easily passes the air and does not delay moisture at all. It is in such conditions that epiphet is in its natural habitat. Over time, however, such a container will be filled with roots, they will start twisting this time already into the openings of the basket.

If orchid regularly lacks moisture, the plant is attempting to find water independently, releasing its air roots for this. That is how it would come in natural conditions. If on such a signal to respond to the surgical method, that is, the removal of the root, the plant will take another number of attempts. It is clear that each seduction sent to the water is selecting the substance necessary for the development, and the incorrect reaction of the flower plant only aggravates the situation already extreme for orchids.

How to trim?

Keeping roots, not pleasing flowers, are a natural manifestation of orchid life in artificial conditions of cultivation, and this process will not be able to defeat this process.

The direct cause of the excessive air root system is most often becoming a close pot.

Sometimes the roots get out in an attempt to get rid of adverse conditions (excessive or insufficient watering). What should be done in such situations, above.

It should be noted once again that under normal conditions needed in pruning the roots no, it is even harmful to plants. But if you need to remove damaged or fired process, you need to consider several points:

  • The knife should be sharp;
  • Cutting places and tools are disinfected;
  • sections are well dried;
  • The main mass of the roots is better to save.

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