How to water the ficus in winter?

Despite the fact that in winter, many homemade plants cease to actively develop, they still need everyday care: lighting, spraying, feeding, watering. What does the frequency of procedures depend on and how to conduct them? In the article, let’s talk about how to water the ficus in the winter.

To each plant your approach

Home representatives of the Family Family are very much, they are very different from each other with dimensions, types of foliage and root system, leaf response and grade conditions. If the house or office costs a 100-liter clip with a banyan, then there will be much more time and forces to water. But the plant can be ampelnaya, curly. Such a flower is usually small, but year-round cycle.

Ficus, from which at home is grown bonsai – leaf fall. Also leaf falling is figs, some varieties of which and the cultivation of the house give a crop. In addition, some types of ficuses love different levels of humidity that can be maintained in different ways.

The degree of lighting will affect the brightness of the foliage, the speed of drying the soil and irrigation rate.

With low temperature mode in the house of the plant will develop in slow motion and require rarely moisturizing. In the hot room everything will be different.


  • Tree ficuses in normal conditions need watering approximately 1 time per week, when dried up the top layer, the critical moment does not occur, t. To. Root system goes deep into the pot;
  • ampel plants need a lot of water, t. To. Green crown is large, and the pots for climbing and crawling are used small, very often in the form of pots, and the roots are superficially, so any lack of moisture will immediately manifest itself with fading of the leaves;
  • Most of the Bonsai options are a bottle view that are stamped with water, keeping it in Caudack, it will save them in the absence of irrigation.

Watering methods

Determine whether the time of watering the plants came on the humidity of the soil in the pot: 1.5-3 cm of the upper dry soil say that the ficus is time to water. You can do this in several ways:

  • Surface, when water is poured directly on the earthlings, in this case it is important to drain the water from the pallet on time, since the moisture stagnation can lead to the formation of fungus and midges;
  • Immersion: The plant is transferred to a bath or large pelvis and thoroughly shed, and after the soil has nutritioned with water, the flower is returned to the place;
  • rubbing the leaves with a damp sponge or napkin in large-scale copies;
  • shower for small and medium colors about once a month;
  • Spraying: Love all the ficuses, it is recommended to spray plants in hot time every day, especially voyage and thin-film.

What water to water?

Definitely it is not recommended to water chlorinated water from under the tap. Water defend for 2-3 days or filtered. It is believed that it is not necessary to water the plants with boiled water, t. To. she is “dead” and does not contain any useful substances. But with boiling reduces water rigidity level.

If you do not want to use boiled water, you can use the method of frost-defrost, when the icy rod is removed when defrosting, which exists last.

You can use for watering melting snow. But this is applicable, of course, for pure snow, which is difficult to find in urban conditions. Many use water from aquarium during its replacement, t. To. It contains a lot of organic matter, so necessary for plants. The water temperature during watering should be room, it means to lower the finger into the water, you should not feel a sharp change of temperature. But this is if the room temperature is 25-30 degrees.

How to water winter?

In the fall, the plant begins to prepare for the rest period. Since October, plants begin to water less often. With the onset of winter, you need to clearly monitor the air temperature:

  • If in the room where the flower grows, the temperature does not rise above 15-16 degrees, the ficus shed 1 time in 10 days;
  • 20-23 degrees in the room will lead to the need for watering 1 time per week;
  • Above 23 degrees will make it more often to moisturize the plant: I need watering in 2-3 days and daily spraying.

In winter, plants lack humidity. To create it on the crown of a small flower, you can wear a plastic bag, after sprinkling it with water. If the house has a moisturizer, then it is included next to the plant. Recently, many bought home mini-fountains. This is also a good air moisture tool, which can be put next to the ficus. And the simplest variants of moistening – pour water into a floral pallet or simply put a water container that will gradually evaporate and supply a plant in moisture.

How to determine what watering is correct?

With incorrect irrigation, the plant acquires reversible or irreversible consequences:

  • With too rare watering, the leaves become pale, soft, yellow and gradually begin to fall;
  • With an excess of moisture, the foliage quickly turns yellow without drying and rapidly falls on 20-30 pieces per day;
  • Also, the plant, salting, will begin to dump the foliage if it is cold: either from the fact that it stands on the cold floor or windowsill, or from the fact that it is watered with cold water;
  • After half an hour after watering in a pot, water should not stand, overflow the ficus will lead to the root system.

With proper watering, the plant has a saturated bright color of foliage, if it does not resell it for the winter.

    Most ficks are shiny trunks, and cyclexes are dense. In winter, the plants do not translate, but if, as a result of the wrong irrigation, the flower fell ill, it is better to transplant it to a new pot and a new land, thoroughly flushing the roots. You can even do this with a weak manganese solution to avoid fungal diseases.

    Fikus ficus winter

    From spring to fall, half of the types of ficus needs feeding. In winter it is not recommended to do it, t. To. Active concentrated industrial production organizing launches plants growth. And in conditions of lack of heat and light stems thinned, stretch. If you feel that the plant still does not have enough useful substances, then prophylactic feeding can be made of girlfriend.

    For this suit:

    • finely chopped vegetable and fruit cleaning for large pots, vases and pads;
    • 40 grams of sugar per liter of warm water, you can simply sprinkle with sugar sand soil once a month;
    • The coffee sheet is dried and drained with the upper layer of the Earth, while it is not worth the wet thick on the surface – it leads to the formation of midges;
    • Similarly, they come with a waste teaweed, but you can sometimes water the flower just tea;
    • 50 g onion husk boiling 15 min. With 2 liters of water, they insist 2-3 hours and focusing, these tool water and spray ficuses from midges and to improve the quality of the soil;
    • Rural residents know the value of wood ash: 1 tablespoon per liter of boiling water is insisted during a week with daily stirring, also effectively dry sprinkle with ash powder.

    About how to care for ficus Benjamin in winter, look in the following video.

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