Indoor Flowers with Orange Flowers

In order for the house in the house there was a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, not enough easy to make designer repair, install beautiful modern furniture. Need something more – little things that give the house heat and create a good mood. And with this task, houseplants perfectly coped. Among their large range would like to talk about room colors with orange blossom.


Homemade plant with orange flowers is the pearl of any plant collection. Many of crops, both professionals and lovers, choose for their home. What is their secret, and why they are so attractive? It’s all about the features:

  • Create a festive atmosphere in the house;
  • fill it with heat;
  • Thanks to the bright and sunny color, there is a great mood.

For those who want to replenish their collection of an unusually beautiful and inspirational indoor plant with orange flowers, breeders were bored for fame and created many varieties.

The modern market presents a fairly wide selection and range of flowers, which are characterized by orange buton.


In this article we want to tell you about the brightest and most popular types of home plants with orange blossom. Carefully familiarize with the information, you can choose exactly what is most suitable for your home.


Plants that are included in the group of teotalemnies, differ in the fact that the contact of them direct sunlight is unacceptable. They are better not to install on windowsill or other sunny places. You should choose a shaded area, and artificial lighting is suitable as light. The group of teothelubil plants with orange flowers includes such types.

  • Kalanchoe Blossfelda. Refers to succulents whose foliage can be a wide and meaty or cylindrical. Able to accumulate water in the leaves, so he is not afraid of drought. Calanechoe blooms brightly, for a long period since February. Modify the flower from leaves and cuttings.

  • Eschinantus beautiful. Grows in tropical forests, loves moisture and warm climate. It is characterized not only by beautiful flowers of yellow-orange color, but also the presence of a plurality of small leaflets of light green. To grow a plant at home, you need to purchase a special pot in the form of a hanging basket or a high stand. Quickly grow up, his liana should have to hang down to create the desired effect. Plant shoots reach 70 cm. Care for Eschenus is not difficult, the main thing is to constantly spray it.

  • Clivia. There are many species. The plant attracts not only with its flowering, but also massive leaves of dark green color, the length of which can be from 40 to 50 cm, and a length of the color saw up to 60 cm. Blooms in winter, in February. To multiply clivia, you need to apply the method of fissioning rhizomes. So that she felt well, it needs to be moderately watered, installed in a light, but shaded place and control the temperature regime.

  • Abutilon. This is one of the varieties of room maple. It is quite compact, has the kind of branched bush. Blooms very abundant and throughout the year. Flowers are quite large. Plant should be abundantly watering, fertilizing and not to put into place where sun rays fall. Large air humidity is detrimental for Abutloron.


This species is the complete opposite of the previous group, it needs to directly enter them the sun’s rays by such an atmosphere and heat the plant feels comfortable and eventually pleases with beautiful blossom. I would like to note such representatives of the Sun Sulad Flowers:

  • Strelia. This is a very beautiful plant with sophisticated blossom. Very often it is also called poetic – “Paradise Bird”. Bud has two color – bright orange with blue. The leaves inherent in an oval shape and bright green shade. The height of the shooting reaches 100 cm. It can bloom three times a year, of course, provided that it is careful for her. Active growth plant requires abundant watering, straight sun rays and moderate air humidity.

  • Flowering crossland. Refers to tropical plants. In the course of growth, it forms a small size of a bush height up to 70 cm. There are so-called dwarf species whose height does not exceed 35 cm. Surface leaf glossy, color dark green. Bloom starts since May. As for the care, the flower is quite capricious, requires a lot of attention and proper care. Crossandra needs to often water, observe the necessary temperature regime. If you do not adhere to all the rules, this representative of the flora will not simply cease to give color – it will begin to dying and can perish.

  • Lantane. It is characterized by a spherical shape of flowering, on which all shades of orange colors are present. Height up to 50 cm. The flowering period falls at the end of the spring – autumn. This means that if you create a flower as comfortable conditions for growth, it will delight beautiful little flowers for half a year. Lanthan needs frequent watering, dry air. As for the temperature regime, you need to ensure that the air temperature in the room is not less than 17ºС and did not exceed 28 ºС.

  • Nematatatus. In shape it can be similar to Liana, shrub or semi-walker. It is characterized by a long stem, thin long flowerwoman and bright green leaves. The flower is thermal-loving, needs constant watering and feeding. In the period of active vegetation, Nematatatus needs often spray.


Almost all home plants for which the presence of orange colors are characterized, multiplied with seeds, leaves or cuttings. But there are also such, to multiply that can be using a bulb. These plants include the following.

  • Hippeastrum home. It is extremely beauty flower. It consists of several splashing stems, each of which leaves appear. If the plant feels good, every month from the stem will germinate a new sheet of the lingual form. Plant height not more than 120 cm. Flowers long enough, throughout the spring, summer and autumn. But winter is resting. The plant needs moderate watering, bright light, including direct solar rays, constant spraying and feeding.

  • Walkota. This is unpretentious and easy to leaving a flower that can be found by narrow leaves, their length is from 40 to 50 cm, and on high blooming with 3-6 flowers of bright orange color. The diameter of each flower up to 8 cm. Happy blossoms rarely, just 1 time per year – in summer or in autumn.

  • Lahenalia. Enters the family of lily, plants can be grown both in a pot on the windowsill and, and if you wish to transplant. The plant is unpretentious in care, beautifully flowers with bells. Botonization and flowering start in December.

When creating comfortable conditions for growth under the New Year, Lahenaly will delight you incredibly fragrant and unusual blossom.

General rules of care

In order to contemplate and admire beautiful orange blossoms often and longer, each of the above plants must be careful. Here are the basic recommendations and rules of care:

  • Observe the temperature mode;
  • Water properly;
  • Follow the humidity of the air in the room where the plant is worth;
  • Be sure to feed – the feeding is also worth choosing, given the features of each type, it can be organic or mineral additives;
  • If the flower needs a lot of moisture, do not forget to spray it;
  • Replane and spread only within a certain period, which is also individual from each representative of the flora.

In order to get acquainted in more detail with information about flower care, you can use the Internet resource, consult a professional flowerflower or purchase a special plant on plants.

About how to achieve abundant flowering Kalanchoe Blossfeld at home, look in the following video.

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